Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

The role of textbooks is very vital in our lives, so much that they can be actually made fit for just about every sphere of your possible dream.

It doesn’t matter whether if you dream that all your textbooks are piled up to reach onto something or you are reading them casually or you are browsing for something peculiar; whatever the thing is it is assured that the implications of text books in your life and in your dreams is very deep.

Fortunately once you know the basic reason for dreaming about text books you will find it quite easy to understand their real meanings in your waking life. The general notion with interpreting these kinds of dreams generally goes as that you may still have a lot to do in your life and gain a lot of knowledge to achieve something.

In your dream you may have

  • Encountered pleasant emotions and unimaginable progress.
  • Obtained wisdom and other forms of intellectual knowledge.
  • Tried to find something from a pile of hundred books.
  • Tried to find that one particular book that has all the answers of all your questions.
  • Met people, who could be from your past experiences or you are going to meet.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were calm after getting the desired or after reading it.
  • You got all the intellect, knowledge, wisdom and information you were searching for.
  • You had your hands onto a book from a more profitable profession.
  • You satisfied with what you read in a book which information about somebody close, this could be related to trust or love interests.

Detailed dream interpretation

Mainly when you dream about text books it represents pleasant occasions and progress. If the text book is kept open, it means you are looking for acquiring more wisdom. If you are just looking at text book kept closed, it may mean you are facing hardships in getting that information you have been looking for. Interestingly though, if the textbook is old, rusty then you may be looking for some answers from your past, sometimes those books can be from your childhood days, this means you need to unfold all the chapters from your childhood and may be travel back to those place to find what you have been seeking.

Dreaming text books also means that your are quite calm and composed in your life. You know what your goals and priorities are and are moving with slow and steady pace towards it. If you are spontaneous enough in your active life or have that fire in your belly to start something of your own you might be dreaming about textbooks kept open. This means you are ready to grasp more productive ideas and share them with rest of the world.

Text books are an indication of your hunger for more knowledge of something. A learning that you haven’t got it yet. Dreaming about textbooks is a common thing and most of us dream about it. The rigidity around us needs to be molded and we need to find the answers to our questions is all what matters when we dream about text books. You may also dream that these text books could be of different sizes. A large text book means you need be nurtured or pampered b somebody else. A small book means that the information you have been seeking should be kept within yourself. If text books are in bad condition it means that you don’t have faith in your thoughts and feelings and could be an introvert in real life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of textbooks

Hope, thirst for knowledge, information seeking attitude, turmoil about the past, desire to improve, want to gain technical and intellect knowledge.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013