Flock of birds

Flock of birds

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams in which a flock of birds appears to signify a spiritual connection. In this dream, a flock of birds indicates peaceful circumstances, but it can also include vital forces of nature.

The key message of this dream is to go ahead with situations that are presented to you. As with all bird dreams, there are both positive and negative aspects. If the dream is disturbing in any way, then this is urging you to consider your aspirations and desires. A flock of birds is a symbol of profit and pleasant news, but it can also involve risks. The flock suggests a trip that will bear good results, but also unexpected unpleasant news. If the flock is a group of ducks, you will encounter some problems in the near future. If it is a flock of sparrows, a very difficult job will end with great success.

Your dream

  • Seen a flock of birds in flight.
  • Seen many birds on the ground.
  • Seen a flock of ducks.
  • Seen a flock of sparrows.
  • Noticed migrating birds arriving at a place.
  • Noticed migrating birds departing from somewhere.
  • Seen white birds.
  • Seen black birds.
  • Seen birds with broken wings.
  • Seen birds with or without feathers.
  • Noticed very colorful birds.
  • Seen night birds (like owls).
  • Seen the nests of many birds.

Good omen

  • The birds flocked in a peaceful manner.
  • The birds did not attack anyone.
  • The birds in your dream were migrating.

Detailed dream interpretation

Birds represent ideals. Colorful birds are a sign of a good marriage. Birds without feathers and that do not sing warn you that you are likely to be dominated by a rich person. Flying birds predict prosperity. Catching birds mean luck. Hunting birds is a sign of losing a business deal, or of a bad and poor harvest. A flock of birds with large beaks suggests that you could become the subject of a large scandal. If you are a poor person and you have all kinds of problems, a dream with many birds means your situation will improve drastically. If you are rich, such a dream means troubles, losses, and it is a good omen only if the birds have beautiful feathers.

A large group of singing birds is always a sign of good luck or good news for the day. White birds mean good news. Blackbirds are a sign of bad news from depressed people. Fighting birds are a sign of a light quarrel between lovers. A group of birds laying eggs is a symbol of a happy marriage. Eating birds mean a home with lots of good fortune. This also means a loved one an and a guest that will soon visit. If the birds eat bread crumbs, this means good health. Migrating birds mean new acquaintances and radical change. Flying migrating birds symbolize unfulfilled desires. Departing migrating birds refer to light melancholy. Arriving migrating birds are an omen of love and friendship.

If in your dream you see lots of birds with broken wings, this indicates a broken heart. If the birds are shivering, this means troubles in your love life. If they are flying in an enclosed area, this is an omen of spiritual turmoil. Your soul is trying to break free, and therefore you need to attend to your need for more meaning in life.

If you dream of a group of night birds, such as owls or night hawks, this is not a good sign. Such a dream tells you to not close any business deals the day following dream. Dreaming of a lot of birds’ nests represents success in your meetings with business people. If the nests have no eggs it means pessimism and worries in regard to your business. If in the nests you can see lots of baby birds crying, you will be worried about somebody in your family.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a flock or group of birds

Amazed. Happy. Enchanted. Surprised. Scared. Convinced. Worried. Confused. Peaceful. Free. Loved. Confident. Liberated.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012