Dream meanings Bonfire

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A bonfire in a dream symbolizes festivals and indicates that you have a commitment to others. This dream also demonstrates the importance of treating other people with respect, so that you do not get burnt.

In addition, the bonfire dream highlights that you have passion for a hobby which will allow you financial freedom and contentment.

In your dream you may have

  • A bonfire.
  • You are lighting a bonfire.
  • Putting off a bonfire.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Resolve some aspects of your life.
  • Consider the structure of your life.
  • Stop being a person of habit.
  • Do something intellectually stimulating.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you witness a bonfire in your dream, specifically associated with November 5th celebrations, this shows there is a new beginning on the horizon. If you are lighting a bonfire in your dream means that you are trying to break away from an aspect of your mind. Have you been thinking about someone for too long lately? A bonfire can also indicate passion for a project or a person.

If you dream that you are throwing things on a bonfire indicates that it is time for a clear out. To dream that you are feeding a bonfire indicates there is passion in your emotions at the moment. To dream of a bonfire in a garden indicates your freedom of expression. It is time to think about your beliefs. To dream that you are attending a bonfire (which is an organized event) indicates there is an aspect of your life which you need to resolve quickly. To dream that a bonfire is orange is a sign that you need to consider the structure of your life. Any dream featuring a bonfire generally holds the key to your emotions.

This dream is also connected to repeated behavior. It suggests that you are a person of habit. Another fact that must be borne in mind is that, if a person has seen a movement made two or three times in the same manner, he frequently "sees" the person make that movement on another occasion, Thus, if a performer throws a ball up into the air two or three times in succession, and on the fourth occasion merely pretends to throw it up, really retaining it in the other hand, the great majority of the spectators will really "see" the ball ascend into the air on the fourth occasion, and will so state, on being asked. You depend upon association and habit. Therefore, this is telling you to stop being a person of habit and try to do something intellectually stimulating. Maybe join a group or social club!

If you dream of a bonfire, it is a sign that you will have financial and familial success. If you look at a bonfire in your dream, it means that you will be able to overcome a critical period. If there are sparks coming out of the bonfire, you will experience little anger. A bonfire omens an unexpected promotion, but also joy, pleasure, and the fact that you might fall in love.

Starting a bonfire in your dream could be the sign of quarrel, being loved without you knowing it, and secrets in love. Having a hard time starting a bonfire, and especially if the bonfire keeps extinguishing, means shame, mischief, trials, losses in love, and quarrels. A working bonfire indicates a gain, but also boredom and sadness. If you can easily start the bonfire in your dream, you will be loved. A bonfire with huge flames means you will have beautiful children.

A burning bonfire can be the omen of dangerous enemies. If there is smoke, this could mean marriage with a vicious partner. If the bonfire is large and bright, it suggests a special joy. If you burn yourself, you can expect some problems coming your way.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bonfire

Afraid. Worried. Anxious. Enjoying. Content. Relaxed. Happy.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012