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To be hopeless or banished from your home within a dream can be quite disturbing.

To live on the streets in your dream can also be extremely disturbing. Being banished within a dream is connected to our reputation in life. To be removed or ostracized within the dream state suggests that you will find it difficult moving forward in a career. The banishment within your dream can be connected to your reputation and how other people see you in life.

There are many different areas where the banishment can occur, you could be banished from work, banished from the home, banished from the relationship, find difficulty the group setting where people don't talk to you. There are many different ways of being banished that can appear in the dream state but they all have the same meaning. If people in your dream are not recognizing you or even know you exist can be a form of banishment.

In your dream, you may have

  • Been banished.
  • Others banishing you.
  • A lover is banishing you.
  • Friends are banishing you or excluding you.

Detailed dream meaning of being banished

To dream of being banished or ostracized in a dream indicates possible relationships that will result in conflict. If you dream that you are longing to be back in a group of friends or family in your dream and this denotes a more positive outlook towards the future. It is not uncommon to dream of people that have banished you in waking life - why dream about them when you are not friends or have no connection in waking life? This dream is symbolic it can mean you need to "forgive" others in life.

Perhaps you dream of an ex-lover or an ex-friend who treated you poorly. This is quite an interesting dream which basically indicates that the treatment that you have encountered in waking life is now still on your subconscious mind. The dream itself can be summarized as trying to find other people's approval or inclusion. It can be related to your dependency on other people. We all have different ways of being independent in life. You are strong and can overcome anything is the meaning of such dreams. The dream of being banished from society can be connected to negative thoughts. This dream can also be a symbol of your inner intentions. Perhaps you might find it soothing to have some time on your own.

If a country is banishing you and has asked you to leave (in the dream state) this could signify possible disappointments and depression. If you are banished by your family in your dream signifies your lack of faith and determination in expressing yourself to others. You really need to concentrate on what you say to others in order to avoid disappointments. To be banished by a friend in a dream signifies your depressed state of mind. It can just be a reflection of the worries that you have in daily life. To be banished by lover in the dream state suggests that you have a great desire to be happy.

Feelings in a dream of being banished

Surprised. Lost. Amazed. Confused. Upset. Proud. Insecure. Contented. Feeling old. Worried.

By Flo Saul
Jun 28, 2017