Abandon dream meanings

Abandon Dream Meaning

I am sorry you have had this dream of being abandoned and you felt strong enough upon waking that you had to look at the meaning. I feel that being abandoning a dream is not a pleasant experience unless you actually wanted the abandonment! Being abandoned is part of human life. It means that things in life require deep thought. It makes you aware of things that you preferred to repress or set aside in your mind. Yes, I believe that these dreams can make a difference in one’s life. Sometimes these dreams give you a warning.

What does it mean to dream of being abandoned or left?

Reflections on one’s life can be the message of a dream. When we often think of something which we desire but choose to keep within, can nudge in our life again in a form of a dream. It is important to understand our dreams. This is your inner self-communicates to you. When we dream of strange things, they are not actually strange. You only have to deepen your probing. Knowing dream meanings can help you in ways suitable to your present state. My name is flow, I've always been fascinated with dreams since I was a young child. I have researched dreams from a psychological and spiritual perspective and I hope to give you an overview of what abandonment actually meant in your dream. This article will tell you more about dreaming of abandonment.

There are instances when dreams manifest your fears. Someone left and abandoned you in your dream. Try to recall if that person leaving is significant to you. It is important to know if you noticed who left you. Seeing yourself abandoned in your dream without noticing any particular person who left you means that in reality being alone is your fear. It means that you are worried and not ready to lose someone that you love which is reflected in your dream.

If your loved one has abandoned you in a dream it signifies insecurities in life. The feeling of insecurities cannot be determined in your dream. This dream can help you. How can it help? Knowing that insecurities thrive in your relationship is a leap forward. This kind of setup is not healthy for your affair. It might lead someone to leave someone behind. Your dream foretells a consequence of presently unrecognized negativity in a relationship. It is important to determine the root of insecurities and do something about it before your dream turns into reality.

Dreaming of repetitive scenes of abandonment may also happen. In your dream, you see your loved one leaving you repetitively. This kind of dream tells you about separation from someone close to your heart. Your relationship is indispensable yet you were left alone. This time, it is for good. Beware. Look carefully into your ways of life to avoid hurting people close to you. If repetitively abandoned and you have inclinations to businesses, the dream has something to do with expectations that are left neglected. Your dream tells you about insecurities, which need immediate attention.

What does it mean to dream been abandoned by boyfriend or girlfriend?

Sometimes in dreams we feel abandoned by those people that we love - this could be a hidden fear of losing somebody such as your partner in real life. To be abandoned by a boyfriend can indicate that you are undertaking a journey, this journey could be of independence. In your dream, the pain of this partner leaving you could be extremely real. If you abandon your girlfriend in the dream then you have an amazing sense of perception in life. Being abandoned by your girlfriend can just be a reflection of your worries about the relationship. This is simply according to dream psychologists Carl Jung and Freud were known as an anxiety dream. It is all about being wanted in waking life. Therefore, to dream of your lover partner leaving you, although a common dream itself indicates that you have hidden anxieties in life.

What does it mean to dream of being left out by friends?

Being ostracized by friends in a dream can be extremely disturbing. Poor you! If you dream that you are being left out perhaps a party or social gathering in this dream is connected to your own inner fears about the social circles you move. My advice is that you need to look further at independence and separate your own possibilities in life away from others. This could signify a new phase of life.

Perhaps you are going to encounter some better friends? If you see one friend in particular who is leaving you out in the dream - this can indicate anxiety around the relationship. It can also suggest that you are struggling with independence regarding this relationship. Perhaps your friend is giving you the space that you need or the friend is not supportive enough in waking life. The takeaway from the dream, in my opinion, is to review the friendship you do have. Are your needs greater than theirs? Do they truly want to be your friend?

What does it mean when you abandon others in the dream?

When in your dream you see yourself abandoning something not good for you this is a positive dream. This is great news. You learn to let go of something habitual, may be difficult to let go but generally not good for you. It forecasts something positive or good will come your way. To abandon someone close to you is naturally a bad dream. Looking at it positively let this serve as your warning.

There are problems or trouble that will come into your life. Your dream foretells this negative event so prepare yourself for any untoward events. To see a baby abandoned means that you need to listen to your inner child. Dreaming of being abandoned or you abandoning something or someone is a way for your unconscious mind to tell you to look inside you. Learn to know what to keep and what to let go. With this, you will learn to move on and have a better life ahead of you.

What does it mean to dream of being alone in the world?

Being alone in the world is never a nice feeling. Sometimes in the dream state, we believe that we are alone, perhaps there is no one else in the dream apart from you. Being alone in a dream indicates you are feeling somewhat isolated from other people. The actual dreams your subconscious mind focused on the feeling of being lonely and it can also indicate that you need to have some independence in life. From a dream psychological point of view being alone indicates that you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed in waking life. Maybe in waking life, you are feeling that you do not want to be alone? if you are the only person in the world during your dream this can suggest that there may be some possible dramas in the future according to ancient dream dictionaries.

What does it mean to dream of somebody leaving you?

To dream that somebody leaves you in a dream indicates that there are certain things working in your mind. If we look at the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud he believed that every dream was a deep inner focus on how one is feeling side. If you dream that your partner leaves you for somebody else in the dream then this indicates that you are feeling insecure in the relationship.

This dream can be rather vivid and actually turn out to be a nightmare. It could indicate that you are suffering from control in the relationship. This is a true anxiety dream. It is common to have a dream about leaving a partner when the relationship may not be everything you want it to be. The most important aspects of this dream are the person that is actually leaving you. Who is it? If you dream that your father or mother leave you in a dream this dream is associated with your childhood experiences. Perhaps you did not feel loved and this is now coming to the surface. From a spiritual context to be left by somebody in the dream indicates that you need to gain more self-esteem in life in order to transfer and progress further.

What does it mean to dreams be rejected?

Rejection in dreams indicates that to some degree you do not feel that your life path is what you want it to be. If you are rejected by people, and consequently abandoned it can suggest that you need to work on your own self-esteem. Sometimes it is hard to reach other people’s expectations in life. From a psychological point of view, this dream is associated with the need to rise above any negativity in life.

I believe that if you dream of being rejected it is actually a positive dream. It means your subconscious mind is understanding that the only person should really care about right now is yourself. I have had many different rejection dreams during my lifetime, most notably that my partner would go off with another woman. It was very interesting as I can actually remember the details of this woman, right down to her facial features and hair. Sometimes we wake up from a rejection dream thinking that it can actually occur in waking life.

The good news is that it just represents you’ve lost what you need in life. If we look at the famous dream psychologist Freud he believed that rejection was really a scientific approach. He felt that the rejection of a dream indicates that there are some symbols in waking life that has resulted in such a dream. This could be possible current experiences or the dreamer’s personality. He believed that each dream should be treated as a symbol and a reflection of the subconscious mind.

What does it mean to dream of being left behind by family?

Dreams can sometimes be very meaningful experiences. In any dream I always appreciate everything the dream has to offer, I believe that a dream of being left behind by your family indicates a remarkable insight into the relationship you have with your family. Whether it is the family values that you are challenging or you are feeling an emotional connection to a member of your family. This dream means something. Being left alone by your Mother (like at home alone!) can suggest that you may feel compelled to re-evaluate your family values.

There is a focus on the fact that you are not feeling at one with the world. I would like to ask you one question. Can you reach the emotional fulfillment that you desire? In life, we always search for happiness and I believe that we draw on certain aspects of our life depending upon our dream state. I don’t necessarily think that this dream is negative in nature but I believe it indicates there is a door to be open in your life.

So, this is your chance to open a door to understanding how your family can support you in life. It can also be a warning dream, turning your back on your family and the worry and complications this may have. In my experience, this dream tells me that you need to go deeper - in order to understand why your family was leaving you in the dream. It could just be that you are challenging your family values, alternatively do not agree with an approach that your family is making. Remember to not raise a barrier around your heart and meditate on your family relationships.

What does it mean to dream of leaving the child behind?

In my experience dreaming of leaving a child behind is associated with your own anxieties in life. The dream can have a variety of meanings, depending on the actual details. The distinct interpretations of this dream I believe indicate that you are feeling paralyzed by your own fears and self-doubts in life. This is generated by perhaps possible disappointments, failures, or even betrayals of the past.

Try to look at your own anxieties and fears in the cold day of light. Sometimes leaving your child in a dream indicates that you are worried about others perhaps a separation in life. The child could just be a metaphor for something that is soon to end. This could be a job or possibly a relative who is sick. Generally, dreaming of leaving your child behind can often be connected to events or experiences in your own life. 

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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of abandonment:

Fear to be alone, feeling of insecurities, respect, optimistic, analytical, fear of criticisms. 

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • In your dream, you abandon something bad in nature.
  • You will look into yourself and know why your loved one will abandon you.
  • You will learn to move on with the fear of being left behind by knowing and strengthening one’s weaknesses.

In your dream, you may have

  • Being abandoned without noticing who left you = worry.
  • Being abandoned by your lover = despair and anxiety.
  • Seen an important person who abandons you repetitively = not trusting others.
  • Abandoned something not good in nature = positive, good luck.
  • Abandoned your loved ones = wanting to be alone.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013