Abandon Dream Meaning

What abandon means in your dream?

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Abandon dream meanings


Being abandoned is part of human life. It means that things in life require deep thought.

It makes you aware of things that you preferred to repress or set aside. These dreams can make a difference in one’s life. There are dreams that give warnings. Reflections one’s life… can be the message of a dream. When we often think of something which we desire but chooses to keep them within, can nudge in our life again in a form of a dream. It is important to understand our dreams. This is your inner self-communicates to you. When we dream of strange things, they are not actually strange. You only have to deepen your probing. Knowing dream meanings can help you in ways suitable to your present state. This article will tell you more about dreaming on abandonment.


In your dream you may have…

  • Been abandoned without noticing who left you = worry.
  • Been abandoned by your lover = dispair and anxiety.
  • Seen an important person who abandon you repetitively = not trusting others.
  • Abandoned something not good in nature = positive, good luck.
  • Abandoned your loved ones = wanting to be alone.

Detailed dream interpretation: There are instances when dreams manifest your fears. Someone left and abandoned you in your dream. Try to recall if that person leaving is significant to you. It is important to know if you noticed who left you. Seeing yourself abandoned in your dream without noticing any particular person who left you means that in reality being alone is your fear. It means that you are worried and not ready to loss someone that you love which reflected in your dream.

If your loved one has abandoned you in a dream it signifies for insecurities in life. The feeling of insecurities cannot be determined in your dream. This dream can help you. How can it help? Knowing that insecurities thrive in your relationship is a leap forward. This kind of set up is not healthy for your affair. It might lead someone to leave someone behind. Your dream foretells a consequence of presently unrecognized negativity in a relationship. It is important to determine the root of insecurities and do something about it before your dream turns into reality.

Dream on repetitive scenes of abandonment may also happen. In your dream, you see your loved one leaving you repetitively. This kind of dream tells you about separation with someone close to your heart. Your relationship is indispensable yet you were left alone. This time, it is for good. Beware. Look carefully into your ways of life to avoid hurting people close to you. If repetitively abandoned and you have inclinations to businesses, the dream has something to do with expectations that are left neglected. Your dream tells you about insecurities, which needs immediate attention.

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When in your dream you see yourself abandon something not good in nature. This is great news. You learn to let go of something habitual, may be difficult to let go but generally not good for you. It forecasts something positive or good to come your way.

To abandon someone close to you is naturally a bad dream. Looking at it positively let this serve as your warning. There are problems or trouble that will come into your life. Your dream foretells this negative event so prepare yourself for any untoward events. To see a baby abandoned means that you need to listen to your inner child. Dreaming of being abandoned or you abandon something or someone is a way for your unconscious mind telling you to look inside you. Learn to know what to keep and what to let go. With this, you will learn to move on and have a better life ahead of you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of abandon: Fear to be alone, feeling of insecurities, respectful, optimistic, analytical, fear of criticisms. Positive changes are afoot if: In your dream, you abandon something bad in nature. You will look into yourself and know why your loved one will abandon you. You will learn to move on with fear of being left behind by knowing and strengthening one’s weakness.


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