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The barbarian imagery in the dream state is quite a rare occurrence.

A barbarian in the dream is a suggestion that the situation will grow stronger. There is a real focus on power when the Barbarian is featured within the dream state. It can foretell that there is a situation that needs to be reviewed, it can also to a lesser extent signify that you now have the power and control that you require in order to succeed in life.

The barbarian can be quite a disturbing dream depending on the actual meaning. Before we focus on the dream interpretation of a barbarian it is important to gain a bit of an overview of what barbarian is. Let's define a barbarian as a person who does not live in a civilized way. In some respects, a barbarian is tribal in nature.

It is not uncommon to experience a dream of being attacked by barbarians. We usually visualize a barbarian as somebody who is bare-chested with a number of different weapons. Perhaps the barbarian in the dream has large muscles? A barbarian is a word generally comes from the Greek term barbarian. If we look at Greek mythology the barbarian is often termed to somebody from various cultures and backgrounds.

In your dream

  • A barbarian person is seen in a dream.
  • The barbarian tribal society.
  • You see a barbarian female.
  • You see a barbarian male.
  • Been involved with savages.
  • To see a barbarian in your dream.

Detailed dream meaning

Moving swiftly on to the interpretation of your dream. To see a barbarian in the dream state indicates that you are going to have the strength and courage to face any situation is given to you. To be among a tribe can indicate that you will need other people in order to succeed in life. If we look at the Greek history of the term barbarian it indicates different tribes attacking one another.

If there was any form of violence or attack during the dream state we can conclude that the dream is associated with trying to understand if there is any dishonesty around you. This can come from people that are false in nature alternatively difficulties arising from a career or work situation. To see a female barbarian suggests that there is a conflict of interest when it comes to understanding a situation that you are too close to.

Another meaning is that the dream is associated with power, strength, war and also conflict to a lesser extent. The male represents the masculine properties that are required in a given situation. It may be that you have experienced some minor difficulties in the past and the male Barbarian indicates that it is time to move forward in life and grow.

To see a tribe of barbarians in your dream is a suggestion you may need to lean on other people in order to get what you want. If the barbarians are fighting or killing one another in a dream then this indicates that you will face a minor conflict in the near future. Do not be alarmed it is not going to create a huge amount of issues for you go forward.

Feelings that you encounter during the dream of a barbarian

Worried about fitting into the tribal community, happiness, contentment, violence, acts of criminal nature.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017