Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim

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Dreaming of being in the baggage claim area implies that, you are experiencing identity issues as you are not sure who you are or what you want to become.

A baggage claim is an area at the airport where passengers who arrive at a different destination, collect their luggage which has been carried in the hold of the aircraft during their flight.

In the dream

  • There is a bomb in the baggage claim,
  • You are on the baggage claim.
  • You see others standing by the baggage claim.
  • You are arrested by the baggage claim.
  • You cannot get your bags of the baggage claim.
  • Your bag does not enter the baggage claim.
  • You see drugs in the baggage claim or a bag containing drugs.
  • You may be the one at the baggage claim
  • An acquaintance stands by the baggage claim

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream of being at the baggage claim, it foretells that you are unsure of who you are; you have issues of identity. The baggage claim featured in the dream is associated with hopes and dreams that are not realized in waking life. The baggage claim in dreams is, historically centered around possible ambitions. There is a focus on making sure that you are seeing a situation in life as it is.

To stand by the baggage claim in your dream suggest that you're going to have some new ideas it is important that you go forward with these ideas as they may prove to be valuable. If you see yourself trying to lift heavy bags from the baggage claim this it is associated with rising your value in a career aspect. It may mean that the heavy bag it is a goal that you want to try to achieve. To see a bomb in the baggage claim or within a bag that is on baggage claim suggests that you may feel vulnerable in the near future. To see a baggage handler in addition to the baggage claim suggest that you are going to be comfortable financially. As a baggage claim is historically centered around the airport it is also important to understand how you came to the baggage claim. If in the dream you are flying on an airplane this is connected to your self-image. It suggests that you are going to have some high ambitions in the future. The baggage claim in this respect is symbolic meaning that you will gain control in your life.

If you are actually sat on the revolving belt in the baggage claim this can indicate the realization that you need to have more responsibilities in life. If you are moving on the baggage claim in this suggest that there are gonna be many obstacles in your life. To see others surrounding the baggage claim signifies that you are getting fired up over a situation. If we look at it from a symbolic perspective the people that are gathered trying to claim their own possessions. This means that you could get annoyed due to the fact that you are not your true potential in claiming what is necessarily yours.

To get trapped in the baggage belt could be quite a disturbing dream. Try not to leave any decisions up in the air. If you do not see your bags on the baggage claim and they are lost when this is connected to your own identity. It can suggest that your own identity has been lost. Try to remember what happened in your life that made you lose your identity. If it is low self-esteem, then it is advisable that, you try to remove negative people who make you feel inferior; associate with those people who make you feel wanted because they are the ones who make it possible for you to feel better.

A dream whereby you see a known person at the baggage claim denotes that there is someone amongst your friends and relatives, who is facing identity issues and you are the person to help them out of their situation. If they don’t approach you in your waking life, make an effort of approaching them and trying to gain their trust so that they can have the courage to tell you what they are going through. When you get to the bottom of their situation, try to use your wisdom to help rebuild their self-esteem so that they start viewing themselves as a unique person. They will always be grateful to you, because, without an identity, someone feels lost.

A dream where you see strange things on the baggage claim foretells that you have the wisdom to help those who are weak and weary in life; you have the resources to connect with people around you.

Feelings associated with your dream

Helpless. In need. Grateful. Losing your baggage. Worried about losing your bags in the dream.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017