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What does a Thunder mean in your dream

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Dreams have different interpretation.

Even that thing that we dream about has different meaning under various circumstances. Some dreams rouse our curiosity by showing vivid scenes, while other could be the source of information for us.

Generally, to have thunder in a dream represents bad time or the beginning of hardships for you. But how to know that what exactly an incident means? Does it really have to take anything with your real life or its just fantasy played by your mind while you were dreaming? There are some simple interpretations about seeing a thunder in a dream. Below you can have a clear idea about what is meant by it.

Different situations concerned with thunder, some of which are...

  • A thunder shower experienced by you.
  • Peals of thunder that you deal with.
  • Thunder at a far distance.
  • Hear a thunder near to you.
  • Thunder and rain viewed simultaneously.
  • Thunder with flash of light.
  • Thunder without flash of light over.

Interpretations of experiences of telephone in a dream...


  • Hearing a thunder represents loss and trouble.
  • Bad luck and failure in business.
  • Threatening sign or alarm.
  • A bad news of disaster that is coming after you.
  • ¬†Warning for a barrier in the way of your progress.
  • Underestimated by a companion by ignoring.
  • Dissatisfaction and anxiety of mind.
  • Disorder of mental peace and serenity calamity.
  • Harmed with mental tension.
  • Consequence mental illness and stubbornness .

Detailed dream interpretation of hearing thunder in a dream...

Alike any other dream interpretation, seeing thunder in a dream have some pros and cons based on the situation in which the thunder has observed.  Like it has already been mentioned, some dreams are signs of happiness and success while others warn us from some bad time that is ahead of us and waiting for us.


The thunder heard in a dream warns us about the furious and aggressive emotions that are inside you. It is the time to realize your inner-self, otherwise dark clouds will circle around you and you may see the storm of disaster at your doorsteps.

Likewise, a thunder in a dream with no flash represents bad news for you. You may encounter a cluster of bad news if you dream a thunder without flash. Hearing a thunder also represents business loss and trouble that are in front of you, concerning your business.
One the other hand, the dream about a thunder with having a flash of light interprets completely opposite meaning. It foretells that soon you are going to me a very familiar face and unexpectedly you are going to shock with the surprise of the abrupt appearance of that special personality. This is going to be the person with whom you have spent exceptional time and have enjoyed the company of being with him.

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