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The dream about birth is associated with emotion, and we tend to associate a birth with a new start, all new beginning. A birth is also connected to the end of bad habits.

On a deeper level there is an aspect of energy, and you need to focus on building self-confidence. Dreaming of a birth signifies maternal instincts, namely a desire to protect and care for a loved one. This dream can be associated with both spiritual and material developments.

In your dream you may have

  • You find out about a birth.
  • You remember the day you gave birth.
  • You hear about a birth.
  • You give birth.
  • You see somebody else giving birth.
  • You hear that somebody has given birth.
  • You remember the day you gave birth.
  • You are assisting at a birth.
  • A good birth.
  • A birth certificate.
  • A difficult birth.
  • An unexpected birth.
  • Giving birth to a girl.
  • Giving birth to a boy.
  • Giving birth to twins.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Be ready for changes in your life.
  • Do not be anxious about the future.
  • Have a new attitude in regard to your efforts.

Detailed dream interpretation

If your dream is not connected to a waking pregnancy, this indicates that there are going to be some changes in your life. The birth means new occasions and new beginnings: big changes are afoot. This is spiritually a very powerful dream, and it shows that you are going to transfer from one event in life to another. To dream of pregnancy means great events are on their way, and new beginnings are coming.

Giving birth could symbolize luck or some good news coming from abroad. It means that you have a firm and decided personality; you enjoy good health and financial wellness. It is however a bad omen if the dreamer is a single woman. Finding out that somebody has given birth foretells salvation from a difficult situation. If in your dream you remember the day you gave birth, it means you love too much. Hearing of a birth predicts success after waiting a long time.

Assisting to a birth means honor and abundance. Celebrating a birth foretells a period of tranquility. A good birth symbolizes happiness and luck. Seeing a birth certificate means new life with greater creative powers. A difficult birth is the sign of major problems that must be overcome, but the results will be in your favor because of your practical and rational character. It can also foretell big discomfort. An unexpected birth means misfortune. A tiring birth is the sign of complications in life.

Giving birth to a boy means lots of fatigue, and to a girl foretells that you are going to be free from all troubles. However, giving birth to a child in your dream can mean death. Having twins symbolizes wealth, and giving birth to a child without being married first means sadness, and then joy. If the woman is married and gives birth, the dream is a good sign. An easy birth means joy and luck, and that you have a high resistance to pain and suffering in general.

Seeing someone giving birth in your dream refers to honesty, abundance, and salvation from misfortunes. Giving birth in a dream is the domain of everything that comes out of the human mind and hands, palpable results of your own ideas. The dream describes the possibility of how some events could unfold, but for which you feel anxiety and fear, not knowing what to expect.

If in your dream you are giving birth, this symbolizes the necessity to display a new attitude in regard to your own efforts, to take responsibility, as well as implication, inspiration, and practical spirit. If somebody else gives birth, this foretells new beginnings or new perspectives. An easy birth is the sign of creativity, constructive spirit, and projects to be put into practice, good results, and rewards. A difficult birth means results, but only through lots of effort.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of birth

Surprised. Impressed. Stressed. Adoring. Joyful. Happy. Fulfilled. Tired. Amazed. Disgusted. Jolly. Content.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012