Department Stores

Department Stores

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming of a department store is a sign of over spending in waking life. This is a dream of warning.

Malls and department stores exude the persona of capitalism. Most of us enjoy promenading around the mall but the temptation to spend money can be irresistible just by looking at items. Like how a department store offers you many choices, a dream can also be interpreted the same way, it is a sign that we have many choices but we are taking the least valuable items that life is offering us.

Dreams concerning department Stores/Malls

  • Dreaming of a shopping bag.
  • Going into a gift shop.
  • Going into surplus stores and depot.
  • Shopping in a mall.
  • Trying on clothes at a mall.
  • Carrying shopping bags.

Detailed dream interpretation

Shopping bags are linked to things we wish to achieve in life. This dream is related to our goals and future ambitions.Going to a gift shop is a sign of thinking of others in life. This represents the drive to donate to charity, and to make others happy. The gift shop will also provide the willingness to help others. To try clothes on at a shopping mall is related to things that you want to finish as soon as possible. These are things that can be achieved with less time and effort. Shopping does not always mean extravagant living, a department store offers many choices, and the choice is up to you!

When we dream about shopping in stores it means that we will face a choice in life. An example is the path of a career. One path will allow you to follow the path to success but there are commitments that you must make. Another path points to a more profitable career, but it won’t bring you any joy.

Malls appear when there are things in life that you want, but you have to consider if it is beneficial, not only for you but for others. You have to separate the things you want from the things you need.

Dreaming about a sales clerk assisting you at the mall denotes that you are seeking help, you are aware that people around you are willing to help and you won’t be ashamed to ask for their help. If in your dream a clerk was unable to help you, it means that no one can help you beside yourself, you must look inside to realize your dreams. Try to find the hindrance of growth and remove it. We must know when to fight our own battles.

When you come across a closed mall or shop in your dreams, it can mean losing interest in something in waking life. The advice is to divert your energy into a new phase of life. If your considering changing your profession or you are preparing for a new start then this dream is a positive omen.

To buy something new at the mall relates relate it to your own life. It means that you need to move forward and remember to keep grounded. Consider the type of shop you see in your dream. A clothing store is related to your external impression of others. To see a gift shop means that you have a need to give to others in waking life, this may be advice or material benefits. To dream of buying a pillow or cushion can be interpreted of seeking comfort in waking life, since a pillow gives us comfort during our sleep. A pencil is related to communication and a lamp for enlightenment. A fun store means that you need to try to be happier in daily life. In summary, looking at shops or purchasing goods represents what we need or desire in waking life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of delivering a store

Fear, anxiety, doubt, unpreparedness, happiness, confidence, enjoying shopping.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013