Hole in A Bag

Hole in A Bag

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A bag with a hole is not the best dream you can have.

Literally speaking, when you have a bag with a hole, it implies that, if you place things in this bag, you will automatically lose them because, they will come out of the hole when you are unaware and in the process, get lost. If it is something valuable, it will leave you heartbroken.

A dream where there is a hole in the bag symbolizes a rip-off. It might be a scam, a theft, a robbery, burglary, or anything that might leave you vulnerable. Or it could mean that whatever you are getting yourself engaged in might lead you to problems of sorts because it is fraudulent.

If you happen to dream about placing something in a torn bag and giving it out to someone else, it might mean that you lack integrity, especially when you are dealing with those who are in competition with you. Things might just turn against you and what you are using on others, those shady deals might end up leading you into difficulties in your life.

In the dream, you may

  • Seen a bag such as wheat bag which has a hole inside.
  • Seen any type of bag contains a hole.
  • Notably, see a bag that has a hole.
  • Lost items due to the hole.
  • Hole in the bag.
  • A trail due to the hole in the bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

When you see a bag such as wheat bag which has a hole inside in your dream, it suggests that you are not taking care of your basic needs in the right way. You are using crude ways to satisfy yourself and in the process, you are hurting others. You need to change because, when they realize what you are up to, you might not survive the wrath they have for you.

A situation whereby you happen to see any bag that contains a hole implies that you are getting involved in all types of scandalous activities which might end you in the wrong hands. Be forewarned that, the days are numbered and it is time you stopped and focused on building your life through hard work.

When a bag that has a hole appears in your dream, it implies that you are trying to use unfair advantage over your competitors which could be turned against you. Be yourself and try to set equal ground on which to compete with those who are in competition with you. Don’t try to play tricks that might just do harm to either you or your rivals.

When you find out in your dream that you have lost items due to the hole in the bag, it suggests that you need to be extra careful with what you are indulging yourself in because; you might end up losing out instead of gaining. If you know of others trying to scam people, stop it or else, you might end in jail. You have to live a straightforward life. A life which is predictable and which is favorable to those that are around you.

A hole in the bag is a sign that things are not being done the correct way in your life. You might be experiencing unfairness from those around you or you might be unfair to those around you; either way, it is not a favorable environment for you to stick in.

A situation where you see a trail due to a hole in the bag implies that you are involved in activities which you are leaving a trail that can lead you to someone you know being arrested sooner than later. Try and make sure that you recognize this person.

Feelings associated with your dream

Troubled, unfair, predictable, lost, worried and understand.

By Flo Saul
May 14, 2017