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Dream dictionary meaning Boobs or Breasts

Boobs or Breasts.

Although it may be embarrassing to most people, boob dreams are common. The obvious meaning of dreams featuring boobs, or breasts, as some may call them, is the desire for sexual gratification.

However, dreaming of boobs can have many other interpretations. To analyze your boob dream, consider the context they appear in your dream first. In addition, dreams of breasts take on different meanings depending on whether you are a man or a woman. Since boobs are primarily for feeding babies, they can also represent the need to be nurtured and loved as if you were as a child.



Boobs or breasts are symbols of motherhood and nourishment. They also represent the need to support others or turn to someone for help. If you dream of seeing bare breasts or your own bare boobs, you should expect to fail at something or to experience hardships in the not so distant future. If you see boobs in your dream, this may also indicate your need to be taken care of or to receive more nourishment.


In your dream you may have...

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  • Seen boobs, bare or covered.
  • Viewed your own breasts, bare or covered.
  • Breastfed a baby.
  • Observed nipples on boobs.
  • Witnessed a cut or scar on a boob.
  • Watched a mother nurse her infant.
  • Seen breasts that are small.
  • Viewed a man’s or hairy breasts.


Positive changes are afoot...


  • If you dream of watching a mother breastfeed her infant.
  • When your dream includes the breasts on a man.
  • If hairy breasts are featured in your dream.
  • When the dream is pleasant overall.


Detailed dream interpretation...


Boob dreams also signify the primal need for sex. If the dream features bare breasts, you may feel like your private matters are being placed out in the open for all to see. You may have concerns about keeping a secret from someone in your waking life. If a woman dreams of naked boobs, she most likely feels worried about the prospect of motherhood or her femininity. If your dream involved seeing your own boobs or someone else’s, then this indicates you are trying to go back to nature. Dreams of breasts also may mean that you do not want to take on any more responsibility in your life. If you dream of boobs, you may want to improve yourself so you can live life better. It also signifies an understanding that life is much more than just working and you would like to explore other aspects of life.


If you dream of breastfeeding a baby, you feel as if you need to nurture someone in your life at this time. If you dream of watching a mother nurse her baby, you will have a successful marriage and a peaceful home life. If the boobs are small in your dream, you may experience hard times, such as a financial setback, illness or the death of a loved one.


If you also see nipples in your dream, this may relate to a desire to go back to your childhood. This may also indicate that you are feeling too dependent on someone else in your life. A dream where you see a cut or scar on your boobs or on someone else’s boobs means you are anticipating hard times or perhaps you are having some difficulties in your life. To dream of a male breasts show you will have optimal health and earn a fair amount of money at work, however, you may also have feelings of envy towards someone. If your dream includes boobs that are hairy, the future holds much joy, many children and you will live a long, healthy life.


This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...



  • Motherhood and femininity.
  • A need for more privacy.
  • Experiencing hard times, sickness or death.
  • A desire to be a child again.
  • The need for or to be nurtured.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of boobs…

  • Arousal or sexual desire.
  • Embarrassment or shame.
  • Envy or over dependence.
  • Joy and peacefulness.

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