Dreams About Sexual Abuse by Father

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Dreams About Sexual Abuse by Father

No word of a lie, this is a traumatic dream to have. The dream of an abusive father can indicate that you have some compulsion to make sure the wrongs of the past are gone for good. If you were not abused by your Father in real life, this dream can indicate that you need to believe in making sure that people treat you right. The dream could be literal --- that there is a person (male) in life that you do not trust. It could not always be sexual abuse but more about someone that might hurt you or let you down. 

You might be simply waiting around to make sure you live up to people’s expectations. What does this dream if your Father did abuse you in real life and you re-live the trauma. Now, trauma and pain experienced during childhood can manifest itself in dreams for many survivors. I believe that abuse is locked away in our brains like a little black box and we never want to find the key. Sometimes in dreams you may find you re-live this abuse. Particularly if the abuser was a parent, dreams may become a place where survivors cannot escape their abuser.

What does it mean to dream of being sexually abused by your Father?

Father figures may appear threatening or ominous in these nightmares. To relive moments of abuse or feel terror and helplessness as they face their abusers, is a way for your little brain to deal with all the pain that you felt. The world outside can be a difficult place for survivors to navigate after having such dreams.
If you have not been abused as a child it can mean that you want to "break free" from the constraints of life itself. If you have been, then remember this: Survivors may feel guilt or self-blame for not being able to protect themselves from harm because these dreams may feel like continuations of abuse. As they face the reality of what happened, survivors may also experience feelings of betrayal, anger, shame, and grief. In order to cope with the emotions associated with these dreams, survivors may benefit from sharing them with a therapist. As a result of abuse, it may be helpful to work on building self-compassion and understanding. Finally, survivors need to seek help and understand that their dreams do not indicate guilt or blame, but rather a result of trauma. It is possible for survivors to overcome their pain and find peace with proper care and support. It is a dream urging you to get some books about healthy relationships --- you don’t always have to be abused to be messed up. You can try to work on this to unravel yourself, so you can have healthy relationships. If you did not get the love you need as a child then these dreams can creep into our subconscious world.

Why did you have a dream of an abusive Father?

This dream often appears when our fears escalate and this can be very scary and make you feel helpless. If you are not living at home at the moment it could mean that you are seeking a life with promises of a greater tomorrow and happiness, which is why you are having these nightmares. The dream of sexual abuse of a Father can sometimes come when you are focused on transforming yourself into something better. The “Father” in this case acts as the metaphor for the tried and tested way of life. Maybe you want to move forward and let all the past (with all the crappy things) go and have a new start in life.

What does it mean to dream of having sex with your Father?

Dreams are messed up things, we sometimes wake up wondering what an earth it means. If you have had consensual sex with your Father it could represent a relationship in your life with a male. This is not a dream that is connected to being hurt by the Father and the "Father" could represent your feelings for someone else. Fathers are about: trust, happiness, focus, goals and care. It could be a dream whereby someone is giving you these qualities. Sometimes I have seen these types of dreams mean that you are looking for such characteristics in a partner in life. 

What is an incubus and how can this come in our dream as your Father?

People believe that incubuses visit them in their sleep and have sexual relations with them. This could take the form of your Father. Depending on one's level of fear and knowledge of the subject, being visited by an incubus can be a pleasant or terrifying experience. Incubi are either believed by some to be manifestations of repressed sexual desires, while others to be evil spirits sent by the devil. It is also possible for Incubi to appear in dreams, often as a symbol of something unknown or unseen, or as a warning.

A person who has dreamed of having sex, according to many older dream books could mean an incubus visited them. This theory existed since ancient times, despite their origins this type of demon remains a mystery. People sometimes seek out incubi for spiritual guidance or healing, despite their potentially frightening nature. In my view, an incubus in a dream indicates that something in one's life needs to be addressed, and it should be taken seriously.
The presence of an incubus in a dream may not necessarily be a negative or frightening experience. There are even times when they can provide insight and guidance on how to move forward in life. Therefore, the interpretation of an incubus dream is largely subjective and depends on a person's beliefs and experiences. A dream of an incubus does not necessarily mean evil or danger, regardless of how it is interpreted.

Spirit may use them as warnings or messages, or even as symbols of repressed desires. It is important to take an incubus dream seriously and give it careful consideration. Take some time to reflect on what an incubus could mean to you if you have experienced one in your dreams. Incubuses are mysterious and potentially powerful dream entities and may have taken the form of your Father. The significance of this symbol should be considered as well as its relationship to your life - the relationships with men around you for instance. 

Conclusion of a dream of being sexually abused by your Father

The good thing about this dream is that you can confidently say that you are amazing, you need to get up from all the pain you have suffered and dust yourself off. REalize that these dreams are sometimes messages to make things better in life, and the fact a new year is coming. You are not unworthy or damaged remember you are simply amazing.

By Flo Saul
Jan 2, 2023