Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

To dream of mining is a sign of hidden feelings. It is a symbol that denotes you are scared of something according to old dream lore.

So what does this mean? The light can trigger feelings that you must (symbolically) mine out of a problem in waking life and enjoy life again. This dream is mostly positive, and it suggests abundance and joy in life. Dreaming of seeing yourself mining for gold is a sign that you will be rich and will enjoy a great life. There are various aspects of this dream, depending on the type of mineral you see being mined, but the overall feeling of it is positive and joyful. So good for you. Now, I have segmented each dream down so just scroll to find your dream.

Your dream:

  • You are a miner.
  • You are in a mine and you work there.
  • You are mining.
  • You are mining gold.
  • You are mining coal.
  • You are mining silver
  • You are mining iron.
  • You are mining and the mine explodes.
  • You are sent by someone to do some mining.
  • You go down into a mine to do some mining.
  • You come up from a mine after you did some mining.


  • You are not hurt in the mine while mining.
  • You collect lots of riches from the mining activity.
  • Mining makes you happy in the dream.
  • You enjoy this dream.

Detailed dream interpretation:

To dream of mining is positive and an omen of good fortune ahead. In general, seeing a mine and many miners is a sign of financial gain which is coming your way, or a pleasant visit ahead. If you see yourself mining any material (especially gold) this signifies a great wealth. If you are a man and you see yourself mining, this is a sign of happiness. If in your dream you are mining gold, this is a clear sign that you will become rich very soon. If you are mining silver, this is also a sign of richness and big wealth. Even the dream that you are mining coal is positive and suggests that you will get married soon, perhaps to someone who has been a widow or widower. Dreaming of mining iron is a sign of harmony at your workplace and new gains will be yours.

Dreaming that you are mining, but the mine you work in explodes or falls in is a sign that your accomplishments will soon be recognized by others, and you will be rewarded accordingly. The dream of an exploding mine, while you are mining in it, can also be a warning of potential hidden dangers. You will probably experience doubt in your waking life. Seeing yourself going down in a mine in order to work suggests that you might encounter a dangerous fall in life. Seeing yourself coming up from a mine after you have mined is a symbol of flattering hopes. If you are mining in a dream, this can be a sign of new discoveries in your life. If someone sends you to do some mining, this means there is malice that might affect you.

The dream of working in a mine and mining riches is connected to your inner world. It refers to your hidden feelings that you need to work. You will have to listen to other people’s feelings in waking life. There is a key message from spirit for those that have had the dream of mining. Being busy hides feelings one has this dream due to “mining” out emotions. Coping in life will become more and more difficult. Take a break, go to a retreat, do some meditation and yoga, and spend some time with yourself. In such circumstances, those hidden feelings will be easier to mine out.”

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mining:

Tired. Happy. Enthusiastic. Working hard. Dirty. Exhausted. Rich. Happy. Confused. Content. Anxious. Thankful. Admiring. Feeling rich and fulfilled. Joyful.

By Florance Saul
Jan 3, 2017