Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument

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Seeing musical instruments in a dream is a wonderful omen. 

The actual detail around the dream is super important. Dreaming about music is generally a positive dream. From the beetles to Ed Sheehan if music or performances appeared in a dream it can signify that you need to show your true potential in life. The rewards gained from listening to music in a dream is connected to our inner altered state of mind. Playing a musical instrument is connected to being “emotionally high” and the music is really the charisma that you need in order to progress in life. Watching someone famous (Elvis or a celebrity) play a musical instrument in a dream (or even in reality) is a profound, even spiritual experience. Live musical performances generally tell you that it is important to think about how you relate to others. 

Spiritual meaning of a dream of musical instruments

It is essential to point out that, playing musical instruments in your dream may represent the beat and rhythm of waking life. If you’re playing an instrument on a beat and in tune, it means that you’re on the right path in life. It also suggests that you’re making the right decisions that will change your life for the better. If your instrument sounds off, it means that you’re probably not listening to other people. You’re usually considered as a self-centered person. Your dream is warning you of your actions.

Maybe the people around you have something important to say that could help you prevent a mistake.

Musical instruments or music, in general, represent awakening. You’re probably becoming self-aware or more aware of people and things around you. Music represents personal growth. The “type of music” that you are making or are listening to in your dream reveals your current mental state. For example, if you were listening to soft, classical music, it means that you’re feeling peaceful and calm.

Your whole being is a perfect example of a marvelous orchestra, with all the different processes, organs, and feelings working in harmony when you’re healthy. 

When you think about it, you’re like a musical instrument played by life. 

What does it mean to read music in a dream?

When you dream of reading music in your dream, this can indicate that you are mirroring your own internal being – the rhythm of your heartbeat and breathing which plays you even when you’re asleep. However, even though you function as a musical instrument in your dream, you’re different from other “instruments” and you have your keys, notes that keep you from playing to your full potential. Reading music in dreams symbolizes a pleasant change in your attitude, behavior and mental state.

What Does a Guitar Mean in a Dream?

Seeing or playing guitar in your dream represents strong desires and emotions. If you played the guitar in your dream, it suggests that you’re under the influence of strong emotions. It is possible that these desires and emotions are associated with sex and affection. Alternatively, seeing this instrument foretells a courageous person who’s not scared to express emotions. The strings on the guiter can represent “strings attached” in a relationship.

Are you always honest with the people you care about? Are you honest with the people you don’t like? A guitar in your dream might also stand for happiness and contentment. It also signifies spiritualistic attributes, attunement, self-realization, peace, and positivity in your waking life. If you’re playing the guitar, you’re probably in control of your life and emotions.

What Do A Loud / Noisy Dreams Mean?

If your dreams seemed very loud, it means that you’re feeling overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and opinions. You’re also overwhelmed by a certain situation that you don’t like to be in. “Loud dreams” might reflect the relationships in waking life. They reveal your lack of communication with the people you love. Listening to loud music during your dream means that you’re trying to avoid problems. Alternatively, you want to be left alone. You’re probably always surrounded by people and lack self-care. It is time to take your distance and focus on what makes you happy for once in your life.

What Does a Trumpet Mean in a Dream?

A trumpet is considered a “loud musical instrument “that can easily be recognized from the majority of instruments. If you saw a trumpet in your dream, it means that you have a distinctive personality.

Often, in my experience, seeing a trumpet means gossiping. Alternatively, a trumpet in dreams is a clear indication of a manipulative person who is trying to control everyone around them – sorry to say.

Negatively, playing trumpet in your dreams foretells your need for attention. Are you desperately trying to get someone’s attention.? Also, are you wanting to be the winner of something? Remember you can’t always win. Sometimes you have to lose to learn how to appreciate future victories. According to the Bible, a trumpet in your dreams signifies you wish to do something special.

What does your voice mean in a dream?

To dream of a voice (loud or quiet) is a dream is advising you to take a step back and lower your voice. Try to hear what people have to say. Pay attention to their emotions.

What Does a Piano Mean in a Dream?

A piano featured in your dream indicates that you want to get away from the sorrow and bitterness and create a new, peaceful life for yourself and the people you love. Alternatively, hearing a piano play music in your dream predicts a fun event that is going to take place in your waking life. It also stands for predictable slow success. Keep in mind that success takes time. Playing piano in your dream means that you’re going to bring decisions that will attract success in your business. Also, it means that you’re finally becoming aware of your real emotions.

What Does Music in Dreams Mean?

Hearing music in your dream represents how you feel in waking life. However, in order to determine the true meaning of your dream, you need to remember what type of music was it. Hearing out of tune or discordant music denotes troubles, lack of harmony, and depression. Playing music for other people in your dream reflects your effort to please other people instead of doing what you want. It also reveals a goal to achieve.

Playing a musical instrument, on the other hand, stands for self-control, self-love and playing by your own rules instead of listening to what other people have to say about you. Hearing someone else playing a musical instrument represents wealth and abundance. However, playing a musical instrument and accidentally breaking the strings symbolizes mental blocks. Also, someone is going to stab you in the back if the music was strange or unusual – sorry to say. It will be unexpected but eye-opening. Betrayal and lack of trust in people is not something new to you.

Listening to the lyrics of a song (or writing music) in your dream means that you’re currently enjoying life and living in the moment. Also, it foretells a romantic meeting.

What Does a String Instrument Symbolize?

String musical instruments such as violin symbolize sympathy, coldness, fragility, tranquility, and happiness. Instruments in dreams such as a double bass, hurry-gurdy indicate that someone is going to be tapping you for information. Think about how you tap the finger when playing a musical instrument - and the amplifier can use sustained sound. Alternatively, you may be able to pluck something out of a bad situation! Think about how you pluck the harp and the bass. The musical instruments that are “sting related” carry vibrations that are naturally transferred to us.  If you see or play the violin in your dream, it means that you’re feeling emotional.

You’re probably overwhelmed by a certain event in waking life. It’s also possible that you’re slowly falling in love with a person you least expect. 

A violin with broken strings represents aggression, power, and strength. Your dream is trying to tell you that you’re focusing your energy on the wrong things.

Cymbal Dream Meaning

A cymbal is a simple musical instrument that showers good harmony as an omen – this is a percussion instrument that blends in with other musical instruments. It has two halves which symbolize the connection of your passion with a practical side. Seeing or playing the cymbal in your dream, it means that you’re overreacting to something in waking life. Alternatively, you’re lacking affection and social skills.

Your dream suggests that you start searching for love within yourself. As for your social skills, practice by giving people a chance to know you better.

Seeing Harmonium in Dream

If you hear someone playing the harmonium in your dream, it reflects your search for pleasures in real life. Playing the harmonium in your dream signifies jealousy. You’re feeling threatened by someone else’s beauty, influence or success. Also, you’re always suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, this dream suggests otherwise. Alternatively, the harmonium in your dream foretells good entertainment and party time. It also foretells an unexpected turn of events.

Broken Instrument Dream

Seeing or hearing awful sounding musical instruments in your dream reflects the expectation of pleasures and partying. However, seeing a broken instrument interrupted happiness by mean individuals. Alternatively, a broken musical instrument represents a broken part of yourself. You’re feeling incomplete most of the time. However, don’t try to fill the void with self-pity and self-judgment. If you’re a young lady and see a broken musical instrument in your dream, it means that you’re going to fall for the wrong guy. However, you will realize that in a short period of time.

Oboe Dream Meaning

If you heard a cheerful and joyful melody coming from this musical instrument in your dream means that you’re going to experience true love, intense passion, and great sex. However, if you heard a sad song or melody, it predicts a sudden disappointment and low self-esteem. You’re going to doubt your life choices. Think twice before you trust someone again.

Music Instrument in Dream Islam

Musical instruments in your dream foretell a great improvement in the relationship between two lovers. According to the Quran, musical instruments symbolize trust between lovers.

Hearing or playing a string instrument in your dream means that you’re going to hear lies from someone you trust. Playing a musical instrument in your home signifies harmony and joy. Seeing a guitar or lute in your dream reflects your expectations of a peaceful life. Alternatively, playing a musical instrument in your dream denotes calamity, I am sorry to say!


In conclusion, musical instruments appearing in dreams can represent a whole array of things. If the music was pleasant then the dream indicates internal unconscious assumptions and expectations that may cause problems. When projected on to others this means that you may find engagements or new social situations. If you’re playing a string musical instrument in front of an audience in your dream, it means you will gain influence over people. Also, you’re going to solve certain situations that have been bothering you for a while and come out as a winner. In summary, musical instruments in dreams stand for passion and harmony.

By Florance Saul
Dec 23, 2012