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Nets indicate confinement and often are reflective of anxiety and of being unsure about your own life.

Depending on the kind of net, often they are indicative of sexual needs or emotional attachment. However sometimes they are also a symbol of good luck! When a person sees a net in a dream doing what it is supposed to, such as catching fish, it is a sign from the psyche that they want to be caught in the net of love. It is a message that you are ready for a relationship. If you are in a relationship it will indicate that your needs are not being met within the relationship.

When a net brings in a lot of fish then it is a good sign about love and it says that you will have many options. If there is only a few or just one fish in the net it says that your true love is already around you or that you know them in some way. Usually dreams like this will show that you are connected to your love in a way by social connection (someone that you are already know but don’t have a relationship with) or work.

In this dream you may have...

  • Lost a fish from a net.
  • Seen a net.
  • Caught something with a net.
  • Been captured with a net.
  • Saw a net floating in water.
  • Seen a old or busted net.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • Catch a fish with a net or there are fish in a net.

Detailed dream meaning...

A net is also a symbol of your own actions. An open net is a sign of honest dealings and a closed net indicates that your actions are dishonest and will cause harm to others. This is largely based on your own guild and if you see a net that is open or closed (with nothing in it) it is a good time to look at your own dealings and see what you are doing regarding those you love and in your relationship that you can feel proud or can feel guilty about.

To dream of a torn, old, or worn net is a disheartening omen. This kind of dream will refer to a relationship where commitment is being questioned and often is a red flag that your partner may not be feeling satisfied emotionally or sexually. You may not be feeling satisfied if you are caught in a net and unable to get out. When you are caught in a net in a dream, consider the ways in which you feel trapped in your own life.

Specific fish can also have their own zymology. If you know the kind of fish that was caught in a net, then combine the meaning for your net dream with what you find on the specific fish. If you do not know the specific fish, often the color is important too. For example many white fish caught in a strong fishing net in your dream will reflect great possibilities for love. The white fish can indicate purity and honor. This would be a very good sign for a relationship, seeking love, or getting married.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Searching for love or a sexual experience.
  • Feeling of loss regarding love.
  • Seeking a relationship.
  • Suspecting a partner of cheating or being unfaithful.
  • Feeling trapped.
  • Wondering if someone is the “one” for you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a net…

Happy. Psyched. Stoked. Thrilled. Hungry. Curious. Dumbfounded. Elated. Nothing. Bland.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012