False Awakening

False Awakening

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A dream can seem rather vivid and sometimes we awaken in the middle of the night and this is known as a “false awakening.”

Sometimes we feel that the event is actually real but we are still dreaming. This is normally termed as a false awakening. There are many things that create a false awakening during the dream state this could possibly be the fact that your brain is waking up or looking at the possibilities and replaying events in the day. In essence, this is a dream where you see yourself waking up then a short while later you actually wake up properly. This could be associated with getting out of your own bed in the morning and cooking breakfast then you realize actually you are still in a dream. Alternatively, it can be that you wake up during the night and you actually see and believe that your dream is real. So what causes this? In any dream that creates a false awakening, it can be quite disturbing. If you wake many times during the night it can be disruptive. The great news is that this false awakening can also be associated with the Lucid dreaming and it is fairly common. A false awakening is associated with lucid dreaming.

Is it real or is it a dream?

One of the great things about dreaming is how real it can seem. Quite often we generally re-play experiences and situations that we have in the day during our dream state. This could be a possible work situation Alternatively the relationship situation. The actual details of the dream can be projected in our subconscious mind. It's only when one wakes up during the dream state that we can actually remember what we dreamed. If we look at the false awakening for a definition these are often termed as dreams that are within the dreams. This might sound quite bizarre that you are actually trapped in a dream in a dream! however, these false awakenings may make you a question and challenge whether the dream state is actually real.

What can cause a false awakening?

False awakening dreams are different from Lucid dreaming. Instead of waking up in a dream you dream of the awakening! This is, in essence, a false awakening and you will feel that you are truly waking up. Generally, when this dream unfolds you will feel that you are physically located either in your bed when your home we can even make breakfast. Many people believe that they are actually awake. A similar dream is when you dream in a dream. Let's now take an example.

This could be if you are lying in your bed ready to wake up but the bedroom was slightly different from a bedroom in real life. In this dreamy state you wake up and you go downstairs in order to prepare breakfast. The physical surroundings look very similar to your own property. You could perhaps hear music playing in the background. Because it seems so real you are believing you are actually waking dream. This is a true false awakening dream, even though you woke up in the dream you are actually still asleep.

Another important dream is termed as opposed to dreaming in dreams. These begin to play out like a false dream - you actually go back to sleep within your dream. Day waiting for you all do I what happened If we look at science there is very little evidence on why false awakening occurs there are however many different elements that might affect a false awakening. there was a book in the 1960s called Greene's book of lucid dreams. This provided an overview of why someone would wake during the dream state when they are actually still asleep. It concluded that the dreamer was feeling a sense of tension and stress. There is a focus on the false awakening being a direct implication of daily stresses and strains. During the research that was given in this book, the false awakening can be associated with a hallucination. It is also been concluded by Oliver Fox who wrote many books about astral projection and also out of body experiences that false awakenings occur due to the disorder of sleep paralysis. It is basically when somebody is awake that they are not able to move, this is connected with hallucinations. there are many people that wake up thinking that something is on the chest. In occult terms, many people believe that Demons lie on the chest. Interestingly, this is a case of sleep paralysis. In lucid dreaming, we sometimes experience out of body situations.

Out of body experiences during the dream state

Typically, the kind of out of body experiences in which the dreamer may counter is not only limited to spiritual or occult beliefs. You could end up in an out of body experience during the dream state not even know that this is happening. There are many spiritual theories on “out of body experiences.”

Worry and anxiety causes false awakenings

In life, we sometimes worry about situations that have played out in our current day.  false awakenings, sleep paralysis and out of body experiences sometimes happen when we have a large amount of anxiety. This is associated with your brain making up and perhaps trying to transform all the difficulties you have encountered during the day. They have been many accounts where stress and worry have called false awakenings and of course, this can also signify the type of dream you may encounter when under a large amount of stress. If you have not had a great night sleep then it is often common that a false awakening would happen.

What is sleep paralysis?

If we look at sleep paralysis it is actually considered a proper sleeping disorder. Sleep paralysis normally happens when we either wake up or go to sleep. We can define sleep paralysis as when your brain to wake your body still asleep. As well as this some people experience a false awakening in life. Sleep paralysis means your body cannot move but your brain is awake.

What is the difference between sleep paralysis and false awakening?

If we look at the difference between sleep paralysis and a false awakening this can be defined as followed:

Sleep paralysis happens when you wake or fall asleep. The body is paralyzed but the brain is awake. A false awakening indicates that you can wake up but you can move some parts of your body. This could be your feet or legs. The difference between the two is that sleep paralysis indicates that you are completely paralyzed. This is a key difference is that a false awakening is only created in the dream state.

So what can we do to prevent false awakenings?

False awakenings can be rather disturbing that the good news is these happen to many millions of people each night.

What is the connection of false awakenings, sleep paralysis, dream within a dream, lucid dreaming and spiritual attacks?

Many people believe that we are sometimes attacked by male-female entities these are known as scubas attacks. this normally happens during the phases of rem sleep cycle. These possible disturbing scenes could be that someone awakes to be in strangled, sat on, choked, smothered or even crushed.

This is often played out when the dreamer is semi-wake. This means that there is a sense of realism that this is actually happening. To wake up and feel a compression being strangled choked intensifies our own fear. People that have this type of incubus attack can frequently experience this. Even though I have not experienced this type of dream state my friend has. She described that she would wake up to find some heavy entity in her body either trying to strangle her or have sex with her. When we reviewed when this occurred it was quite apparent that this was due to periods of extreme stress in her life. there is no scientific evidence of such an attack, especially on our astral bodies. If we look at the occult the scenario is that evil entities or demons can attack rape us during our sleep, this is known as an incubus or succubus evil entity. Basically, the literature states that after we die we reside on the lowest astral plane which is known as the "seventh plane" and this plane includes a number of astral entities who are seeking revenge. They prey on people who are under stress or a feeling week. Whether or not this belief is true any feeling where the body weight is being crushed upon awakening is a worrying experience. if we look in turn to dream research there has been much written about these types of attacks. It indicates that our nervous system during REM sleep produces the sleep paralysis. There is a great book called "Conquering bad dreams and nightmares" by Barry Krakow MD and this is associated with sleep paralysis. It shows that this normally occurs during periods of stress in our life as well as night terrors. This can be associated with anxiety, dreading the waking world, sweating, panic, and your terror. The feeling that we form before we dream is also connected to our nervous system. if we have repetitive night terrors then this is called sleep terror disorder. Scientifically, there has not been much research carried out but to have repetitive nightmares is associated with this disorder. If you have experienced a "false awakening" get in touch through our contact form.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017