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What does an attic mean in your dream?

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Any part of a house usually represents a part of yourself (you are the house). The attic symbolizes the higher self, or your higher subconscious mind self.

The self that is in contact with the eternal. It may symbolize the total summation of your life's work. The attic may predict how well you will do in old age. If the attic is full, it may imply that you are accomplishing wonderful things, and are living up to your potential in this life time. If you dream of visiting or living in an attic this dream suggests you may have financial difficulties if you are not careful. A tidy, inviting attic symbolizes love. If you visit an attic, this is the omen of abject poverty. If you cleaned an attic you are looking to improve areas of your life. An unused attic means that tough challenges are ahead of you.


 In your dream you may have…

  • Visited an attic.
  • Lived in an attic.
  • Been in an unused attic.
  • Cleaned an attic.
  • Was in a dirty attic.
  • Found something in the attic.
  • Hiding in the attic.
  • Seen a train set in the attic.

 Positive changes are afoot if...

  • In your dream, you were happy and content.
  • You lived up to your potential in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation: To dream of a room in the home signifies part of your personality and denotes how you feel about yourself (the dream is the home). The attic room might seem scary in your dream, this considered space can signify how you feel about life. On a more important note, the details about the actual attic and your own subconscious inform us how we a feeling about situations in life. Several old dream dictionaries think that the actual attic space is symbolic of the higher spiritual person. You may be protected. Other people believe that the actual loft space is symbolic of the dreamer's existence, or even possible, in addition to it might anticipate how good you'll perform in a project. If the attic is tidy and space is filled with "nice" things it might imply you may be achieving fantastic results in a work situation. To dream of an existing attic indicates that an alarm should be triggered, you have been spoken about by someone.

To hide in an attic is connected with your desires. It suggests that your hiding away from something in waking life and you may experience some chaos in the future. Almost everybody has experienced chaotic times, or even possibly desires that are not met. To be frightened in your dream indicates you have suffered these chaotic times. In addition, your desires have become muddled and you need to work out what they are. To know the ideal path to take contemplate all the specifics as well as consider what you think the attic meant in your dream. To find something valuable in an attic means that people are likely to help you. Consider that people may deliver your goals. To dream of a creepy attic is associated with the dream's numerous fears.

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Your own subconscious mind might be supplying you with delivering you with doubts about aspects of your life. A number of your own worries, as well as frustrations, are associated with dreaming of a train set in the attic. This indicates that you have been feeling negativity in regards to travel plans. Most people have experienced violent dreams in which they are being attacked. To understand the detail in your dream consider all of its facts and reflect on how you can improve your life.

 Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of the attic: Enjoying. Admiring. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Happy. Difficulty. Lack of communication. Loss of emotion. Unable to understand your course in life. Distressed. Inability to communicate in the attic. Violation.

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