Chewing Gum Dream Meaning

chewing gum dream

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Dreaming of chewing gum is quite an interesting dream, it is about being stuck in life.

Candy in dreams normally means that there is a sweet situation. Maybe you dreamed that your mouth is stuffed with chewing gum and it won't stop! Even, that it multiplies in your mouth when you try to spit it out. Perhaps you may have to pull out parts of your gums and teeth when you try to remove them from your mouth. It could be that you see the gum multiplying even if you continue to spit out as much as possible. Many people believe that pink bubble gum is a positive spiritual omen. If you are eating other things apart from the candy (chewing gum) then this can indicate there is going to be a challenging time ahead with a sweet ending.

Okay, this is a nightmare of frustration and overwhelm. The gum in spiritual terms symbolizes an experience you cannot accept, but can't let go of. Things that are swallowed through the mouth during our dreams often symbolize things we want to absorb. Indigestible objects signify experiences we cannot process or take in that are not of benefit to us.
This gum and the “chewing action” is an activity that takes your energy but you get little else except frustration. This gum also has the ability to multiply its demands on your energy, much like a mythical task growing in size as you work harder at it. It is often a desire to spit it all out that is reflected in a wish.

This is an omen that in life you didn't get into this mess but because of various commitments or strong emotions. The gum dream can indicate that you can't seem to let go. Some people would consider removing themselves from difficult situations after experiencing the dream of chewing gum. Ask yourself if you have held on to something toxic and destructive as a way to keep something going. Often, this can be a negative relationship or difficult work situation.

My advice to you is to be open with yourself. You've not only eaten more than you can chew, but you've also eaten into something that's not good for your health. Accept that fact and start to think defensively about how you can lighten your load. In life, we just sometimes take on too much.

There are two options to help yourself in situations of severe overload. Even though they don't solve the problem, there are small, immediate improvements that can make you feel better. These small improvements can be made immediately. Think about how you can delegate, decline new requests for help, and ask others to join you whenever they are available. These things will give you some breathing space, but you should also be looking at the long-term changes you can make.

Sometimes it may take some time for enough momentum to build up in order to break the cycle that you are in. Be patient and persistent is the advice (spiritual) from this dream. Others may be disappointed if you don't draw the line. Let them. Smile and ignore their objections. 

What is the biblical meaning of chewing gum?

This is quite interesting and we need to look at what is sticky in the bible, turning to Psalms 69:14 it states “Take me from the grip of the sticky earth” which is the biblical meaning of what is gripping you in life. How can you become so unstuck?

What does bubblegum mean in a dream?

Bubbles in dreams are associated with things that can pop. Think about how you let others in. Spiritually the dream means you have to build a barrier in life so that people cannot come in. Bubblegum is essentially chewing gum, this dream means that wealth and labor will be important going forward.

What does never-ending gum stuck in your mouth mean in a dream?

Never-ending chewing gum in a dream is a representation of a sticky situation. It is never easy in life to listen to other people's advice and this dream is telling you it is time to listen to your heart.

What does it mean to dream of pulling gum out of your mouth?

This dream signifies that something is wrong with your life and has created tension. This dream shows that you are trying to live a normal life, but you are getting yourself in some “sticky” situations. The gum symbolizes someone or something entering your personal territory and disrupting things. This dream is often triggered by changes in the workplace or new relationships.

By Florance Saul
Jul 13, 2021