Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Seeing Tar in your dream is not a positive omen.

It shows negative aspects of your personality. As we all know that Tar is an oily, black substance. It is something we never want to get stuck in, similarly if we see a dream with Tar; it is not a good sign at all. It is our own subconscious’s warning that something is wrong and actions must be taken to avoid disasters. Let’s discuss a few cases which you may find in your dreams with Tar.

Tar in a dream suggests that someone in waking life will require you to think about life. Waking up after seeing a tar covered road means that other people will need your advice. Such a dream may make you feel intrigued and curious. Sometimes in the dream state one is worried and to dream of roadworks (involving tar) can reflect insecurities in regard to information held by the people with whom you work. On the other hand, your dream may reflect your sense of being in a "sticky" situation in life. The dreams that one has is not only a reflection of our past but also an expression of our subconscious. Being covered in tar is associated with prediction of the future.

In your dream you may

  • Have seen tar or soot sticking on you = this represents fears in our subconscious mind.
  • See a large quantity of Tar = you are stuck in a bad relationship.
  • See yourself tarred = which indicates embarrassment, resentment and shame.
  • See tar on a road = warns you against danger and mal intentions of deceitful enemies.
  • See tar on street = shows some kind of a trap set for you.
  • See tar on your hands = reflects sickness and misery.
  • See fence posts covered with tar = implies that the dreamer feels the need to protect himself from something or someone.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The tar was any color but black.
  • You got the tar off you.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams with Tar reflect the dark sides of the dreamer’s personality. These dreams warn you of fear, bad relations, embarrassment, danger and treachery from your enemies. Tar is the major omen of negativity. Tar reflects a pitiable self image. It forewarns you of conspiracies and traps of one's perfidious enemies or even jealous associates have set one up. Thus, such dream means that one needs to pay special attention to life. The dreamer must work hard to become more self reliant. If you see tar on street or on your hand or on fence posts, you have to protect yourself, be vigilant as you are subject to intentions of people in your close circle. Your dreams are warning you of possible gossip.

Tar dreams also reflect the bad intentions of the dreamer himself. One must put into focus himself, his actions and deeds. This will be through questioning the grey areas of ones's personality and then workout solutions to fix them.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tar

Sickness, misery, danger, deceit, embarrassment, shame are some of the feelings you may feel during such a dream.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013