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Dream meanings Abduction


This dream is all about control -- it suggests that others are setting the pace of your life and controlling you in some way. The feeling of being imprisoned is directly associated with the experience of feeling unloved.

It is important to recognize that you must grow emotionally overcome your difficulties in the future. In some way, shape or form you are being taken over and this control is beginning to impact upon you to the point that it is starting to affect your subconscious mind.


This dream means you that you are being taken over by a force against your will; therefore, the dream meaning is simply in that – it is literal. This dream is common, which featured in the top 100 dreams in the UK and America.

This dream is often referred to as a nightmare as it generally indicates a crisis point of your life - where you seem to have no resolution. Obviously this dream is disturbing as it awakens the feeling of being exhausted and unable to deal with you events in life. It is clear from this dream you are experiencing an area of your waking life where you are feeling abandoned or abducted by somebody or a situation. Most of the time this dream is connected to a work situation. You need to analyse events that happened in your life recently as you feel that your spirit has been wounded. The message here is to start to look into situations which has resulted in you trying to overcome any conflict that you have experienced.

The most useful change for going forward is that you need to be able to be subjective in regards to your approach to situations with others. If you focus on looking at the practical matters in your waking life this will enable you to understand the background of complex situations, so you can find the best approach. A solution from another will be offered if you ask for help. Maybe you have been feeling that you have worked hard in order to get to where you are in life and that you are enjoying your projects and routine but you know that it is time to move on.

To read the dream meaning of an alien abduction then please visit this page  To dream that you are abducted or taken by a force against your will or to abduct others. Please note: If you dream of being abducted by aliens for the dream interpretation please see the meaning by clicking here. Many dream accounts that I have read often outline Alien abductions, if this is the case, if you did dream of this then it is extremely important to make sure that you wrote every detail down. Some theorist, I cannot remember who, actually thought that we are created by aliens, so this is really the unknown.

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For the interpretation of a ransom please see the meaning at the bottom of this page:

    Understanding the phenomenon of work overload which often occurs in our daily lives can help you in reducing a number of nightmares that you have at night. The traumatic events within the dream are directly associated to relatively normal events in your waking life, the other important factor of this dream is that you need to understand what a reasonably getting you down in life. If you experience any wounding or torture in your dream then this is connected to your ability to face up to difficult consequences in the future. To dream of being with somebody who has committed a crime shows that you are likely to be harassed by people around you in the near future.

    It is important to try to grow friendships around you in advance. If you are convicted of a crime (for example kidnapping) then this shows that you are likely to feel oppressed and overpowered by a family member in the future. If you are victimised then this shows that you are likely to find a project at work complex and hard to understand. If you are abducted by burglars or as part of a robbery then this dream indicates that you have dangerous enemies around you who are likely to destroy a significant part of your life in the future. It is important for you to recognize there are people in your life that you need to be wary of... before they are able to do you damage. To dream that you are abducted and raped indicates that you are likely to be shocked at the distress of your friends -- difficult times are on the cards from them.

    If you are a young woman then you are likely to encounter some minor troubles in your love life. If the abductors are arrested then this is a positive omen. If you have some desires to make changes in your waking life then this dream shows that your can to do so without fear of failure. To see the police in your dream indicates that you are going to successfully outstrip any rivalry in the future. If you abductors are arrested then this indicates that you are going to participate in some affair which is likely to provide you with a financial benefit.


    If you are taken to a prison in your dream then you need to think about how you approach others in a work/team situation, as you can be quite expressive and you may offend people.

    To dream that you are abducted and then executed indicates that you are likely to suffer misfortune from the carelessness of others -- this is a typical dream if you have experienced difficulties at work. To dream that you have been abducted and then you are beheaded generally indicates that you are going to suffer some minor failure in the near future. If you witness other people being beheaded then an engagement or pleasurable event is likely to be canceled. This is not a positive dream and may also indicate minor misfortune. If you are abducted and find yourself in a dungeon or basement then this dream shows that you're likely to struggle with affairs of the heart.

    For a woman, if you see a dungeon which is dark then you are likely to lose some honor in connection with your career / or a work situation.To see your children abducted indicates that this is the way you see the world around you, in that a situation is imposed upon you that stretches your comfort zone. You may need to reassess your reasons for being dependent upon a job. If you are being abducted by others (such as your family) then this indicates that you are likely to have to take desperate measures in order to sort out your finances going forward. If you dream involves a ransom then this shows that you have the power within in order to overcome any difficulties.

    If you are being abducted then this dream generally indicates that you are in control of your circumstances in life and that you currently feel certain situations have become difficult in regard to financial affairs. If you dream of being abducted and the experience was terrifying or unpleasant then this indicates that relationships around you may be causing you difficulty in your waking life.

    Time to retreat and start to think about what you want going forward. Is that big fast car really something that inspires you or do you want to grow your circle of friends? If you are the victim and you have been kidnapped or robbed then you likely have a problem with authority and being told what to do, so you must think about how people act, their social graces and the things that they need to do in order to work better with you. To summarise this it is time to make changes and for you to get out of the situation that is getting you down and make that change today – without fail!


    New beginnings in your life are needed if in your dream: You were abducted by hooded villains. You were taken into a locked room or basement. The dream involved you feeling unhappy. If the people that took you or others tried to shoot you - or any type of weapon was used. You feel scared in your dream.

    In your dream you may have…

    • Been taken by a force against your will = worry.
    • Not able to escape a person that has taken you away = bad luck.
    • Been kidnapped by another = another person will come to you for advice.
    • Kidnapped by others = need to focus on your own health.
    • If you are involved in any type of abduction = negative times.
    • Witnessed an abduction in your dream = material wealth.
    • That you have control over another human being = Not thinking about yourself.
    • Being abducted by hooded men or as part of another crime– in or out of choice = tough times but you can overcome anything.
    • Any type of weapon was used – or the threat of a weapon = being brave is important.
    • That your children or pet has been abducted by another person = loss of interest in matters of the heart.

    Positive changes are afoot if: The dream resulted in a positive outcome. You were able to escape this situation in your dream. You become the controlling party. Any trouble in your life was overcome. You have understood and gained insight into the situation within your dream. You express emotion within your dream which is positive in nature. You notice in the dream that everybody is peaceful even though you or someone else is abducted.

    Areas of your life the dream may be associated with: You may feel it is impossible to leave your current employment as you have worked hard to get where you are. That you are tired of your routine in life. You are starting to reflect on your work situation in order to find improvements in your life. You are searching for a different viewpoint or refraining a situation understand what you need to do next. That you are feeling trapped in a situation.

    Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of being abducted: Difficulty. Fear. Acquirement. Scared. Apprehension. Lack of Control. Appropriation. Imprisonment. Anxiety. Loss of money. Concern. Trapped. Unable to move. Scared. Worried. Learning. Participation. Fear of being hurt. Scared of being hurt by a weapon. Difficulty. Lack of communication. Loss of emotion. Unable to understand your course in life. Distressed. Inability to communicate with the attackers. Violation. Hopelessness. Complete desperation. Intrigued. Wounding. Not able to understand what is happening. Loss of spirit. Violated. Abandoned. The exhausted force. Physically hurt. Crisis point in your life. Blurred. Crying. Screaming. Subjective anguish. Unable to face the truth in the situation. Trying to escape.


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