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When you dream about a tub such as a bath tub, it portrays that you are experiencing some emotional instability that you need to get over.

Seeing water in a dream usually symbolises emotions and when there is water in the bath tub, it suggests your emotional ups and downs in life.

It can mean that you are having very heavy burdens that you are carrying and you need to get rid of them and relax. You need to give yourself a break from all the heavy responsibilities and commitments so that you can have a relaxed life.

It also suggests that you are in a good mood for love or that you are in love with someone and you really need to relax and just pursue the pleasure that you deserve.

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen that you are washing yourself in a bath tub. This indicates that you are trying to get away from difficult problems and responsibilities and that you are pursuing your happiness by getting relaxed and avoiding some heavy responsibilities.
  • Seen a tub. This indicates that you must be emotional about some love affair that you are involving yourself in and you really need to be loved.
  • Seen that you are in a hot tub. This kind of dream shows that you may be in a big problem or in some trouble. It can also suggest that you are trying to get away from the problem you have been having in your daily life.
  • Seen that you are bathing in a hot tub suggests that you are trying to discover yourself by exposing your subconscious thoughts on some issues. It also indicates that you are in the mood of repossession and leisure.


Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You have a dream about a hot tub but you already know your problems that you are going through and instead of running away from them , you get a lasting solution to end the problems so that you can relax.
  • You have a dream that you are in the tub and you are in the mood  for love because you are in love with someone special. You feel loved and you enjoy being with the one you love.
  • In your dream you see a tub and you really need to relax and avoid engaging your mind into some difficult thoughts.
  • You have a dream about a tub and you realize that you need to escape from some responsibilities because someone is taking advantage of you.

Detailed dream interpretation…


A dream about a tub can symbolize some issues in your life that have made you very vulnerable. When you have a dream about a bath tub, it suggests that you are vulnerable in a given area of your life. It also means cleansing or purification of your soul so that you can be blameless at heart.

When in your dreams you see that the water in the tub is warm, nice and very pleasant to you,  it indicates your sensuality and the way you love someone. When the water in the tub is cold  this suggests that there is need for you to get liberated from some bondage of suppressed sexuality in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tub...

Hilarious, happy, anxious, joyous, nervous, fearful, excitement.

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