Shooting Dream Meaning

There’s a bullet coming straight for you. The day after your dream of shooting is exciting. This is a life-changing day for you - have the profound belief that "I have no problems" - Instantly, I bet you have suddenly thought of all the problems you have: relationships, money, health problems, grades, business failures, job issues, and the fact that you find it hard to reach goals. Think of all these as the bullets in the gun. Declutter them! It is time to unload that gun. You have the power. You can change things. Today is your day.

It's true to say, no matter what your circumstances are, someone is going through worse. However, I also feel that no matter how good things are going for you, there are others who are doing better. There is no telling when your skills will reach the top, and you might be surprised to find someone who has done so. Life keeps us growing and expanding, that's its beauty, and the bullets that are in your dream are your problems. You are fine. And, sometimes we just need someone to tell us that things will be fine. I am telling you now you are fine. When we remove that bullet in our way we can truly be who we need to be. Who do you want to be?

If you watch a shooting in your dream it can point to your goals or aims in life which are unfulfilled. Shooting in general indicates that a target needs to be reached and you are on the right path of life. On the other hand, if you see shooting in a negative way during the dream - this may indicate your anger to others. You may need to hurt others for your own self-protection. To shoot to kill in a dream indicates a problem with enemies. This may reflect your anger, helplessness, and discharge of tough and risky feelings. So, if you see someone shooting at you in a dream it can suggest a possible upcoming problem in life! You may fall victim to a problem created by others. In our daily life, we may find problems with relatives, friends or neighbors. To hear a bang of the shooting gun is a sign of warning. If you dream of shooting at other people then you should be careful in daily life and avoid any kind of trouble.

Areas to consider

You have the power. You can change. It can be a warning for you to avoid unwanted things. If someone shoots you to kill then this is about dodging difficult times. To see a gang shooting or for police to shoot in the dream indicates problems regarding control. If you see a drive-by shooting in a dream it can suggest that you need to listen to your gut instinct in life. If a gun was pointing you in the face and someone was going to shoot and you suddenly work up indicates a need to reestablish a relationship with others.

Interpretation of shooting in dreams

To see or hear a shooting in your dream can express your unhappiness in life. It may be between married people or between relatives or close ones. This unhappiness may cause due to carelessness or selfishness. Shooting is an indicator of upcoming trouble for someone close to you. If you shoot someone then this is a sign of anger. It can be either an known or unknown person. You have to control our anger to avoid any kind of horrible things in life. If you get shot by others in your dream obviously indicate you are going to be hurt by people in life.

To go clay shooting is a clear indicator of upcoming joy and happiness. It can be good result for the students or possibly job seeker's. Seeing a mass shooting is a negative sign and can mean problems in life. Shooting at a target (such as target shooting) means that one needs to protect themselves. To shoot friends in a dream can be considered as a indication of upcoming argument. If you dream of shooting relatives this can indicate that someone close to you is facing huge trouble. To be shot or chased means you may encounter robbers or hijackers in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of shooting the enemy?

Dreams of shooting the enemy can have a profound impact on our subconscious mind. Shooting in war denotes that you may have a conflict with another in the future. You may see yourself aiming for an enemy, maybe you are preparing for a goal. However, whether you accomplish the goal or not, depends on your intuition and skills.

Dreaming of shooting someone

Oh, dear. What a dream! To dream of shooting someone to kill indicates your hidden conflict. If you shot someone with a gun in your dream, it implies your hidden anger and hatred toward the person. Holding negative feelings against someone can bring you pain and worry. Instead, try to focus on renewal in life and try to focus on improving your life. I believe that dreams can also be influenced by how individuals deal with stress and challenges. People who are driven to achieve excellence and success often dream of shooting people, it is because they want to “shoot away” any concerns and problems. The dream of shooting someone indicates their worst fears.

When the problems we face are beyond our control, or we don't feel equipped to handle them, we feel lost. The dream of shooting someone can reveal a lot about how you cope with pressure and achieve your goals. Anxiety dreams such as these can arise when the problem you're facing is becoming difficult. Try to ask yourself if you have any problems with others in life? What you do for a living can also affect your dreams. Every profession can trigger dreams about things that are out of our control but which we are often affected or responsible for. Shooting someone in the dream could be that you want to shoot away problems at work. We also need to look at “who” you are shooting. If you know the person you are shooting it could be connected to a relationship with him or her. To dream of shooting someone you do not know often is connected to our desire to solve problems in life.

Did you dream of someone getting shot and killed?

This can be a creepy scary dream. We don’t normally dream of death in our dreams, they can be considered nightmares. Clearly, this dream is not literal but seeing other people’s embedding death with a shotgun can suggest you must let go of your ego. The good news, is that dreams featuring death is actually a new beginning a transition in life. It could be ending a job or a bad patch in life. We need to learn how we can cope with change. If you saw someone getting shot and killed in the dream, it foretells you fear for the person’s life in reality. You also have some repressed feelings for others.

What does it mean to dream of being shot at but not hit?

If you dream of being shot at but not hit it implies your self-perception. Were you hunted in the dream? You are trying to punish yourself for something you’ve done. Yet, something’s telling you that it’s time to forgive yourself. Only by forgiveness, you will find your inner peace again.

Did you dream of getting shot in a dream but not dying?

If you were shot but survived in your dream indicates a negative period of your life. You are facing worry or anxiety or will encounter some difficulties in your life in the future. However, don’t worry because Freud believed that to “survive” in a dream suggests you will overcome every obstacle on your way. And the only right way to do it is by forgiving your mistakes and the mistakes of other people. Forgiveness and forgetting is the keys to peace. If you were shot in the head and died, it foretells a major positive change in your life. Keep up the good work.

What does it mean to shoot a fake gun in a dream?

We all at one stage have encountered rather odd shooting dreams, maybe you are shooting a toy gun or a water gun in a dream, does this mean the same as a deadly gun? A fake gun is associated with reaching goals in life. Shooting, if aiming at a target has an equal meaning. This may be a wake-up call to be super organized in life. Try to think about your day the night before. Write down the things you must get done tomorrow. So you set your own objectives, then you have them organized in the order of their significance. Get the hard and unpleasant items from the way first. Free your mind so that you can focus on the remainder of the list. Now you are organized. You are accepting responsibility. You are making responsibility.

What does dreaming of shooting your mother signify?

This dream can be rather distressing. We generally love our Mother and to dream that you shoot her is quite disturbing to say the least! Does your Mother fit what you want in life? The odds are you do not feel this if you have such a dream. To dream your Mother shoots you indicates that your Mother may see you as a direct threat in waking life. Getting more to the point it is immensely difficult to separate your own identity from your Mother’s if your dream featured any violence in connection with your Mother!

To dream that you shot your mother denotes you hold suppressed anger or other negative feelings towards your Mother. Perhaps you dislike a personality trait in your mother and you wish she changed with time. However, to kill your mother in the dream can be associated with your own inner qualities. We’re supposed to love the people in our life the way they are, not the way we want them to be. Instead of reminding yourself what you do not like about your mother, take a look at all her positive characteristics and qualities. So don’t worry, this dream is not literal in its sense!

What does it mean to dream of shooting your father?

Is your father thwarting to acting somewhat disparaging? The shooting dream may be your subconscious mind trying to help you get a handle on your inner thoughts. As your father is a paternal figure in your life then you may feel that he is capable to change his behavior if he is still alive. To see yourself shot by your father suggests that you are capable of change in life.

If you dream of shooting your father, it indicates suppressed negative feelings toward your father or your similarities with him. You either do not like the masculine side of yourself or you will have a conflict with your father. It can suggest a personal trait inherited from your father that you see in yourself. Instead of focusing on the negative side, try to look at the positive side. Ignore the negative characteristics of your father and be grateful for the qualities you both have.

What does shooting someone you do not know in a dream signify?

In your sleep, you may see a stranger or someone you do not know. Shooting an unknown person in your dream foretells your self-perception. You are rejecting some unknown parts of your personality. However, you shouldn’t dislike your own traits - because we can never stop learning who we truly are. Allow yourself to dive into the unknown part of you. Who knows, you may like the new you!

What does it mean when you cannot load a gun to shoot someone in a dream?

So you were trying to load the gun? Maybe the bullets kept on slipping from your hands? If so the dream is connected to a target in waking life. It can suggest that you might be a victim of someone's jealousy in the not too distant future. Are you starting to feel jealousy already? As an example, if you are a woman and you see a dream in which you find yourself trying to load a gun but can’t then this implies that your reputation is at risk of being sullied due to those that can produce troubles because of their jealousy of you. If you are a man then it can suggest you are feeling adrift in the world. Maybe you are working hard, but cannot seem to get to where you want to! This dream denotes that you are feeling you want to get there but you cannot so there is a need to set formal targets. After you set a goal you need to actually embark on a major journey, with a clear real destination. Be certain that you stay true to yourself! So in summary the dream of trying to shoot but you cannot load the gun is connected to your own goals in life. Periodically review your long-term strategies and modify them if needs be.

What does it mean to shoot with a sniper gun in a dream?

Snipers are strange symbols to appear in dreams, they denote careful planning and being more positive in life. The dream depends on if you are shooting the sniper or someone is trying to shoot you with a sniper. To shoot people with a sniper gun in a dream denotes that there is a need to be more positive. There are a number of people who are born with a positive outlook on life, however, the sniper gun is associated with a pessimistic attitude in life. The fantastic news is that if you encounter this dream you will become or have already been a pessimist. The good news is that you can definitely, emphatically, and favorably become more positive if you have had this dream!

What does it mean to shoot with a pistol in a dream?

So you could see a small pistol in the dream? Maybe a revolver or a small silver gun. But what does it mean if you cannot shoot? Of course, shooting anything in a dream represents a target in life. You're attempting to target a particular objective in life. It might mean working an extra hour at work or getting an hour less sleep. Don’t work too hard is the message, but moreover, family is important. Try spending time as a family rather than building business connections, remember, you still must get your work done.

What does it mean to shoot with a Rifle in a dream?

The good old faithful rifle! So if this appeared in your dream then it is connected to goals and targets. It is a bit stressful in life at the moment if the rifle did not shoot. Even though you are stressed it might mean it is time in life to just “shake things up.”It may be that you have worked together with someone to get your life together and you are finding it stressful. However, in the meantime, or even now you simply feel tired and should try to reduce the stress in life.

What does it mean to shoot with a machine gun?

Machine guns in dreams indicate quick action. A machine gun can target at nearly three hundred rounds a minute. Now, each one of these bullets is an opportunity for you to grow in life. If it is belt feeding then this indicates that you will have many opportunities in life.

What does it mean to shoot a stun gun or airgun in a dream?

Did you see a stun gun? Was it pointing at you in your dream? If you were shot by a stun gun it indicates something will stop you in your tracks. The stun gun is associated with healing in life. What does shooting an airgun mean? The airgun can be associated with a possible threat in life. To see someone shooting an airgun can be worrying, strange, and somewhat scary but we all know that airguns are not lethal. Both the stun gun or airgun indicates a false sense of belonging.

What does shooting a shotgun mean in a dream?

A shotgun in a dream can be associated with protecting yourself or others in life. The shotgun dream can represent your inner or built up anger. A shotgun seen in a dream is associated with making the correct choice in a lie. The shotgun itself is associated with not only making the right decision but also the control that you have in life. If you are shot with a shotgun then this indicates that a decision should be made. To shoot someone with a shotgun in a dream indicates that you need to think about any hidden issues in your dream. As we have already defined shotguns can indicate control but also problems from a domestic perspective. A shotgun that will not go off in a dream is connected to your subconscious mind. Symbolically, the shotgun in a dream can just be connected to your protection in life.

What does it mean to dream of shooting or using a laser gun?

Laser gun’s in dreams are a reflection on our own inner success. Lasers are associated with not only light and the ability to see clearly through difficult times - but also the frequencies and wavelengths that we encounter in life. Lasers are connected to how we view life on a simple level. To see a laser gun loaded and to shoot people indicates a time for rest. To play a game with a laser gun and to shoot others indicates a new start in life. To dream of visiting a laser gun shooting range indicates accuracy and truth. You're understanding things in life in an objective way. To see another person shoot a laser gun in a dream indicates that you are diverting your focus, so try to focus on one job at a time.

What does it mean of shooting a gun but is not firing?

One theory, if your gun would not fire is that this implies that you might have lost control over a specific situation in your life. That situation you will only know. Try not to be so stubborn, especially if the gun will not work in the dream.

What do dreams of shooting and massacres mean?

Dreams of a massacre can be worrying, creepy, and scary. We don’t really understand why people carry out massacres. There are normally mental health problems or a religious reason but the actual reason is sometimes not known. The point of such a dream is the impact of the massacre on others. This is symbolic and not literal in its sense. So dreams about massacres typically indicate that an abrupt change is on the cards. If you had dreams about carrying out a shooting in massacres, it implies your suppressed anger toward a certain race or humanity in general. You believe some people don’t deserve your attention. And you’re probably right but it’s not our choice on how things work in life, or what card fate deals us! Although you can’t stand injustice, try to be different from those around you. To dream of suffering as a victim of a massacre indicates a new start in life.

What does a dream about being shot in the chest mean?

Ouch! Being shot in the chest in a dream may result in you waking up checking if you really are still alive - especially if you had a lucid dream. So what does it mean? If you dreamed of being shot in your chest, it foretells a future heartbreak. It doesn’t have to mean you will encounter a romantic disappointment but you may suffer a disappointment. The heartbreak may come as a failed trust in someone close, like a friend, or a family member. To shoot someone else in the chest suggests you must learn how to control your emotions, or they will control your life.

What does it signify when you dream of being shot in the head and dying?

If you were shot in the head and dying in the dream it foretells a rejection. To shoot yourself in the head in a dream indicates that you are questioning your own approach to matters in life. Maybe you do not like the way you perceive things or you are trying to control your emotional side. Your dream denotes that you want that part of your personality to be removed! However, you shouldn’t dislike anything about yourself because you are perfect just the way you are! Have more confidence in life. Dying in a dream just should love the person you see in the mirror every day. Your imperfections make you perfect. So what if you’re vulnerable and honest? Is there something wrong with you because you see the world in its true colors? Absolutely not. Love yourself more and work on making changes to make this world a better place.

What does it mean to dream of being shot in the dream state?

If you were shot in some part of your body in your dream, it reveals the hidden feelings you have for yourself. Are you the person you always wanted to be? Do you have the body you always wanted to have? Is your opinion yours or based on other people’s wishes and perceptions? It’s time for a change if the answers to these questions are ‘NO’. It’s time you become the person you always wanted to be.

What does shooting arrows in a dream mean?

If you saw shooting arrows in your dream it indicates a danger warning. Yes, but don’t worry. Something’s going to hit you so hard and fast, you won’t be sure what’s happened to you. But it will be for the best! However, you have the power to soften the blow. Why? Because you created it at the first place. We all create our problems alone. Ad we all have the solutions inside of us. Listen to your intuition and get everything back in order again.

What does being shot in war mean in a dream?

If you were shot in a war it denotes you feel like you’re supposed to protect something you believe is yours. Yet, ask yourself, is it really yours or do you want to believe it is? Answering this question will answer any other questions spinning in your mind. You can’t lose something that’s not even yours.

Were you dying of being shot in a dream - what does it mean?

If you were shot and dying in your dream, it indicates a major change in your life. Some part of you will end problems in waking life. You might become more independent and learn how to control your feelings. You are tired of being the victim. It’s time to be a winner. It’s time to take control over your life again!

What does being shot in the leg or hand in a dream mean?

According to ancient dream dictionaries, if you were shot in the leg in a dream it foretells an obstacle in your way. It will be a small one and you will overcome it very quickly. Be more careful next time, and remember, you never stumble on mountains but stones. To be shot in the hand represents creative times ahead, you will know that in life you need to use your creativity more!

What does being shot in the neck mean?

If you were shot in your neck in the dream, it means you should align your mind and heart. You are going through an emotional situation in life - and you need to gather your thoughts. This dream is also a warning not to trust a person who pretends to care. You know who the person is. Listen to your gut.

What does being shot in the knee mean in a dream?

If you were shot in the knee in your dream, it foreshadows you feel a lack of support from someone in waking life. You expected the person to care more but it didn’t turn out that way. Instead of being disappointed, learn that no one is obligated to love you or take care of you, except yourself. Have more self-love is the message of this dream

Quick Shooting dream meanings

  • You shot an animal in your dream state: It denotes you will hurt someone who didn’t deserve to be hurt in waking life.
  • You saw a shot unknown person in a dream: It implies your fear of opening up to new people in your life. It’s time for a change. Open up and let new people heal your old wounds.
  • You were shot by many arrows in the dream: It indicates you will survive an emotional breakdown. Yet, you will feel better after. You’ve been hiding your feelings for too long, and it’s time to break free.

In your dream

  • Dream of shooting the enemy.
  • Dream of shooting your mother.
  • Dream of shooting your father.
  • Shooting someone you do not know in a dream.
  • Dream of shooting someone with a gun.
  • Dream of someone getting shot and killed.
  • Dream of being shot at but not hit.
  • Getting shot in a dream but not dying.
  • Dreams about shooting massacres.
  • Dream about being shot in the chest.
  • Dream of being shot in the head and died.
  • You were shot in the dream state.
  • Shooting arrows in a dream.
  • Being shot in a war.
  • Dying of being shot.
  • Being shot in the leg in a dream.
  • Being shot in the neck.
  • Being shot in the knee in a dream.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Shooting

Scared. Fear. Petrified. Determined. Doubtful. Depressed. Angry. Disappointed. Hurt. Alone. Anxiousness, Aggression, Warning, Hunting, Harmful, and so on.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013