Dream Of Dead Grandmother Meaning

Dream Of Dead Grandmother Meaning

Dream of Dead Grandmother Meaning

The dream often starts with you realizing (I’m afraid to say) that your grandmother has died or she is dead in real life and comes back to visit you. Men and women both have this dream. However, men report having it as early as their teenage years. This dream is experienced by many people over the age of 45 due to the grandmother maybe passing over. Then, it becomes more frequent. It is VERY rare to have this dream under twenty years old. The dream of your grandmother is normally related to the need for acceptance.

​​When you have a dream about a dead grandmother this can automatically shout code red, it could be a perceived threat to your comfort zones, this is because "grandmothers" provide us with comfort, and when our grandmother passes over in the dream we need to listen.

Is the dream of a dead grandmother good or bad?

Dreams of dead grandmothers are surprisingly positive --- and can be incredibly meaningful to those who experience them. You might be stubborn in life (maybe you know this) and being stubborn might mean you are stuck in something in life. As I have said above I feel this is a good dream. Dreams are the doorway to the astral plane, and the elements (earth, water, fire, water) is normally associated with our dreams I believe that having an insane dream about a grandmother dying is about our paths and future, and how we move forward based off your consciousness and vibrations. Think of your grandmother as a type of energy vault, the only thing that exists is the comforting energy that you are feeling in the dream. Because your body is electric it dies, like your grandmother has died in the dream. 

What do dreams of a deceased grandmother mean?

As I have said above the dream of a deceased grandmother may indicate something that is nurturing you right now but this is being overlooked or neglected in your life. Seeing your grandmother dying can represent an unseen need - like recognition or love. If you dream of your grandmother who has died it may be her way of saying hello or offering unconditional love and support from above.

The concept of seeing your grandmother in a dream is connected to the vibrations which relates to the idea that there are different levels that our souls must go through when transitioning from one life to another. It is believed these different levels act as stepping stones on our spiritual journey, allowing you to learn more about life --- and those around you so that you can grow spiritually. Seeing numbers is thought to be a sign or signal from our deceased loved ones letting you know they're still connected with you, even when no longer physically present. This can often manifest itself in an array of sequences such as date combinations (07/21/2020), time combinations (11:11) or numerical sequences (123456) after having this dream, so today, look out for these numbers.

In literature, there have been several pieces written about death and grieving that relate directly back to this concept, some of the most prominent being Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Ramayana by Valmiki. Both stories focus heavily on dealing with death; be it either through seeking revenge for vengeance or learning how one deals with your own mortality respectively. 

What does it mean to dream of seeing your dead grandmother alive?

This can be a spooky dream. If you have lost your grandmother and you dream about her; such as conversations over tea or listening to stories of wisdom. Dreaming about your dead grandmother could be interpreted as keeping an aspect of her alive with you in times when she is not physically around anymore.

Many cultures believe when people dream about the dead it can signify the union between the living and the spirit world. Studies show that most people who report dreaming about their dead grandmother tend to find comfort in it.

Dream symbols can carry a wide variety of meanings, so if you’ve had a dream of your dead grandmother, it could mean anything depending on the context. However, I believe it could symbolize that she has been watching over you for some time and is there to offer guidance when needed.

In some cases dreams such as these even affect our mindset; you may feel a deeper connection with those who are no longer living but were once very much alive in spirit. I also believe that when we dream of an ancestor like our grandmother it's because we miss them deeply and crave her presence in moments of our crazy life and through any hardship and struggles. It seems as though dreaming of your deceased grandmother can grant you a little closure.

Interestingly enough, psychological books such as Carl Jung have also suggested there is a link between dreaming about a deceased grandmother means we are holding repressed feelings -- known as "when people act invincible". This phenomenon occurs when someone wants to protect themselves from feeling intensely negative emotions surrounding a situation by pretending everything will work out regardless - something which sometimes follows after death due to unresolved issues during life together with our loved ones.. It's possible if unresolved issues exist between you and your grandma, then seeing her in your dreams could help unearth any lingering conflicts or understanding left behind before she passed away so you can embrace closure and let go easier.

What does it mean to see a dream about my dead grandmother talking to me?

I always find that these sorts of dreams it often feel very real, both in terms of the physical presence and interaction you have with your grandmother, as well as the emotions these dreams bring up for you. One school of thought says that when someone who dies talks to you in a dream, you will feel this kind of goosebump moment all over your body a bit like a "Wow this is scary" moment of insight. I know it might seem barmy but this dream might signify her spirit is trying to guide or protect you. Remember, that in culture, grandmothers are usually seen as wise and experienced people who have wisdom to share - so this dream could be your inner self seeking advice. It could also be a way for her spirit to give out reassurance or comfort.

I also feel this is a sign from the universe that life is full of mystery and beauty; that despite your grandmother being “physically removed from your life” death does not mean complete absence but instead may still yet carry its own form of connection. 

What does it mean to see a dream about my dead grandmother smiling?

A smile creates happiness, and studies have found that when we smile it is associated with a power of association. The muscles in our smile trigger a happy feeling. Seeing your grandmother's face literally “smiling” can conjure up powerful memories and emotions that you may not have anticipated. Dreams are one of the many fascinating tools our minds use to process information, and this particular dream might be trying to tell you something. Smiling in dreams can indicate feeling “happy” I do feel this is a super positive dream. 

If there had been conflict between your grandmother and some other family members throughout her life, is this dream suggesting a way for things to end in peace? She could be trying to tell you something more symbolic: such as encouraging new beginnings after hard times in life.

Steven Spielberg described filmmaking as “a journey into self-discovery - like psychoanalysis” taking his brainwaves (and yours!) forever beyond what we currently recognize as reality and when you dream of a smile it can mean that you are well on your way. I do feel that this dream is saying to you “Everything will be okay” and “You have this” There is a part of us that knows that smiling can help us when we meet the darker parts of life.

What does it mean to see a dream about my dead grandmother angry (upset)?

In my experience (as I have said before) I do believe that dreaming of a dead grandmother is actually your subconscious trying to communicate with you in some way or another. If your grandmother is annoying, violent,  angry, or upset in the dream this is about your way of not being able to face your difficulties. Think of your grandmother’s energy in your dream sending signals through the dream world. I also believe that if there were conflicts --- while she was alive then seeing her angry in the dream is common. We are all multifaceted humans -- with many layers of memories, feelings, and anger (normally pent up). We often do everything we can to keep up with our schedules and maintain our lives and relationships with those close to us. The unconscious mind --- is responsible for the deeper work, which includes decoding our feelings and providing insights through our dreams, so seeing someone angry can just be a mirror of how you are feeling right now.

What does it mean to see a dream about my dead grandmother being alive?

In my dream interpretation experience, dreams about people who suddenly seem alive and well normally happen when we need guidance or wisdom.

I also believe these dreams represent something more than just passing words on; they often symbolize some kind of closure or comfort for us too. When I had a dream that my grandmother was alive again it woke up something inside – like an old house with ticking clocks and smelt of cakes baking in her old apron...even though I know it’s only a dream-like state I created. Take heart knowing that when we dream of someone “alive again” there could be more going on than meets the eye and that in the astral plane, you are connecting with your grandmother again!

What does it mean to see a dream about my dead grandmother giving me money?

When you dream about your dead grandmother giving you money, this could mean you are feeling her loving presence in your life. On a practical level, the money may represent an inheritance or a financial windfall that might come your way. 

In terms of what kind of money you're dreaming about specifically - if she is giving you coins, then perhaps it could be representative of something valuable coming into your life; gold coins often denote luck and good fortune. If she is giving you notes or bills, then maybe there is an opportunity for learning or growth ahead which will earn you financial rewards along the way. If the money came via bank transfer (or a check) then I feel like this means there are some resources coming your way that will help you right now.

What does it mean to see a dream about my deceased grandmother holding my hand?

Honestly, I feel that this is an amazing dream to have and that your grandmother is reaching out from the spiritual world to offer support and comfort in a time when you need her most. I always say we need to look at our own life when this dream pops up. Her presence could represent healing energy or even nostalgia as we yearn for someone whom we miss deeply. Holding hands in dreams is about a spiritual bond and that you need to be closer to those who “care” for you in real life.

On an intuitive level, I believe that this type of dream might indicate that your grandmother remains with you even if she is no longer physically present here on Earth. It can signal that she still loves and cares for you in some capacity and offers protection.

What does it mean to see a dream about my dead grandmother dying again?

When you dream that your deceased grandmother is dying again or you are replaying old events, it could be symbolic of something “dying” in life. It might point to certain aspects of your personality that are dying. Maybe you had a negative thought process?

Overall, we live in an ever-changing world full of constant adaptations being made, from ideas being developed, people creating laws, and technology being invented every day - and because of all this change, there is so much energy changing our souls. After all, our souls hold infinite energy making sure everything keeps moving so if you are experiencing your grandmother's “death” then it means transformation is coming.

What does it mean to have a dream about my dead grandmother's funeral?

When we dream of funerals, it often symbolizes an ending or transition period in our lives. I personally believe that dreaming of our dead grandmother's funeral it just signals we are actually grieving and letting go of the past.

In some ancient cultures like Mesopotamia, dreams about funerals had particular meanings–not all bad though! Mesopotamia’s believed that if you dreamed of your own funeral, it meant you would soon experience great success and good fortune!. If we look at your specific dream involving your grandmother's funeral: It could represent two distinct interpretations depending on whether or not you were present during the ceremony itself in your dream. If you were part of the crowd (or congregation if that is what it is called) then perhaps this means something is coming full circle internally and emotionally within you. If you were watching her funeral (in the third person) then this dream can mean that you are just watching the conflict in the family in daily life.

Closing thoughts

As I have shared in this dream meaning, the dream about your deceased grandmother may be filled with deeper significance that’s worth reflecting on. I feel this could play a huge role in understanding the message of our subconscious mind.  In general, terms, dreaming about a deceased grandmother could mean that her spirit is trying to offer guidance or impart wisdom that can bring comfort and healing during difficult times and reassure you. 

By Florance Saul
Jul 11, 2023