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What does a Thunderstorm mean in your dream

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Storms and thunderstorms are represented of our own emotions.

A thunderstorm normally shows itself after the striking of thunder. Dreams of thunderstorms carry the same interpretation as that of thunder – an emotion hitting us in waking life. Some dreams construct beautiful scenarios and rouse our curiosity; on the other hand, there are dreams that give us a warning. A violet storm indicates out of control passions, while the way in which one overcomes the storm is symbolic of possible conflict. This conflict will cause emotional stress.

To dream of a thunderstorm suggests trouble and a negative time. But the question arises, how bad is the storm?

In your dream you may have…

  • Seen a thunderstorm.
  • Been stuck in a gigantic thunderstorm
  • Surprisingly sudden thunderstorm.
  • Unexpectedly become a victim of an electrical storm.
  • Heavy thunderstorms with a flash of light and precipitation.

Positive changes are afoot if…


  • The thunderstorm is on free land.
  • The thunderstorm does not have a flash of light over sky.


A dream of thunderstorm…

  • To dream of a magazine suggests bad news or disaster that is coming after you.
  • Hearing a thunderstorm represents loss and trouble in your life.
  •  A barrier is in the way of future progress.
  • Dissatisfaction with a current position in life.
  • Disorder of planned projects.
  • Calamity may happen.
  • Arousing mental tensions.

Detailed dream interpretation of hearing or seeing a thunderstorm in a dream…

Storms represent a relationship or emotions that are out of control. Storms can also clear the air, it maybe necessary to think about what is holding you up in life. The general state of the thunderstorm and the position of the storm needs to be observed. Storms can warn of difficult times while it also is symbolic of hope for a better tomorrow. Dreaming of a thunderstorm with heavy rain foretells that happiness is on the way. To be caught in a thunderstorm means that one has to shift progress in life.


A thunderstorm in a dream also warns one about furious and aggressive emotions. Feeling conflict and being inflexible may suggest that these feelings are mainly due to an event in waking life. It is time to listen to the inner-self, otherwise dark clouds will circle. Moreover, a thunderstorm with lightening foretells the need to be hard on others in life. This interpretation is also applicable if the thunderstorm has heavy: hail and flash.

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