Dream dictionary meaning C-section

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Sometimes this dream appears if we are worried about something in waking life. A C-section in waking life is quite a traumatic experience.

If you have experienced a C-section waking life then this may just be a "recall" dream. It may not symbolise a hidden meaning but just be a replay of events. When one has a dream of undergoing an operation that has never been carried out in waking life, such as a c-section it symbolizes a physiological problem such as sleep disorder. When you have a dream of having a C-section this dream symbolizes personal guilt, or an issue that cannot be resolved.

For instance, this could be a relationship that is not working.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen yourself having an c-section.
  • Been in an operating room being prepared for a C-section. 
  • Seen an enemy attacking you before you have a C-section.
  • Seen yourself attacking an enemy via performing a C-section. (This means there is victory but it can also mean some anxiety, disturbance or concern.)
  • To actually go through a c-section in waking life, then dreaming about it suggests having some doubts or you are going through a mental conflict.)

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The C-section goes well.
  • You assist in a c-section.
  • The baby is healthy.

Detailed dream interpretation

To dream that you die after having a C-section in the dream denotes that a new life will come your way. To see yourself swollen in the dream suggests that others will help you in life. To see that someone who has been a surrogate Mother for you  is a dream about giving back to others. If this surrogate has a C-section this indicates that people around you are gossiping. To see the baby come out of one's stomach after a c-section is a positive omen. It denotes happiness.

If  baby is healthy then this is a positive dream. The C-section indicates stresses and strains that show up clearly in the dream. There is a focus on releasing blockages. If the baby was unhealthy then this associated to psychological orientated problems in waking life. It may be that you have been going through a difficult time lately. Indeed, if there was any difficulty within the C-section's then this dream suggests times of peace and tranquillity are required.

When someone dreams that a man is having a C-section, it can denote that they are experiencing lack of acceptance and support. They may also feel unloved. Consider your own life and if you have been pushing people away? Do you feel as though people around you are not accepting you for who you are? Find time to be yourself and find a place to relax around more accepting individuals.

For the baby to die in a dream of a C-section means the fear of a permanent loss of something that you value. This can be connected to loosing someone - the fear of loss! It can be for instance the fear of losing a loved one through death, the fear of having a broken relationship, the fear of losing your job or money or career, or the fear of just losing everything you have worked for. Another meaning is that you will lose something that is dear to you that you have spent a long period of time building.

Dreaming of a relative having a C-section is a rewarding dream. This is a sign that you feel like you are able to help others around you but that your own help is not being asked for. Remember that some people are stubborn. They will not ask for help, even though they need it. When you have a dream such as this, consider your own position to help another in waking life. Offer assistance to friends or loved ones to help them, avoid misfortune. In turn, if someone helps you (such as a nurse or surgeon) give birth to a baby via a C-section in a dream this can be a sign that you are not asking for help but should be.

Not being able to be saved or unable to save another during a C-section operation in a dream can also be related to religious belief. If you are one that takes your religion seriously, consider if you have been truly committed in life. A key question is what guilt you are carrying with you? To dream of a C-section gone wrong represents recent misfortunes in your life. These can just be a turn of bad luck, but for some reason your mind is telling you that you feel like you have made a mistake. To be the doctor performing the c-section in one's dream, often relates to punishing oneself for gluttonous or greedy behavior.  

Maybe you should consider going on a diet?  

The feeling of being healthy is of importance if you have had a dream involving the operation of a C-section.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a c-section

Tired, unloved, anxious, uncomfortable, irrational and being disillusioned.

By Florance Saul
Aug 24, 2013