Prostitute dream meanings

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Dreaming of a prostitute shows your own desires and freedom, and is a dream of power.

These dreams indicate your own expressions that need to be let out and often are a representation of your own power and control issues. A prostitute is connected to your own feelings about others in life.  A prostitute is connected to how we express ourselves, especially in our relationships. To be a prostitute in a dream suggests that you need to focus on your own inner desires. To see a stripper in a dream indicates the need to a negative self-image. The person in the dream can also indicate that you are feeling guilty about something in life. To be abused by someone or see yourself as a sex slave in the dream is focused on your own thoughts about your relationships in waking life - do you feel trapped?

If you have relations with a prostitute in a dream it can imply a relationship that has gone wrong from the past, sometimes in dreams, we often relive areas of life that go wrong. To visit a brothel in a dream suggests that you need to generate a better self-image. To be in a hotel room with a prostitute suggests a secret meeting in the future. To be an escort in a dream means you feel you are being used by people in waking life. To sleep with a "woman for hire" in a dream implies fears in life about how to obtain your goals. To be a call girl suggests that you need to think about how you communicate. To see a rent boy, male escort or gent of the knight means that you need to approach people in order to find a resolution. To be a rent boy means that you will focus on the best parts of life in the future. If you see or carry out suggestive dancing then you may wish to change your partner. I know I have packed quite a bit in there but it is important to try to cover all possibilities.

In this dream you may have

  • Dreamed of being a prostitute.
  • Wanted to be a prostitute.
  • Thought about being a prostitute.
  • Saw your significant other with a prostitute.
  • Paid for a prostitute.
  • Gotten caught with a prostitute.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are happy during the dream.

Detailed dream meaning

Dreaming of being a prostitute means that you are in a position of power in your waking life where you have control over a situation according to older dream books.

I do feel that this is a dream of power and greed and usually is not a positive dream, no matter what feelings may be associated with it. Often when you dream about spending time with a prostitute in a dream this is a representation of having little or no power in a relationship. Chances are that you are not getting your needs met in a relationship and you want more. Consider why you would not be expressing your feelings to your partner and explore ways in which you can be more open and honest about your feelings. These dreams are not always about personal gratification in a relationship. They can also be about emotional instability in love as well.

A prostitute is often a symbol of the negative aspects of Mother Nature, even though they are not in truth bad at all. Prostitutes express themselves in the least entrapping way. To see yourself "trapped"  in a dream then you may have feelings of pent-up or repressed emotions. Being a worker yourself can indicate that you need to explore ways in which you can freely express your own desire, thoughts, and feelings. You want to consider how you are feeling in your own relationship.

If you enjoy being a prostitute in your dream, then it is likely good omen about voicing your own desires and receiving them in a relationship when the dream is based on both your needs. If the aspect of the dream is more based on money, then you want to focus on the financial aspects of your life. This is a great sign of opportunity although you may find that you have to think outside the box to create the financial revenue that you need currently.

Seeing your partner as a prostitute and engaging in deeds with another man or women is yet another sign of control in the relationship – this is a lack of control on your part. You need to filter out your own emotions and guilt in order to get to the truth. Often it is not your partner making you feel this way.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Financial worry.
  • Financial success.
  • Trust issues in a relationship.
  • Feeling powerless or without a voice or emotionally.
  • Feeling used.
  • Wanting more diversity in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a prostitute

Turned On. Used. Gross. Degraded. Empowered.  Lust. Rich. Easy. Trusting. Confused. Uncomfortable. Complicated.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012