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We all love using a bit of antifreeze to keep our car in optimum condition during winter, don't we? But what does it mean in a dream?

But I guess you never thought what does it mean in dreams. Yes, a strange dream. You can be totally lost in this dream state and confused as to the meaning. Let’s first have a look at what antifreeze is! Basically, antifreeze is used for de-icing the car or a solution in the car's system. It is basically a coolant. This will help us define the meaning of your dream. As the primary ingredient of antifreeze is methanol it indicates you are feeling left out of family affairs.

People who dream of antifreeze face “coldness of relationships” in a situation in reality - for example not being invited to an event. They are afraid they might lose their feelings forever. This dream usually happens after surviving a breakup, loss of someone close or when facing depression. But there is a silver lining! Antifreeze in dreams, according to old dream dictionaries also suggest a new start. The breakaway of old traditions!

If you added antifreeze in your motor vehicle in your dream state then let’s define what this dream it has nothing to do with an automobile or any other type of vehicle. It foretells your fear of losing your feelings and getting close to people. People usually feel uncomfortable and unloved when they’re with you. It’s time to open up before they leave. To de-ice a car in a dream suggests a cold-hearted woman.

If you couldn’t find antifreeze in the dream it denotes your wish to find warmth again. You want to feel loved and wanted. However, you are currently feeling worried and you don’t know how to get out of that state. Try to have an honest conversation with someone after. If someone needed antifreeze for their vehicle in your dream state, or you were looking for antifreeze this dream reveals your awareness of someone trying to get close to you. Let that person come near. Appreciate the effort they make before they give up on you. No one will wait for you forever. However, it could also reveal your obsession with someone who acts rather “cold.”

If your vehicle engine wouldn’t start after you added antifreeze in your dream, it implies to your effort to feel “young” again. You are trying to open up to people and get them to know you better. Although you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you know it’s the right thing to do. However, you can’t erase difficulties in one move. You have to wait until your heart starts pumping love again.

If your vehicle wouldn’t start because you forgot to add antifreeze in your dream or your car blows up... it shows your lack of respect and affection for someone who cares for you. This person will eventually leave you if you don’t change soon. Although love is about giving without expecting anything in return, sometimes showing you appreciate the effort is necessary. And you know it, however, you chose to ignore it. Don’t forget to show people you care for that you actually care about them. Otherwise, you will end up alone. And although ending up alone isn’t bad.

Here are more Antifreeze dream meanings:

You bought antifreeze in your dream state:

It indicates you are willing to open up yourself to someone you care. You will no longer fear possible pain. You will realize that if you make a mistake, you won't lose anything more than the wrong person in your life.

Someone was adding antifreeze in their motor vehicle in your dream:

It denotes that you are envying someone for being emotional. You were once emotional yourself. However, now you feel numb. It’s never too late to be human again. Start with crying. Let your tears wash away your pain and open your heart.

You refused to add antifreeze in your motor vehicle in your dream:

It means you are trying to hard to keep your heart closed. You play cold. However, it won’t last long. Someone will soon melt your frozen heart and turn your emotions on.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Antifreeze:

Numbness. Confusion. Carelessness. Depression. Sadness. Sorrow. Bitterness.

By Flo Saul
Oct 22, 2017