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To have a dream of a diadem (a type of crown) indicates that others think highly of you. This was a crown used by Eastern monarchs.

To see someone wearing this type of crown indicates that others will think highly of you. To be given a diadem is dream about getting things done in life. Are there any jobs that you feel need to be done right now? Could you do with a coat of paint to brighten yourself up with a fresh new color?

In your dream you may have

  • Simply dreamt of diadem.
  • Proudly carried a diadem.
  • Seen a diadem.
  • Diadem carried by other people.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Dream on diadem.
  • Seen a diadem.
  • Seen other people carrying a diadem.

Detailed dream interpretation

This dream tells you that if you want your new romance, career, busi­ness or creation to grow into all it can be, you have to pay attention to it, baby it and be willing to let it take those first steps when it is ready. The great news in this dream is that there is status coming your way. A need to think about things in order to gestate in life. A diadem seen on someone's head means that one is will receive honor and award. This dream foretells fortune for the dreamer.

Dreaming of a lost diadem reflects your acceptance of possible honor. To dream of seeing a diadem on a king is an omen that riches will come your way. If the diadem is silver it means a supply of strength, endurance, will to outlive, strong desires and perseverance. In dreams, if the diadem is gold this indicates that you could control not just the problem, but additionally yourself. To break the diadem means the dream is about anger and impulse management, about creative solutions, leadership and looking after your integrity. Additionally, it may are a symbol of a steadfast friend.

To carry a diadem means conceit and arrogance. Success will also come your way in life. Let them be proud of you. Do not brag.

If you dream of random people carrying a diadem this symbolizes self-awareness. There appears to be your sensitivity to one’s surroundings. As previously explained, the diadem is a symbol of wealth or success. To have a diadem stolen in a dream means that you will be hurt.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of diadem

Humility, happiness, honored, contented, conceit, arrogant, confused, sensitive, responsive, successful, happy, grateful.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013