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To ascend is to rise through the air, climb or rise up in a dream.

If you dream that you are ascending, it could be linked to feelings of sexual pleasure or passion. In ancient times, ascend was associated with mood fluctuation, purification, and refinement. It can also mean that you are becoming more detached or finding a different perspective.

Dreaming of ascending can mean that, you are evolving into a newer level, becoming aware of your surroundings; it is often linked with a change that is about to happen in your life.

You could be leaving things behind that were holding you back, making it impossible for you to progress. Losing touch with reality can also cause you to dream that you are ascending.

When you dream that you are ascending, it shows how you are progressing towards an expanded way of viewing experiences such as a desire to rise above difficulties in your life or a spiritual awakening. You could be facing some marital problems, and you have just vowed to yourself that, you are going to overcome your problems no matter what.

In some dreams, you can experience an out of body experience (OBE) while ascending. When that does happen, it could indicate that you are between sleeping and awakening, thus ascending could be a move to waking up from your dream. Consequently, descending which means you're moving towards a deep sleep or to the unconsciousness.

In this dream

  • You climbed a mountain in your dream.
  • You ascended quickly without warning - projected into the sky.
  • You could fly and ascend to the stars.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you climb a mountain denotes that you are edging towards becoming more aware or insightful about aspects of yourself of your life. It could also mean that you will be successful in the selection of a companion. Your children are going to become a source of happiness. It could also imply that you are having a more inclusive view or understanding of your activities or things that are happening around you. You could be experiencing purification or personal evolution. In most cases, climbing a mountain is a common dream for people who are in their middle ages, thus depicting their life as an ascend.

A dream where you ascended quickly without warning – projected into the sky is an indication that, you are experiencing an uplifting in your life. You will be able to attain a wider view of your life situation where death is an ascending to heaven. When it appears in your dream, it could be a need for a change which can lead to a wonderful opportunity or change. At times you find that you are stuck in the sky and you cannot come down indicates a challenging situation in life.

Seeing yourself in a dream where you could fly and ascend to the stars denotes that, your mental state is content. You could be looking for an escape route from being down to earth or anxiety. It could be that you experienced sexual pleasure in your waking life and you are excited about it. To fly in your dream is connected to love and attraction. You could have overcome feelings of anxiety and are now able to reach your goals without any hindrance. In some dreams where you ascend, it is normally accompanied by feelings of insecurity and anxiety, and it can also be linked to a fear of falling in waking life.

Feelings associated with the dream

Anxious. Pleasurable. Strong. Sexual. Insecure. Stuck. Insightful. Successful. Loved

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017