Broken Jaw

broken jaw dream

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

The interpretation of having a broken jaw in your dream seems to be consistent in every generation and culture.

A broken jaw represents that you are losing the grip on your life and the decisions you make tend to make it worse.

Having this dream is a sign that you need to re-assess your plans. Chances are it will help you to develop into a better person.

A broken jaw symbolizes that things are not going as you planned. Teeth are the only part of our body that is a constant, they are irreplaceable and do not heal. Not basically mean that it represents death; it can also mean that the path you are taking towards the growth of your career is suffering primarily caused by the poor economy, something that is inevitable. This thing has to happen for you to grow both mentally and spiritually.

Different dreams concerning a broken jaw

  • Having a broken jaw.
  • Breaking someone else’s jaw.
  • An animal’s broken jaw.
  • A broken jaw of someone close to you.


  • Losing control of your life.
  • Feeling omnipotent.
  • The animal is a sign of a struggle, breaking its jaw signifies that a problem will soon be over.
  • You are worrying too much about that person close to you.

Detailed Interpretation

To further understand its meaning let us remember the first day you lose teeth. Losing a tooth is a part of a kid’s life; it has to happen to make a permanent set of teeth, teeth that will last a life time, stronger than a brick of rock. It is normal for a child to fear a part of his life losing, but it is obligatory.

Disintegration of your teeth in your dream also reveals that you are concern about how the public look at you; from the simplest situation inside the family, whether you are doing a good job to more complex cases concerning prominent people. Again shortcomings of a family member is normal, you can’t have a perfect family relationship and that what makes it beautiful, problem can make the foundation of a family stronger once you surpassed it. While being a public figure is a double edge sword, true that you can be of good influence to most of the people but you also have to understand that you can’t please everybody.

Different interpretation denotes having a dream of breaking someone else’s jaw. If you ended up in a fight with someone causing you to break his jaw, it means that you are feeling powerful, not essentially means that you are powerful. It is fine to feel powerful, it boosts your self-esteem, and help you uplifts your confidence, tut having said that, feeling powerful can be unpleasant to other people, especially when you are using your supremacy to belittle someone’s ability. It can also result to careless plans and decisions.

If we lose something we use for chewing, we end up just taking in everything without making a wise judgment. Think about your life, maybe this is a perfect time to find a new path that will make you a lot stronger as a person. Remember, change is the only constant in this world. Losing your job, a friend or something that is dear to you happens from day to day, but it is only a preparation for nicer things to come, things that will stay with us for as long as we live.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a broken jaw

  • Insecurity or entrapment.
  • Spiritual enlightenment and hope.
  • Vulnerability and the desire for protection.
  • A desire to change or improve.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013