Being followed in a dream

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If you dream you are following another person, this is an indication that you need to be able to look at the way you identify yourself with others. This dream is a sign that a work situation has become quite comfortable.

If you are being followed by another, this dream indicates that you need to identify whether that person or animal which following you is negative or positive. If the dream is surrounding a negative influence, this is a wake-up call in order for you to deal with any doubts or memories from the past. If the dream is positive, this is an indication that you must understand what drives your desire in life.

The interpretation of this dream is very similar to the interpretation of being chased. The difference between the two dream meanings is that if you are being followed, this is a clear indication that your fears and doubts need to be addressed in order to identify what drives you. If you are having a dream of being followed by others, this indicates that you will find yourself in situations of financial struggle.

Please note

if you were being chased please click here to read the interpretation of that specific dream. If you are following somebody in your dream, or you will be followed then this particular dream interpretation is significant to you.

In your dream the following you may have

  • Dreamed that you are following somebody, or that you are being followed or pursued by another person or animal in your dream.
  • Been followed but were unable to see the identity of the person.
  • Been followed in a way that was terrifying and frightening.
  • Been unsure whether the person or animal was following you, or was going to harm you.
  • Seen a group of people following you.
  • Been following someone famous in your dream.
  • Seen a domestic animal such as a dog behind you.
  • Had the paparazzi following you.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

This dream indicates that you have been feeling stressed regarding the pressure to drive your life forward. Even if in your life things seem tranquil, this dream indicates that there is a hidden feeling going on inside you. It is important to understand what in your life is being controlled in order to find a solution.

  • You may be worrying about the scalability of your finances at the moment.
  • You have found that current events have triggered levels of depression or anxiety.
  • You have been unable to face any fears, doubts or worries in regards to a work situation.
  • You are struggling in order to find out your true identity and what you want from life going forward.

Detailed meaning

Dream interpreters often associate the dream of being followed with anxiety over a past event, particularly if you are unable to see or visualize the animal or person trying to follow you. If you are actually following somebody or something, this indicates you need guidance in order to fulfill a goal in your life. Dream interpretation often associates this dream with anxiety. In regards to spiritual meaning, it suggests that it is time to face up to your identity.

Questions you need to ask yourself: Have you been looking for leadership in your life? Are you aware of the people around you that are influencing you? This dream is particularly focused on your career or work situation. Are you feeling comfortable at work?

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Ancient dream meanings in the 1930s

  • If your dream is connected to following, it often indicates that you are seeking spiritual freedom.
  • If you are a woman being followed by a man, you must look at how you are feeling about your love life. Do you feel controlled in any way?
  • If you are a man and you dream of following another, it means that you are likely to encounter an aggressive person in your life in the future. The advice here is that you act aggressively in order to achieve or accomplish your goals.
  • If you find yourself running away, this indicates that you are going to undertake some difficult project in the near future.

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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of being followed by others

Interested. Imaginative. Watched. Being scared. Desirous. Restricted. Public. Anxiety. Worry. Strange impulses. Force. Ambition. Secretive. Spied. Examination. Competitive. Searching.. Fearful. Mundane.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012