Dream About Swaying Skyscraper

Dream About Swaying Skyscraper

Dream About Swaying Skyscraper

In the same way that life sometimes moves and shakes it reflects, skyscrapers swaying in our dreams.  Last night I experienced the dream of being in a skyscraper which sways from side to side, it is not the first time to have such a frightening dream. I'm here to share with you the reason for this dream. Let me start by saying, a result of external forces such as wind and earthquakes, skyscrapers often move or sway, reminding us that change is an inevitable part of life.

Embracing change as a tool for personal growth and resilience is essential for staying rooted like a skyscraper.  In fact, this dream is about your own foundations in life. It’s a dream about the fact you are feeling like you are on shaky ground and that you don’t have that secure blanket that you need right now. Skyscrapers in real life sway up to 6 feet in some buildings. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is often quoted as swaying up to two meters back and forth from the 163 floor, imagine that! 

What does it mean to dream of a tall building swaying?

I have covered allot above but if in your dream you feel that the skyscraper is swaying (maybe as you are trying to hold on to something or try to keep your balance) this dream is about your own internal foundations. In the same way that someone can just set your house on fire, so can people make you sway away. This dream (in my view) is a spiritual cautionary sign, this dream is like a notification that relationships are shaky and you are looking for your baseline, of boundaries. If you have been “shaking” up a relationship lately then expect this dream.

Skyscrapers are often perceived as symbols of stability and permanence. Similarly, unexpected events in life can cause a tall building to sway and vibrate due to strong winds or seismic activity. Let me share with you that in all the chaos of life --- skyscrapers remain standing even in times of instability and uncertainty, reminding us that even the most difficult moments will eventually pass. It’s true to say that we can learn from skyscrapers to remain rooted - to maintain our balance -- and move forward regardless of obstacles. The message of your dream of a swaying skyscraper is: Stay strong, stay focused, and keep going!

In both a spiritual and material sense, tall buildings signify overcoming difficulties and attaining greater goals. If you find your position is right at the very top of the tall structure swaying then this in some way is positive in that you have achieved what you wish things to be, but also you are nervous about it all tumbling down, just like the tower in the tarot card. 

The Tower is a card that signifies upheaval and destruction. Therefore, applying this to your dream I suggest that you should expect sudden change due to a range of unexpected events or circumstances beyond your control. Despite signaling of difficulties or challenges, it also suggests that great potential lies beyond the chaos. Our task is to create something better and more meaningful as we move forward through this period of change.

This dream is not necessarily a negative dream. Depending on the context of the other aspects in the dream, the skyscraper swaying can indicate great gain or new possibilities. To understand how solid our foundations are, we must assess them honestly. Dreaming of an apartment or flat swaying can represent taking bold steps and making difficult decisions in order to move forward, especially if you own the property. 

Despite the discomfort of change, the dream of a swaying building encourages us to accept it as a necessary part of our growth. The dream encourages us to focus on what lies ahead, rather than what has been destroyed. According to spiritual interpretations, the skyscraper symbol represents a time of transition - a time when all we thought was certain is uncertain. 

Do you not agree there is always a change in life, regardless of whether we realize it or not? The dream of a swaying building reminds us that life is ever-changing. By facing these changes head on, we can embrace them and find the courage to push forward. In doing so, we often encounter new opportunities that allow us to reach our full potential. When we have the courage to pursue exciting possibilities, the dream is a reminder that exciting possibilities await us.

Let’s now look at the dream symbolism. Skyscrapers are deeply spiritual structures, the higher you are in the dream the better. We all have ambition, wealth, success, and achievement but the fact you are so high up can indicate you are nearly where you wish to be. In many different books I have read, tall buildings are considered symbols of power and influence; their occupants may appear influential and powerful. 

Symbolic of human growth, advancement, and striving for more, tall buildings represent the human need to continue to grow. The process of spiritual progress is important, since it involves people becoming better versions of us (and of course our goals), and it is important in terms of material progress, since it involves overcoming challenges and achieving higher goals. Because of this, tall buildings represent ambition, achievement, and spiritual development.

Why does a skyscraper move?

After having this dream I was interested in why a skyscraper moves. The movement and sway of skyscrapers are often caused by external forces, such as strong winds and seismic activity. Wind loads push against a building's exterior wall, causing it to flex and vibrate. Due to the extreme height of skyscrapers, this effect is amplified, so many tall buildings feature shock absorbers, dampers, and tuned mass dampers to reduce this movement. In fact, I popped over to YouTube to watch a number of swaying buildings. Skyscrapers can also move as a result of seismic activity. There is a wave of energy created by earthquakes or other seismic events that affects the surroundings. Due to their height and large surface area, skyscrapers are particularly susceptible to this effect. Many skyscrapers are designed with features such as lateral bracing and shear walls to reduce the impact of seismic waves, so in real life stuff happens and in dreams often you are just no aware of what is making it sway.

I also want to add that Skyscrapers can move due to soil compression or hydrologic forces when built on unstable soils or near water. A building's design incorporates features such as deep piles and foundation mats to mitigate this type of movement. The effects of wind and seismic activity on skyscrapers can be felt from the ground up, so it's important for architects and engineers to consider these external forces when designing a building. 

Conclusion of a dream of a swaying skyscraper

Drawing on all I have said above, it can be challenging to navigate change, but remember that it also brings about important growth and development. Through change, we can explore new possibilities, discover our potential, and break out of our comfort zone. In order to grow and thrive, we must embrace change instead of being frightened of it. Like a skyscraper in the wind, we must learn to flow with the currents of life, never wavering from our course, and ride the storms.


By Florance Saul
Jan 13, 2023