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Macaroni in a dream represents the need to finish tasks, it can also suggest financial troubles in older dream books.

Dry pasta (shaped like narrow tubes) can sometimes appear in our dreams. Macaroni is normally cut into long thin ends and is used in the famous recipe “mac and cheese.” Eating pasta in a dream indicates that you will try to achieve something important in life. To dream of eating macaroni is positive. To eat the sweet macaroni pudding normally denotes something “sweet will happen in your life.”

To stare at a plate of macaroni means that you feel overburden in waking life. To cook macaroni denotes a forgotten task in waking life. The plate of macaroni is a reminder to finish the task. When the quantity of macaroni you see in your dream is large, then it foretells that you may face huge financial losses.

The advice is to save money in waking life. Do you have dreams where you are eating macaroni? It can mean that you want to complete an unfinished task which you have left to linger for some time. Eating macaroni cheese in your dream sometimes means that you might get an unexpected visit from friends or relatives. According to dream dictionaries in the 1920’s, young women eating macaroni can expect unknown strangers to appear in their lives.

In the dream you may see

  • You are being served a plate of macaroni.
  • Everybody around you is eating macaroni.
  • The macaroni served to is small in quantity.
  • The quantity of macaroni on your plate is too much.
  • You are eating macaroni cheese from your plate.
  • You are enjoying eating the macaroni.

Interpretation of the dream of macaroni

Food is a daily necessity in life and eating wholesome food means a healthy body. A plate of macaroni in a dream, served with a garnish suggests an abundant life, but there is a need to finish tasks. In 1930’s dream dictionaries eating macaroni suggests facing minor capital losses in the future.

An impending financial crunch is represented by eating the macaroni. The quantity of macaroni on your plate is important. In essence, the more macaroni – the more will be the financial loss. Smaller quantities of macaroni signify small losses. The macaroni on your plate is a reminder to take preventive actions to stop possible losses from occurring. The macaroni in your dream means it is important to live frugally so that the capital loss can be reduced.

Having dreams of uncooked macaroni signifies passing through comfortable times or entertaining guests. To eat macaroni with others may signify that you will have visits from friends which may turn out pleasant. You may get unexpected guests visiting your house. Enjoying a plate of macaroni in your dreams signifies temporary enjoyment as you may be overcoming financial losses in the coming future. Prepare yourself for saving as much as possible for hard times. If a young women has a dream of either preparing or cooking macaroni in a saucepan, they may expect to have a new visitor soon.

Positive aspects of this dream

The dream of eating the macaroni was enjoyable indicates things will be positive. There will be an expectation of meeting someone new if you are a young women. Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of macaroni: Strange. Unrewarded. Alone. Unhappy. Worry.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013