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Dreaming of a wail or cry is a dream represents worry, sadness and despair of someone close to you - sorry to say. These dreams can also be a "hidden" sign of your own internal feelings about something.

Such a dream can be quite powerful and also represents a repressed feeling of emotion regarding a difficult time in your life. When people describe wailing in a dream it can be a sound of crying, moaning, shrieking, or even a call for help. Other possible dreams regarding a wail can be a supernatural type dream of a ghost, banshee, or spirit wailing. Wailing can also be a term of hitting or causing pain through beating – such as seeing someone get a wailing.

In this dream you may have

  • Heard the haunted wail of a banshee.
  • Saw a baby being wailed on.
  • Heard the wail from a baby.
  • Heard the wail from a dog.
  • Heard the wail from a distant trumpet.
  • Wailed or cried out for help.
  • Heard a wail but could not find the source of the sound.
  • Help a wounded or scared child.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You help someone who is wailing.
  • You save a wailing baby.
  • You help someone who is receiving a wailing.
  • You ease a spirit or ghost who is lamenting in torment or pain.

Detailed dream meaning

Hearing wailing in a dream can be disturbing. When you hear this sound, be forewarned that there is likely some bad news of some sort coming your way. The sound itself will often represent bad news, negative energy in your life, or a loss that you will experience.

Seeing a child wail, a woman wail, or a man wail all have different interpretations collectively. A child wailing will usually represent your own repressed childlike emotions and can represent trauma in your past. Being unable to help or find a wailing child indicates a loss of innocence or negative worry affecting your home or family. When you help a child who cries, you will soften the blow of the negative thing coming into your life but you still need to brace yourself.

Hearing a woman wailing is a sign of helplessness and foretells of a woman needing your help or asking for your help. If you hear the sound of a woman being tormented but cannot find her, then you are in for a sign in the waking world where you will see your help is needed. You are likely to be tested in your waking life and need to be on the lookout for a way in which you can lend assistance to another. Do not wait to be asked. A man in despair is a very bad sign in a dream. These kinds of dreams indicate assaults coming into your life or accusations being made against you.

When you have a supernatural dream and you are able to help a restless spirit it is said that this will bring good luck in your life – whether or not you know who this spirit is! When someone wails on you, this represents feeling run down, pressured, or taken advantage of. These kinds of dreams offer little assistance to what is actually bothering you in your life and usually are simply signs of overall drama in your life. Consider who is wailing or causing the feeling. If it is your boss for example, then this will be representative of pressures at work. If it is your spouse wailing, question what you have done that could be causing you to feel guilty.

Feeling as though you need something so bad that you are crying or wailing for something in a dream represents negative energy and evil in your life. This means you must protect yourself from being greedy, wanting too much, or being stingy with what you have. If you are physically or emotionally beating another in a dream then this is a sign of feeling insecure in your waking world and taking out your own feelings on another.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling insecure or inadequate.
  • Needing to be reassured.
  • Offering help to others.
  • Being helpful.
  • Being scared.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of wailing / a wail

Scared. Nervous. Upset. Worried. Unsure. Convinced. Sure. Startled. Helpless. Helpful. Ornery. Disturbed. Unkind. Kind. Beaten. Taken advantage of.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012