Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams when given due importance can create change in life.

There are dreamers who think that dreams are just dreams and mean nothing. For those who believe in its value, dreams are reflective of your way of life. Its interrelations with your waking life can contribute in having a better one. Most importantly, you are aware of your dream interpretations which are greatly affected with the way you run your life. The meaning of dreams can reflect present state of your mind. It can also make you see possible events that may happen as a consequence of a particular action or decisions made. What matters most is that you must be well aware of your conscious mind and subconscious state since it has value on interpreting dreams. You will not be able to find real meaning of your dream if you do not fully understand yourself.

In your dream you may have

  • Been implicated in a tragedy.
  • Seen a tragedy.
  • Survived tragedy.
  • Foreseen a tragedy.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Wrote something about tragedy.
  • Foreseen a tragedy.
  • You are able to counter the impact of dreams on tragedy.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreamers are only getting curious on dream meanings if their dreams are sensational and recurring. To dream of tragedy is something that can give you worries. This is not a usual dream because looking at it can give you much trouble. However, it is important to note that dreams are only reflections of our emotional state, our thoughts and perception over some things. Dream on tragedy reflects great disappointments that can affect your emotional state. It foretells hurtful failures in the future which give you the option to make yourself prepared.

To witness a tragedy in a dream reflects that you may be able to see failure of someone or groups that may be known to you. It can give you the option to talk with the person concerned to be aware of their situation and possible occurrence of failure. Do not get limited in sharing this information. If you would not want to get embarrassed by the source of your information, find ways how to relay the possibilities to them.

Surviving a tragedy in your dream implies your ability to move yourself out from any troubles that may come your way. It is also dependent of the ways you were able to survive it. Try to consider knowing your abilities in waking life for it can greatly contribute in having a grasp on how to surpass troubles. Tragedies in dreams indicate misunderstanding and disappointments. To survive misunderstanding and disappointments will happen if you are able to hear and consider both sides of arguments. To do this, learn to know your stand and compliment with others. If it is not possible to compliment at least find ways to avoid dispute. This approach can avoid occurrence of troubles.

To foresee tragedy in your dream symbolizes your ability to depict troubles that will come to life. Do not ignore this dream for it is possible that troubles are ahead of you. Learn to find out what are those and prevent it from happening. It can be possible by knowing more about your endeavors and possible problems that may arise with it.

Feelings that you may have encountered during dream of tragedy

Adventurous, conquers fear, tragic feeling, disappointed, frail, sensitive, self-confident, courageous.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013