Suicide dream meaning

Suicide In A Dream

There can be great difficulty in processing suicide dreams because they are dark and troubling experiences. After encountering this dream we may often feel hopeless, despairing, and unable to make decisions or move forward, yes, also overwhelmed by life's pressures and unable to cope with them in a suicide dream.

In a suicide dream, life is metaphorically represented by a dark and winding tunnel. The “suicide” dream represents YOUR life's journey, but also symbolizes despair and helplessness, this tunnel represents a person's journey through life. 

The dream in a nutshell can indicate a sense of hopelessness and dread deepens as you move deeper into the tunnel, making it seem impossible to turn around or escape. It may seem as if the tunnel walls are impenetrable and the darkness is all-encompassing, symbolizing your feeling of being completely powerless to move forward. Dreams can seem as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, which can make them particularly frightening and oppressive. 

It is ultimately through this dream that brings you to your knees and that you need a zest for life and that you can come to understand the depths of despair and find ways to cope. Whenever we fall into despair, we can always find a way back up again, and there is always hope in even the darkest places. There is always hope that will guide you back up and beyond your despair in even the darkest places. With this understanding, YOU can take concrete steps towards healing and finding peace in their life. 

Dreams about suicide refer to an aspect of your personality that is rather easy to influence by external factors in your everyday life. If you see someone committing suicide in your dream, this means that you are trying to escape from that influence probably exerted by another person on you. Spiritually, suicide in a dream is a sign of offering. This dream is not connected in any way to suicide in the real life. A suicide dream generally occurs as well when the dreamer is “ending” a phrase that is important in life. This could be a relationship alternatively it could denote a new job in life. From a conscious perspective, the dream of suicide can be associated with the symbolic process of letting go of a bad habit.

What does it mean when someone commits suicide in your dream?

This dream about someone committing suicide is what I call a dream of focus. It is about how and why it is an important time to move forward with your life through progress. It is more important to do so with the right mindset of course. Your progress will only be for your own benefit and not that of others. You should strive to improve the lives of others and yourself. If your life progress is made with purpose and compassion for others, then that is real progress. Take a look at your life right now and ensure that you're not acting arrogantly but with love and consideration. 

The "person" in the dream is connected to your difficult world and about how you can do anything and the fact that you will fulfill your true desires --- and, do you know what they really are? The dream is about your life right now. It is about not STOPPING and keeping on moving forward to work towards the goals that you have in life. Now, of course, we need to look at WHO is the person in the dream committing suicide. Do you know them? If so, it is about proving to yourself that you can do anything. Nothing in the world can stop you from getting to your destination that is the true meaning of dreaming of someone committing suicide. If you tried to stop them, this dream is both your own spiritual growth and transformation. It is about something "stopping" you in life. What is stopping you? We are all delayed in what we want to get but I want to share this with you right now. You are the creator. You can create your own future. I know this dream seemed stressful, even worrying that you saw someone attempting or even accomplishing suicide. This is about the way that you approach your life. Remember that you can do anything that you set your mind to right now and that you need to look within for the answers to what you need in life.

What does it mean to dream of you committing suicide?

The past should never be carried into the future. While we should learn from our past experiences, we must also learn to let go. You can't truly experience the present moment if you hold on to your past. In turn, you prevent your future from being all you desire. The dream about you “ending” it can mean that you know deep down you need to let go of all these issues and problems you are feeling. I also want to say, that there is no doubt this dream is not horrifying. Of course, we all wake up early to try to face the day in our waking world. And, this dream is about “letting go” to try to focus on YOU right now. 

What is the general dream meaning of suicide in dreams?

Suicide dreams have notoriously been connected with a poor self-image. It indicates that one needs to change but the metaphor of such a dream is associated with the end of something. It is not uncommon for these types of dreams to appear when one has been addicted to either drugs or cigarettes. Yes, this is easy to do when we are struggling with things in life. Maybe you are just feeling that things are too much stress. Maybe you feel that no matter how much you try you never get anywhere. The dream of suicide is about "acceptance" that we need to learn from what we are thrown at in life.

Sometimes, in life we suffer from immense depression, this is only natural. We all have challenges and difficulties in life and sometimes we do feel that we need a way out. Being mentally unstable in the dream suggests that “life in general” has taken its toll. It could be that you are having suicidal thoughts in waking life and this is why the dream has appeared. It indicates that you are focused on radically changing, in essence, ending whatever it is that is causing you concern. When we look at suicide we are also associating the dream with how you used to be in the past and how you are now in the future.

Suicide in dreams symbolizes your need for power. Another aspect of such a dream refers to giving a solution to a problem by killing a part of it. Suicide is associated with self-destructive tendencies which you probably must give up. You should ask yourself what side of your personality should you follow and what is it that you want to be more involved in. Dreaming of suicide could foretell that a project or a business might come to an end.

Spiritually speaking, a dream of suicide suggests that something old in your life needs to be unleashed. It can mean that you could give up a negative passion of yours. This dream could also be a warning of a change coming your way. Committing suicide in a dream indicates that a failure could happen. If others commit suicide, this foretells that people you don’t know will have a strong influence on you. A lover committing suicide in your dream means that you will be disappointed in him or her and worry about his or her infidelity.

Suicide dreams are most of the time not a good sign because suicide can represent mental conflicts. If you witness a suicide in your dream, this could portend the death of a loved one. The suicide of another person portends grief and failure ahead. It could also mean that you might suffer because of your own negligence, which may bring you humiliation and worries. If you commit suicide in a dream, this means you might be able to get over a big danger coming your way, while another person’s suicide may bring you remorse and feelings of guilt.

If you dream about your parents committing suicide, the meaning is that you are going through a transformation in your real life, because your relationship with your parents has reached a new stage. A dream about your mother’s suicide can mean the “death” of your maternal or feminine aspect. Maybe you should take more care of your own children or maybe you are feeling that you would like to receive more maternal care instead of being “killed” symbolically by hurting your ego.

This dream cannot be associated with suicide objectively. At one time, dream dictionaries considered suicide as being weak and dispassionate. The thick books of ancient dream dictionaries normally denote dreams of suicide to indicate bad luck, ill health but we need to look deeper into the uncut and the psychological meaning of having such a dream. In essence, this dream is connected to our judgments, hopes, fears, and defenses in waking life. We can render that finding “suicide” in one's dream interpretation means one simple word: transformation. Suicide is a taboo subject, something that one would not want to discuss. Many physicians have made moral claims that it is an identification of self-destruction. In choosing to take our own life the dreamer servers the ties to the “psychical world.” leaving their family betrayed and abandoned. So what does this mean to dream of repetitive suicide dreams?

The “death” element in the dream has forced you to come to this website and read this interpretation. The inclination is that it is a bad omen and negative situations will occur in waking life. But honestly, it is a positive dream, meaning that you will soon appreciate the willfulness and new start that is ahead of you.

If you are confronted by suicide in real life (whether that is a family member or a friend) then this can be associated with regrets, resentment, and sadness. It is natural to dream of suicide yourself. Yes, we all agree that suicide in dreams results in a painful topic. In fact, it was somewhat uncomfortable researching all those dusty dream books and analyses over the last two months to create this meaning. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. At the very least, this dream is your own subconscious mind is connected to wanting isolation in human relationships.

This dream normally occurs when we don’t have the “time” we need or the “freedom” we long for. There is many cultural attitudes associated with self-destruction and to view your own suicide in the dream acknowledges justification of a feeling that you need time away to understand yourself. Freud connected suicide to “sex” in fact most of his interpretations of dreams were associated with sex. He wrote essays that outlined that suicide in dreams was an act of challenging the “sexual nature” of males and females. Dreams of suicide are associated with how you feel about yourself. It can be quite disturbing to dream of ending your life. The good news is that when death happens in a dream it is associated with not only the transformation of the inner self but also an association of being a spiritual symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

If we look at death itself in regard to our dream state this could often be connected with our own recovery from a difficult situation. In time, when it is apparent that we need to grow and calculate how we progress in life. Surprisingly, from a psychoanalyst's perspective to dream of suicide death can be a positive dream. Why is this deemed positive? It is generally because the suicide or death of the dreamer can signify that something is going to “end” in the future. This could be associated with a bad habit alternatively a difficult way that the dreamer perceives them. The dream itself could be a symbolic sign that things are ending, changing and new beginnings will start afresh. It is a symbolic association with the end of how you used to be. Sometimes life is very difficult to create what you want.

This could be perhaps a better job, a more loving relationship alternatively that you have better health and body shape. In life, we always want more. We don't necessarily always get what we want. It could be that you are undertaking a traumatic time, such as an emotional problem, breakup, job loss or something in waking life that is triggering the subconscious thoughts. There is a key message hidden within the history of these types of “death” dreams is that you can change anything. In life, no matter how tough or difficult things sometimes seem we can change how we perceive life and grow. Sometimes, if one is dreaming of suicide it is not uncommon for the dreamer to take things in life seriously.

Perhaps thinking that suicide is the only way out of an immense amount of pressure or depression. This is sad and no matter what happens in life you always have tomorrow. Tomorrow could be the day that you change everything, does it really matter if you have money, love, or lust? With time everything gets better, there has been an occasion where somebody hits rock bottom or a situation is painful. The loss of a loved one can often trigger feelings of resentment or a feeling of being lost in a black hole and not being able to get out. Suicide dreams could be the fact that you're literally thinking of suicide in waking life, alternatively, you believe that there is an unending insight and you want to change something in your own life for the better. Suicide dreams are generally associated with many unwanted feelings in waking life. This could be frustration, discontentment alternatively hopelessness.

What does Carl Jung say about suicide dreams?

Carl Jung analyzed and looked at what suicide means in dreams. He studied the actual meaning of a number of his patients. Carl Jung associated suicide with “stress” in life. He analyzed a case study of one of his patient's dreams. There was a man who seemed to have problems and dreams symbolically affected his life. Basically, Jung connected this dream with the exit of life. David Raphling also analyzed survivors of suicide attempts. He researched whether they dreamt of carrying out suicide after a dream of ending their life. In his research, he found that the destruction of suicide for ending one's life normally crops up in dreams weeks before it is taking place. He basically thought that it was common for people with immense depression and stress to dream that their life was threatened, thus alternatively taking their life.

David Ralphing indicated that there were some highly idolized and vivid images within the dream state that would cause “depression.” This was connected to the subconscious mind trying to differentiate what was occurring within the mental state. The dreams themselves were associated with anxieties about giving up something or surrendering something in life. Dreaming of being dead or taking one's life in a dream is connected to how we naturally decode messages within the waking world. It is not uncommon for one to feel haunted and trapped by the vivid images of a dream where the dreamer had killed themselves or die. Symbolically, this is connected to killing or destroying personal characteristics within the waking world. This dream should really be seen as an opportunity to choose a path in life in order to regenerate and create new beginnings.

Those that have suicidal thoughts in the dream state are associated with trying to understand how they can change their lives and make it better. There are many different types of suicide dreams that can occur in the dream. Each dream will have its own spiritual moral meaning which we will try to decode within the next few paragraphs. In order to make it simple, we have segmented these particular dreams and paragraphs. Dreaming of committing suicide, as in ending life is somewhat harrowing and worrying. In order to progress and move on from this dream state the thing you should remember is when things in life go wrong - do not hurt yourself in any way.

To dream of jumping from a building

Dreams of falling and flying are somewhat common. You may find in the dream that you stood at the very top of the building looking down and then stepping off! In the dream state, the building represents your life. Taking a step and leaping off the building in the dream suggest that it is now time for a new start. The building is interconnected with the work environment and it is very common to dream of taking your life by stepping away from the “safety” of the building. If the building is on fire this denotes that you are going to have difficult times in the future, this could be due to a relationship alternatively and work contacts. If you are pushed or persuaded to jump from the building in your dream then this can suggest other people are controlling you and it is time to move forward and gain more of a perspective on life itself.

As we have already concluded the introduction of this article “death” itself indicates not only change but also rebirth. To see many people jumping off buildings and committing suicide in a dream illustrates that you may the feeling contentment in life. It could suggest it is time for a change. If people are falling off a roof of a building then this can indicate there may be some difficulties in the future. If the people in your dream do not know their identity then this can indicate feeling somewhat satisfied with life and those around you. If you dream about a relative, lover, sister, brother, mother or brother jumping off a building this can signify a new change is on the horizon.

A family relative committing suicide in a dream

To see somebody you know commit suicide in a dream such as a mother, brother, father, nephew, niece, brother, son or daughter can suggest difficult times ahead. It indicates you might be feeling uncomfortable in a relationship. The dream can also indicate a new start in life as soon as your inner emotions especially when it comes to a new relationship. For your own children in a dream to commit suicide is rather worrying and can be somewhat traumatic. It indicates they are having a new start in life.

Dream of someone hanging themselves

This is rather disturbing and can be associated with worrying vivid images upon awakening. But what does it mean to see someone dream of hanging themselves? The potential meanings of such a dream suggest that the “death” by hanging indicates an increase in your own energy in life. For starters, this dream can suggest possible: problems, deceit, worry, and challenge. For suicide to feature due to seeing someone hanging themselves indicates a reduction of happiness and possibly escaping from pain, or feelings of guilt or despair.

What does it mean to hang yourself in a dream?

To see your own “hanging in a dream” indicates that you will need assistance from others. Or it might be associated with something in waking life that you are hanging onto or you've discovered something to focus on. It can also suggest a tough situation. In certain dreams of the dreamer committing suicide, there's a distinct feeling of hanging problems out to dry. It indicates a problem in life. Any type of strangulation in a dream of suicide denotes pleasure and imagination. The rope is “symbolic” and relates to growth. To see a relative hang themselves in a dream indicates one's 'hung up on guilt', or problems are causing the subconscious mind to worry.

Dreams of someone shooting themselves in the head or you shooting yourself in the dream

Shooting in dreams is generally connected to coming to a “conclusion” thus, to see someone shooting themselves in the head in dreams means a new start and a brighter tomorrow. Dreams of shooting yourself in the head indicate the same meaning that there is a new start. If you shoot yourself in the body in a dream this indicates a new approach to life.

What do dreams of jumping off a bridge mean?

Jumping off a bridge in a dream can suggest making a choice in life. It can foretell witnessing something worrying. This dream can also indicate a decision needs to be made if you died after jumping off a bridge in a dream. The bridge in dreams indicates “crossing over to another path in life.” To be “talked down” from suicide on a bridge denotes situations where you are losing power and control. The bridge is associated with a decision and that you are worried about the future. If the bridge crossed the river and you could see the water it indicates prosperity and material wealth.

Other methods of suicide that can feature in your dream

  • To drown due to suicide in a dream: or to walk into the ocean to end your life may involve a worrying time emotionally in waking life. To die due to this method of suicide indicates “emotional times ahead” if the water was choppy it can denote difficulty in connecting emotionally with others.
  • To suffocate in the dream due to gases or using a car to breathe in carbon monoxide: suggests that you will contemplate a decision in life. To breathe in toxic gas can suggest that you need to think about and scheme the best way forward.
  • To electrocute yourself or see someone “willingly” be electrocuted: indicates that you will have to make some key decisions. Electric also featured in the dream state means “fire” is going to come into your life soon.
  • Jumping from a height to commit suicide in the dream: as we have said before to commit suicide from jumping off a cliff, dam, tall building or bridge suggests that you will face some consequences in the future that you need to face. The height of the bridge is also connected to how you feel about yourself.
  • Shooting yourself in the dream: we have already covered using a firearm or gun to commit suicide. It indicates a positive dream of a new start and a brighter tomorrow
  • Jumping in front of a subway train: to commit suicide in front of a subway train indicates that you will have a car crash in life. Not literally, but symbolically. The subway or tube (in the UK) suicide is connected to a decrease in your self-confidence.
  • Drug overdose as a method of suicide in a dream: this suggests that you may lack money in life and a drug overdose falls into associated with difficulty in gaining money in life. This is purely financial and can suggest unhealthy lifestyles. No matter if you die or survive in the dream state you must try to believe in yourself.
  • Jumping in front of a moving train to end one's life in a dream: can suggest a restriction on options in life. As the train is associated with controlling and moving quickly, it indicates that one needs to be clear on how they will focus on peace in life. This dream can also suggest metaphorically, an end but giving a chance in life. The train indicates moving in a certain direction. As we concluded in the above paragraphs death indicates transformation and a new start. Someone in life is going to cause you issues if you commit suicide under a train.

In your dream, you may have

  • You commit suicide.
  • Someone else commits suicide.
  • You witness a suicide.
  • Your parents commit suicide.
  • A friend commits suicide.
  • Your lover commits suicide.

Methods of suicide in the dream covered

drowning, overdose, jumping off a bridge, jumping in front of a train, and gas.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You escaped suicide in your dream.
  • Your dream had a happy end or the suicide did not work.
  • Learn to keep some secrets.
  • Watch out for hurting others.
  • Examine your emotionality.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of suicide

Surprised. Discontent. Amazed. Worried. Disgusted. Upset. Scared. Insecure. Sad. Anxious. Teary. Alone. Abandoned. Afraid.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013