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Spiral staircase dreams

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A spiral staircase in a dream is associated with spiritual development. It is a positive omen to gain in a dream and indicates that you will progress in life.

It depends on if you are walking “up” the staircase or “down.” The spiral staircase is often associated with promise of a great future. To see the spiral staircase spin in the dream indicates that difficulties will not progress in life. It can also suggest that you are connected to spirit and are being watched over. To fall down a spiral staircase in a dream is connected to feeling worried in life. Normally, a spiral staircase is associated with progress in life. Like the path of life itself. This dream is also connected to the tarot card the fool. Which represents taking a journey in life.

Spiral Staircase Dreams Connect With Spirit

Spiral staircases often appear as "symbols" in "spiritual" dreams. As you know by my website I am a spiritual practitioner and have often had this dream when it is connected to my spiritual development. I have also read a few reports from others when they are moving through spiritual experiences this dream occurs.

Last night I had a very interesting dream, I don't often remember my dreams so when I do I take notice of the subliminal signs of what they mean this is important to me. Strangely last night I dreamt of some white spiral stairs. The paintwork of the stairs was not fresh or light, a kind of murky milky white in need of good paint. When looking in my occult books and upward spiral represents progression and also advancement in life, however, a downward spiral can suggest failure. Upon this dream is are things spiraling out of control? If we turn to Feng Shui the Chinese believe that a spiral represents our happiness, health, and wealth.

It is thought that the trying energy moves in spirals. In my dream, I remember running down the spiral staircase, getting deeper and deeper down in a bid for a tremendous sense of motion. I can also remember feeling overwhelmed in order to get to the bottom. Strangely, in my particular dream, I was trying to reach the bottom it was somewhere that I needed to be, and I was lost. 

What Does the Spiral Mean?

There is a saying that the spiral is the "self" it can be associated with our inner self. While researching the spiral staircase moving down and going round and round is connected to a negative dream. For example, the dream didn't leave you feeling happy, joyful, or inspired a rather left sense of wonder or disturbance. Obviously, the dream has had a lasting effect on your own spiritual journey. Going up a spiral staircase is positive, it can mean strength and happiness.

Going down a spiral staircase in a dream

The spiral staircase is deep in tomorrow's psyche. If the staircase were dark grey, full of danger, or even sorrow and runs deeper and deeper down the spiral staircase this can be a dream of confrontation between the ego in the south according to Carl John. The spiral is a symbolism provides greater depth, this is really a vision from God which is comforting our own internal soul. We need to try to give up our own ego when we see the spiral staircase in our dreams. It represents our ego fear and the threatening quality of our own spiritual life from the ego's perspective. The dream is a representation of the nature of our own spiritual life and we see this as a loss if we run down the staircase. From a Jungian point of view, our own exclusive spiritual journey. The spiral staircase is about when difficult things happen. 

In your dream

  • You walked up a spiral staircase in the dream.
  • The spiral staircase was made of wood = happiness and strength.
  • The spiral staircase was moving in the dream = confidence and motivation.
  • The spiral staircase was floating in the dream = new start ahead.
  • The spiral staircase was in an old house = unpleasant experiences in life if the dream was negative.

Detailed dream meaning

The spiral staircase is associated with development in life. The staircase itself is connected to happiness in life.

If in the dream you are going around and around like many turns and twists this can be our subconscious mind projecting “confusion” in life. Think about the steps you need to take for success! Are you reaching your goals? Can you amend your strategy in life? For a broader look, the staircase dream itself can be somewhat confusing and frustrating, but the good news is that the spiral staircase is spiritual in nature. You need to take steps to get to where we want to be. If you're happy in the dream state it can suggest a new phase of life.

Basically, the dream is a reflection of achievement "moving upward." Or it might mean that you are growing in wisdom, how you handle others, your experience and self confidence. If you feel you've been overlooked for a promotion or failed some exams recently you may dream of moving down the spiral staircase.

The "descending" nature of this dream is negative. Such a dream may also happen if we are worried in life. This could suggest others "looking down" on your past achievements or goals. Are you in control? Think about your power and confidence in life. It is worth remembering that "down" doesn't always mean a negative dream meaning. To walk down spiral stairs can mean a change in life, but for the better! For a more general meaning the stairs in one's dream which are going down can also be a symbol for entering one's "deeper more spiritual" self.

Rather like entering your own subconscious mind. To meet someone on the spiral stairs in a dream suggests you will meditate and learn more about yourself. To never reach the end of a spiral staircase in a dream suggests that you need to retreat in a situation in life. Try to "step back" in the sense of personal expectations.

To see others falling down a spiral staircase indicates your feeling lost, or preventing something “good” happening in life. To clean spiral staircases means you are consciously working hard towards your own goals. Getting nowhere in the dream and just going “round” and “round” indicates that someone in waking life is sabotaging your own efforts. The question to ask is: are you putting off the inevitable? Have you been putting off finishing something in life?

To understand your dream of spiral stairs, examine the condition of the stairs and if you are going either around, down or up as the direction you are moving is important. Do you finally get to your destination? Stairs in a dream may also refer to our sense of hierarchy and progress in life. How can this relate to your life? Decrepit or old stairs may invite us to revisit a problem from our past. Maybe someone has “triggered” something in waking life? Conversely, new glistening stairs might be a new start in life or something you haven't given much thought to yet will allow you to succeed. To see spiral stairs in a church is a great omen and denotes a new start of a spiritual endeavor.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of a spiral staircase

Fear. Excitement. Accomplishment. Encouragement.

By Florance Saul
Aug 8, 2017