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Dreams interpretation shows you the signs, direction or cautions that your dreams are trying to give you through different codes.

Having a dream with tassels in it can have many meanings. Mostly, seeing tassels is thought to be a good omen. In general, all schools of thoughts believe tassels dreams to be foretelling the achievement of desires, goals and aims of the dreamer. So if you have a dream with tassels in it, do not be worried, it is a sign of achievement, a sign of success, a sign of triumph. It sometimes refers to victory over hardships you are facing in your everyday life and tells you that your resolute willpower will pave the way for you through the bad times, and if you hold yourself a bit longer, you will certainly achieve what you crave for.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a tassel.
  • Seen a woman losing tassels.
  • Seen a visitor with tassels.
  • Been shopping tassels
  • Seen golden tassels
  • Seen powder puffed tassels.
  • Seen a tassel maker.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You see tassels in your dreams. It means success and achievement. It may also show spiritual transition.
  • You receive tassels. It shows that the time for joy is near. Expect to receive gifts from your relatives and friends.
  • If you dream golden tassels they represent wealth.
  • Shopping for tassels shows that your hard work is going to bear fruit and you shall receive the joy of seeing your job done.

Detailed dream interpretation

Seeing tassels in your dreams promises admiration, esteem and reverence. But at the same time it also cautions your carving for power, admiration and administration. Such dreams sometimes show you the hard work you have put in for a long time and they reveal that soon you will see everything working out good for you.

Some tassel dreams also warn you of negative aspects in one’s life. Examples are dreams of powder puff tassels or when you see yourself buying tassels in a dream. To buy tassel’s warns you of someone who wants to outwit you and the second one suggests you to be more cautious while making important decisions in your daily life. In case you are a woman and you see a dream in which you lose tassels it may indicate that you must be ready to go through a tough period or perhaps some unwanted and distasteful experience.

A tassel maker in a dream sometimes represents evil power, doubt or deception.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tassels

Confidence, vanity, attitude and power are some of the feelings you may have during such a dream, while in others you may feel relieved, happy, welcoming and relaxed as if all your worries are gone.

In some dreams you might even feel cautious.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013