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Zombies are not real but featured in many movies and nightmares.

Due to this, one can assume this is a fantastical dream. This can be associated with what you have seen on video, in a movie, or on a video game. Therefore, if you have recently been exposed to zombies through these channels then you should not take this meaning literally!


If you have not been exposed to these channels of media then this "type" of dream indicate's a fear in one's waking world and can be categorized as a stress dream. There may be a sense of losing control or a situation in your waking life that is spinning out of control.

Dreaming of zombies is a sign that you are afraid of an unknown situation in your life. There may be something that is going to affect your health, zombism can be a direct indication of how you must protect your loved ones. The actual dream can suggest losing people you care about and being prepared for the worse - in the face of danger. Of course, the fear of people around you turning into a zombie is not a real fear, in a nutshell, this situation is make believe as zombie's do not exist.

There have been no known accounts of true zombies but what they represent is potential health issues – if turning into a zombie in your dream. Once you turn into a zombie then you are no longer yourself. Therefore, the dream is an indication that you are worried about turning into someone that you do not want to be. To be attacked by a zombie can suggest guilt. To see a graveyard - when a person comes back from the dead to haunt you suggests that you will have an exciting time in life. 

    Detailed dream meaning: It can be quite frightening to dream of zombies. It is important to find the connection of why you have had such a dream. It maybe, as the introduction suggested due to watching a scary zombie movie. If the dream is related to watching TV then it is best not to interpret the meaning literally! The dream is most likely just a representation of your own subconscious mind replaying the movie you just watched. However, if you feel that external factors did not affect this dream and you turn into a zombie, this dream represents your own fear of losing something in life - normally health related. Turing into a zombie this is indicative of healing and ensuring an emotional recovery. To be chased by a group of zombies can signify lingering problems or continuing illness. It is still a good sign of future healing.

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    Zombies can also indicate creativity - especially connected to art. To dream of creating a movie, for example, this is a positive sign for your own opportunities, growth, and creative inspiration in your life. For example, creating your own zombie movie plot-based story and then having it become a successful manuscript is associated with success in waking life. Thus this dream is less to do with the actual zombie topic, and more to do with the success that will bring you money and security as well as social acceptance. 

    To dream of a world zombie epidemic indicates troubles. To dream of the world changing adversely in life indicates a feeling of loss of control in your waking life. Consider areas of your own life that are out of control or is there someone that needs your help? To see zombies trying to enter your house suggests that you are overwhelmed by another and that you feel that this results in you not thinking clearly.

    Saving someone you love or care about from a zombie outbreak indicates a deep desire to love this person. You may struggle to have their approval. Saving them and being willing to fight against the undead is a heroic connection, indicating that this is a person you are very close with and trust. This can show a growth in this relationship and indicates success.


    This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: Caring about and trusting another person. Being worried about loved ones. Health and healing. Being out of control in your waking world. Being unsure about the future. Feeling endangered. Having the government or another person in power attack you. Watching Sean of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Fright Night, Night of the Living Dead, or any other awesome zombie movie (please do not associate this meaning if you have watched these movies recently) Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of zombies: Being attacked by the zombie's. Scared. Worried. Unsure. Stressed. Frightened. Determined. Fortitude. Disgust. Nervous. Concern. Positive changes are afoot if: You acted with many people to fend off a zombie attack. You saved someone you love from zombies. Create wealth from either a zombie story or making a zombie movie. Finally, here are some old meanings of seeing zombies.

    • Been chased by zombies = bad luck
    • Turned into a zombie = tough love.
    • Protected your home against zombies = new start.
    • Witnessed a zombie apocalypse = new beginning
    • Heard of / or had a virus that makes people act like zombies = new chances.
    • Tried to fight against a zombie invasion = misunderstanding.
    • Attacked zombies = worried about something in life.
    • Known someone who turned into a zombie or was bitten by a zombie = lack of understanding.
    • Cut off a zombie’s head = poor relationships.
    • Killed yourself before you turn into a zombie after being bitten = ill fate.
    • Just simply seen many many zombie's = tough love!


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