Biblical Meaning Of Furniture In Dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Furniture In Dreams

Furniture In Dreams Meaning

I'm going to go through the most common dreams of furniture and employ biblical symbols so we can understand the psychological and biblical interpretation.

I mention this quite a bit in this biblical dream meaning of furniture. Genesis 31:34 is translated as follows: Rachel had taken the images, put them in the camel's furniture, and sat on them. And Laban searched all the tents but did not find them. She then turned to her father and said let it not displease my lord that I cannot rise up before thee, for the custom of women is upon me. And he searched but could not find the images. It can mean any dream of furniture is connected to how we sit on things in life. Think about how do you sit in your world?

The biblical meaning of furniture translates to a well-furnished life

Often, dreams can be interpreted from a biblical perspective. I do enjoy learning about the biblical meaning of certain dream symbolism and how this could be a message from God or our guardian angels on our path to life. As furniture is connected to our own home it can be associated with the “inner peace” that we feel inside. If we turn to Genesis 31:34 again we can see that Rachel took images and put them in the camels' furniture and she actually sat upon them. Therefore if you dream of a sofa or chair from the biblical sense it can mean that you are resting from a burden of sin. What are you trying to hide from? Any type of furniture that involves seats or sitting down can mean it is a time of rest. Again, to dream of a bed from a biblical perspective can indicate that you need to rest your soul. In life things can be so busy there is a focus on trying to keep up every day with reaching out and sometimes we can forget how important it is to simply rest.

In Matthew 11:28-29, he describes two types of rest. The rest is a gift or something that we understand and we sometimes need to rest from the heavy burdens we place on ourselves. The home furnishings featured in our dream will give us a good clue as to the meaning. If the furniture is tatty old can indicate that our peace is being disturbed. It can suggest that there is a problem of sustainability and also you might be feeling a bit insecure in your surroundings. You will see in this dream means that I go through various biblical scriptures in order to apply your true dream meaning. The dream symbol of furniture I would generally break down into the following spiritual messages. The general meaning of furniture in a biblical sense is as follows:

Furniture in dreams means that it is time to rest in life.

In Matthew 11:28-29 we see that the furniture is a gift to us to rest and think about how we are positioned in the world. What rest do you need? If the furniture was in good order it can mean that we need to rest our inner conscience. If we look at Acts 24:16 it can mean that God is focused on helping us rest in the middle of difficult times.

Furniture In dreams means our heart is filled with anxiety.

In Psalm 119:165 we need to turn to this as unrest can result in anxiety. Furniture is supposed to help us relax in life. Nice furniture in particular. If the furniture is taken away or you are moving the furniture during a dream in a biblical sense this can mean we need to think about resting from putting too many demands on ourselves. Romans 6:11.

Furniture In dreams means rest from strife and responsibility

If in the dream the furniture is not providing happiness then it is important to think of areas of life that can bring joy and working through strain. For most people, worrying comes from nowhere. Were often one minute happy and then the other terrified or struggling alone. It often doesn't make any sense that when we look at this it's just simply anxiety. Think of anxiety-like a black hole it can suck in your dreams, hopes, and even your pleasures. 

The biblical meaning of furniture in dreams can indicate that our energies out of balance. It can represent that our energy is drained if there are negative aspects of the dream. In the Bible, the Lord Jesus made various statements to light. For example, in Matthew 5:14 states "you are the light of the world." If the furniture is related to lighting all the dreams that happen to be dark it can mean our inner energy or shine is being challenged. It is a dream to let you know that whatever happens, try to shine in times of darkness. Phillippians 2:14.

The final general biblical meaning of furniture in dreams can relate to the fact that you need to look at all the tools in your life. Often this kind of dream may; appears when we are undergoing the following:

  • Feeling guilty, worthless, or blaming ourselves four areas in waking life.
  • taking no interest in our usual activities.
  • Feeling restless or irritable.
  • Changing in appetites or sleeping patterns.
  • Having problems with our concentration or memories.
  • Feeling somewhat pessimistic and hopeless.

It is recommended after having a symbol of furniture in a dream that you need to set aside sometime to work on understanding elements of your life. There is no miracle cure wand for feeling stressed or anxious however time and courage will help you understand what areas of your life need focus.

Biblical meaning of dreams of destroying furniture

To dream you are destroying furniture from a biblical perspective means that you are trying to fight against sin (Daniel 11:32 in the Kings James). If we are not resting or enjoying furniture in many scriptures it could mean that we are not recognizing that we must relax and take in what's important in our lives. Dreaming of furniture is often associated with our own peaceful minds. If this is destroyed during the dream it can be a signifier of objects in our way.

Biblical meaning about wooden furniture

Some users have contacted me about wood furniture in dreams and what this means from a biblical perspective. Obviously, wood is mentioned in the Bible many times. The Ark of Covenant was constructed of wood and covered in gold. Again, if we turn to the garden of Eden right in the center is a wood. Also, the cross that Jesus was crucified on was constructed from wood. Therefore, to dream of wooden furniture represents that there will be glory in the end. Noah's ark was wooden and floated to safety. The biblical meaning of dreams of wooden furniture can represent salvation and the humanity of Jesus.  The wood itself is a symbolism of nature and is connected to our inner thoughts and symbols.

Biblical meaning of dreams of missing furniture

Furniture is also associated with a luxurious life. If we turn to the prophet Amos in Samarina (3:12) he speaks of the grandness of furniture.Therefore, to find furniture missing can indicate that we are "missing" something from our lives. If you noticed a bed, lamp, table or seat in your dream this can suggest that we need to give mercy to others (Hebrews 9:2)

Biblical meaning of stolen furniture in dreams

As I've already communicated to you, furniture in dreams from a biblical perspective is connected to how we are feeling, and if the furniture was stolen during our dream state it can suggest that we need time to understand how we focus. This is described in Genesis 31:34 where Rachel's household goods were put inside a camel's saddle and she was sitting on them but Laban searched and could not find anything. It can indicate that you are searching for peace in this life.

Is the dream of furniture important?

We all know the feeling when we are in the depths of our sleep and all of a sudden you can see furniture either moving or you are falling downstairs. At times when we wake up, the dream can haunt us. Dreams will always be a mystery to us however it is commonplace to dream furniture today we often accept without any questions that we may have several dreams every night. In our dreams, we can become naturally observant and in some ways prosthetic. Modern science says we spend around 50% of the time in the dream state. Each dream can last up to 40 minutes. Spiritually the messages within our dreams can be sent from our ancestors or spiritual guides. There is another school afford that dreams can also be connected to our own internal thoughts, experiences, and connections throughout the day. This was explored by many dream psychiatrists such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Furniture from the psychological sense can mean that the elements around us are being challenged. Is the dream important? Yes, it can show that you are feeling somewhat anxious.

Biblical meaning of moving furniture in dreams

As I have already mentioned furniture featured in your dream is usually a reflection of feeling unsafe on a deep level. If you are not dealing with the stresses in daily life then it is often an indication that you are trying to deal with “whatever you are worrying about” during your sleep. 

Because we are surrounded by furniture, on a daily basis it could mean that we are exploring ways in which we can feel more powerful. To dream of moving furniture from one property to another can indicate that we are trying to move forward in life.

I myself have had the dream of moving furniture and I was calmly drifting into a beautiful sleep all of a sudden removal van appeared and I was dreaming of moving pieces of furniture. What does this mean from a biblical dream perspective? Such a dream can indicate that we need to build on something (Acts 27:19) what do you need to tackle? The words in Acts 27:19 in the King James Version denote that we are tackling furniture and this can have an impact on us. There is a focus on how we are seeking a sanctuary.

Is this dream good or bad?

If there is something changing in your life that is causing you some kind of stress then often we look into dreams to exert our emotions and feelings in order to open in a world. The dream is generally a way to let you know that in order to have a more calming life it is important to focus on what you can mend and not be so mentally anxious. 

Dream of buying furniture or furniture store and antique furniture

If you are buying furniture in the dream this is a very positive biblical message. It can mean that you have felt as if you are under pressure for some time and that things are becoming a bit more normal. Remember, from the biblical perspective furniture is a well-furnished life. If you dream of antique furniture from a biblical perspective this can indicate that there are ancient elements of your life where you feel that you need to change or have a major transition.

Biblical meaning of a table in a dream

To dream of any type of table then this can suggest that there will be a meeting table furniture was featured in the Bible many times for example in Exodus 31:8 the table and its furniture and pure candlestick were mentioned. Such a dream can mean that there are going to be patterns of ups and downs but overall you need to work towards a "well-furnished life." And bring light to your life.

Conclusion of the biblical meaning the furniture in dreams

In conclusion, there are lots of ways of dealing with the dream of furniture. Sometimes, people have contacted me to understand what it means to dream of rearranging furniture or moving items in their properties during the dream state. This could represent that you are trying to move certain elements of your life in the waking world in order to have a better and more comfortable existence. I have detailed many scriptures above that mention furniture and how this can translate into your life. 


By Florance Saul
May 1, 2021