Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

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Teeth represent the feelings of being insecure or inadequate in regard to other people.

The milk teeth are a signal of development, a step towards becoming an adult. Loosing milk teeth is a sign of the loss of innocence and childhood dreams, thus, milk teeth in a dream are associated with childhood feelings, that are lost.

Teeth may also show words we want to say but do not - maybe issues we'd like to come out in life. In some civilizations losing teeth often represents the actual loss of life. According to Jung, milk teeth represent the birth of new possibilities. If you a dentist, and you are having your milk teeth worked upon (such as a filling or removal) this means that the dreamer is just about ready for any challenge life can throw their way.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen milk teeth on a child.
  • Spitting out milk teeth.
  • The milk teeth are twisted.
  • Removed milk teeth.
  • Seen the tooth fairy.
  • Completely toothless.
  • Seen clean milk teeth.

Positive changes are a foot if

  • You had a smile with shining white teeth.
  • Cleaned milk teeth in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Twisted milk teeth are a symbol of a difficult youth, and your possible hunger for adventure and stimulation in adult life. Pay attention to your response system. Is there something that is frustrating you right now? To dream that the milk teeth are falling out means that you will encounter never-ending struggles. Only someone close to you, will provide you with the energy and potential to create unexpected things in life.

The detail around the dream of milk teeth means that your unconscious may be trying to send you a message. If the milk teeth are wobbly this can be an indication that you have been acting immature and you need to think about how you can solve problems in life.

Milk teeth are also a sign of protection, because they protect the adult teeth. To see a tooth fairy taking milk teeth means that you have concern about your self-image. This also means that you require a wish to be granted.

If you are toothless in your dream then this means that someone close to you is possibly neglecting things in life. If the milk teeth are rotten this means that a close friend may take a risk. They might, for instance underestimate or misunderstand people and situations, and they lack of ability to hear the advice of others.

If you see clean milk teeth or teeth that glisten this means that friendships will be solid. If the roots of the milk teeth are featured then this means that it is important to consider other people in waking life.

Brushing milk teeth in your dream means that you are trying to brush the troubles away in waking life. If something is stuck in the milk teeth then this suggests that the dreamer maybe thinking about the future.

To see different sized milk teeth means that there maybe a problem in life but you have the knowledge to rectify any problem. You might see that the milk teeth are gold. If so, then Jung associated gold with our higher self. This suggests that the dreamer is searching for something valuable in life.

Spitting out milk teeth means that something in waking life needs to be removed. If you dream that you have dropped your milk teeth then this suggests that you are satisfied with your adult life. In some cases to dream of black milk teeth or that there is contamination in the mouth is a negative omen. This is because black teeth suggests regret over what has been said or done.

To see another person or a child with milk teeth often arouses a feeling even temporary, of ‘losing it.’ This can be experienced as the feeling or the inability get exactly what one deeply wants, therefore this means a possible loss of money, or perhaps a loss of personal respect in some way.

The teeth can depict words that we say or do not say-- perhaps issues we wish we have with others. One of the primary associations for many people that have this dream is what we look like to others. In a few cultures the loss of the milk teeth usually portray a particular regeneration of a new life. But when we lose the milk teeth we are very aware of the actual emptiness in our mouth : very aware of the loss. For this reason a misplaced milk tooth can link with losing something of importance. However it can also mean that something may just go wrong.

If in the dream there is any soreness connected with the loss of the milk tooth, this can be viewed as a sign of a connection in waking life, that needs to be concluded, but is nevertheless painful to lose. If the milk teeth are falling out in large clumps, this can mean a sense of loss, such as death of family member or perhaps loved one; the actual method of the teeth being removed is important. If the milk teeth are knocked out this relates to readiness, therefore problems about getting older in life. In the event that single milk tooth falls on a floor, this could suggest loss, unhappiness, or even illness of someone close.

Because you naturally loose the milk teeth which are replaced with brand new ones, you might also understand that the dream is associated to a new duration or path of life. Generally a full set of milk teeth in your dream can show aggression or perhaps defensiveness. This dream may also be a warning to ‘chew things over’. In other words, do not rush into saying things in life.

Small or big milk teeth means that you require durability, energy, or perhaps the capacity to take on a project. Small teeth mean the contrary, with the exception that they are not really small -- if they are small then this can suggest ‘biting’ remarks. If you smile an the milk teeth this presents an enormous amount of pressure, but we all determination or routine our own tooth whenever holding back again great physical or even mental soreness, anger or give up hope.

Unclean milk teeth mean that you require a new perspective on things in life. The actual grime suggests there's maybe a problem with your authority in waking life, this is not clear to others when you communicate, and may also be impacting on your success in life. To see Dracula type of milk teeth means that you may need to consider if you are attempting to adversely impact somebody else. Swallowing many milk teeth means that some thing is going to happen psychologically. If the milk teeth are falling out in clumps, then this is related to aging and loss in your good looks.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of milk teeth

Worrying about the teeth falling out. Cleaning milk teeth. Cannot work out what has happened with the milk teeth. Confusion.

By Florance Saul
Jan 20, 2013