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Could you see a river in your dream? Googled "a river dream" and now you are wondering what it means? Look no further!

I am going to be delving into the ancient dream meanings and what the dream of a river actually means so read on! Rivers can easily represent the path of our life. As the river is normally quite calm this shows that your life at the moment is generally coming along well. To travel on the river in a canoe or boat suggests that you hope to improve how you are handling the period of your life at the moment. Water in our dreams signifies the connection with emotion.

As the river is quite still it means you have a great future! Regardless of whether your talent is cut out for your current career, you will soon know. Yes, life is going to treat you well. Generally, this type of dream is both exciting terrifying depending on the type of water you see. This dream can imply that things will get better with time. For the dream to be negative in any way for example you have to deal with deadly rapids, the current of the river drags you under, or you happen to be falling out of a vessel, losing people, and people drowning indicates your fear of the unknown. This kind of dream is common for people who are capable, and they take pleasure in utilizing their minds and skills to deal with other people. At times things can be disappointing, but in the end, things will calm down. This dream signifies forces that will assist you in life. If you are not coping with your feelings right now then this dream denotes that you will feel a struggle with a bumpy passageway.

To fall off a boat into a river has one specific meaning: that you need to act calm in relation to other people who seem stressed. To be dragged along a river means that other people are going to take the time to get to know your problems. Harmony and usually people appreciating you will come if you traveled peacefully along the river in your dream. To have a dream of a famous river, such as the Nile or the Amazon means that you will be looking at a woman's abilities in the future. This particular dream means you may have some real problems going forward. You need to be able to manage them better.

To dream of swimming in a river has a significant meaning and foretells a new stage of your life. To see a calm river denotes you’re going with the flow and you’re doing the right thing. Yet, to see any form of water in your dream indicates your unconscious mind and deepest emotions. Water is one of the most common dream symbols that symbolizes purity. This is just the beginning of your dream’s interpretation. Scroll down to check the detailed meaning of your dream. If the water of the river is moving quickly, it can indicate that you will face some changes in life and do not be afraid of these changes!

What does swimming in a river mean in a dream?

Ok, take a deep breath after this dream. The science behind this dream indicates a certain logic. Was the river terrifying? Did you worry about swimming in the water? I know it does sound rather crazy but we have to associate our logic to these dreams. It does turn out that this dream is connected to how we approach things in life. We don’t sometimes understand others but this dream can suggest sharing knowledge is the best way forward.

Swimming in a river in your dream in older dream dictionaries signifies calmness. You are having a positive, stress-free period in your life. However, be careful who you let into your life, we all know that not everyone enjoys seeing others prosper. This is a warning to away from those who wish you any negativity. Yes, deep inside, you know who they are! Takeaway from this dream is the message: follow your intuition.

What does crossing water mean in a dream?

Hey, this is good news! If you crossed water in your dream it foretells you will overcome an obstacle on your way to reaching your goal. To cross a river by walking over a bridge represents changes in life. The good news is that nothing can stop you now. You’ve been waiting for this to happen for far too long. Yes, your five minutes of fame have come, thus try to use your own skills to develop yourself as a person. Your heart has the key to your happiness. Listen to your heart, no matter what but take your mind with you. There is also a deep warning if you are crossing choppy water: don’t make reckless decisions, only because someone’s telling you to rush. No one’s chasing you, so slow down.

What does crossing a river mean in a dream?

If you crossed a river in your dream it indicates crossing a certain unfortunate phase of your life. The river is a symbol of calmness unless the water is muddy or unclean. Unclean water is a sign of health issues and unfortunate moments, yet, don’t stress over it. It’s nothing serious. Oh yes, you will overcome everything in a blink of an eye. As for the river crossing, whatever happens in your life, your dream is advising you to keep moving forward. You will find what you’re searching for. Older dream dictionaries denote that inner peace will find its way back to you.

What does bathing in a river mean in the dream mean?

If you paddled in the river, or even took a bath it foretells solving some pent up inner desires. What a wonderful dream, especially if you were happy bathing in the river. Remember that you cannot solve your problems alone, in time you will realize you will work better in groups of people. You are capable of solving ALL problems in your life, especially the inner issues related to your feelings. There is a seasoned message in this dream and this is “Learn how to control your emotions, and you will learn how to control your life.” If you are forced to bath in a river this dream implies a public humiliation you may encounter - according to older dream dictionaries. Don’t take life too personally. It’s your life and you will do whatever you want with it. Remember, we only live once.

What does seeing the Ganga river mean in a dream?

There is a long focus on prophetic visions that occur in our dreams. If we look at the Freud collation of books, he believed that each dream can be a symbol or idea of life. Therefore, to see the Ganga may just be because you watched something on television! Try to piece together some of the images you encountered in the daytime. Could these have impacted your dream? So, what do older dream dictionaries say? If you saw the Ganga river in your dream it indicates a warning. Take care of the people you love. However, don’t act like you’re their bodyguard. Everyone needs their space and solitude. So that is it folks, to dream of the Ganga could foretell your future or be a dream due to experiencing something on the TV.

What does seeing a river flooded mean in a dream?

If you saw a flooded river in your dream it foreshadows your deepest emotions. You secretly want to focus on your own desires - think about how you feel but remain silent. To others, you are the calmest person they know but it’s time for a change. Show your positive attitude and prove those who take you for granted, what are they losing.

What does dirty or a murky river water mean in a dream?

As with all dreams of water, the actual consistency of the water is important in order to balance the meaning. Freud believed that water could be associated with our emotional issues in life. The significance of the water color in dreams is important. To explore what this dream means from an ancient dream dictionary we need to turn to the older meaning as follows: a dirty or murky river water denotes problems and difficulties. You should think twice before you do or say something. Instead of bothering others with your problems, find your own solutions. There is a focus on following your gut.

What about the color of the river in your dream?

So what about if the river water is a strange color such as red or purple? Basically, it carries the same meaning, unclean water denotes problems in life. A dark blue river in a dream indicates deep feelings that are hidden from others. There maybe someone that will connect with you that wants “control” over what you do. Clear river water is a positive omen. It denotes you can think clearly in life. A red river indicates passion and emotions in life.

What does a river flood entering the house mean in a dream?

If you saw a river entering the house in the dream it can be rather traumatic. The thought of waking up and going downstairs to a flooded living room is a dream of anxiety. In older dream dictionaries it suggests your family will encounter difficulties. Your dream also signifies a conflict between you and a family member. The general advice for this dream is to speak your mind. To see a river flood another person's house can indicate saving something for a special occasion!

What does it mean to sail a boat on a river in a dream?

If you sailed on a boat on a calm river in your dream it denotes that you have to call upon your own self-esteem. You believe you’re heading on the right path. You don’t worry about the future. A small turbulent problem may shake your boat in near future. This will teach you something but you’ll survive. After, your boat will be sailing in the right direction again!

What does it mean to see a riverboat in a dream?

If you saw a riverboat in the dream, it implies to your wish to travel on a regular basis and to travel safely. Your biggest fear is to get lost in a problem without a solution. However, you should overcome your fear. The good news, is that this dream denotes that you can handle each obstacle because you’re flexible. You’re also unaware of your fantastic skills and qualifications. Dive into the unknown because sometimes, the most beautiful things in life happen there. Luck and success are on your side.

What does it mean to see a stream in a dream?

If you saw a stream in a dream, it denotes you will finally experience the real beauty of life and head in the right direction in life. You’ll learn that happiness hides in the smallest things you didn’t notice before. According to older dream meanings the stream denotes a quiet time in life. Ok, in my opinion fresh water in dreams in positive. A small, shallow stream can represent a positive outlook on life. To see river water or to paddle in a stream is wonderful, it is a rich dream.

What does it mean to drown in a river in a dream?

Oh dear! What a nightmare. Drowning in a river in your dream and dying in a dream foretells your emotional rebirth. You will become deeply involved with someone you never thought it may become a part of your life. If you survived the drowning, it’s a sign of a major change in your life, for better.

What does it mean to see crocodiles or alligators in a river in a dream?

Seeing crocodiles in a river in your dream foreshadows a danger or warning. We have a massive meaning on crocodiles which you can find by clicking here. Now, back to the interpretation, although you assume that everyone is happy in life this dream indicates your happiness right now is being challenged! There are people are secretly working to destroy you. To find an alligator by a river in your dream signifies worry, dishonesty, deception, along with false hope. It might also signify your ability to reach not only the material world but you have the need to connect with our repressed world of the unconscious! For the crocodile or alligator to be sitting by the river bed indicates that your emotions will run high in the future. To dream that you're running away from the river due to an animal is connected to your refusal to confront a painful or troubling problem. You could be harboring a negative outlook on life.

What does it mean to see a ferry on a river in a dream?

If you saw a ferry on a river in your dream, it indicates an end to a relationship in your life or moving a relationship to a whole, different level. The ferry in your dream also symbolizes long life and happiness. That is the ancient interpretation but what about the modern view of a ferry on a river? The ferry is representative of your goals in life. The water is emotions. Thus, to travel by ferry on a river indicates a new start in life!

What does it mean to walk next to a river in a dream?

According to Carl Jung walking next to a river in your dream signifies your wish to find your inner peace. You already know that you should focus on your own actions in the future. Somehow, you still wait for someone to do that for you. Find your peace alone. Now did you know that almost 30% of people at some stage in their life will have a dream of being beside a river or the se? Yes, you have probably Googled this dream meaning and wondered - what does it mean? This dream can sometimes bring up issues or worries about your own relationship with others. As it is a common dream it can possibly indicate that you need to awaken your hidden feelings. The emotional side of life is shown in a dream of walking along a body of water. The actual consistency and color of the water shows your emotions and your inner feelings.To walk your dog in a dream next to a river indicates you will have great friendships in life, as the dog signifies “friends” in life.

What does it mean to see a canal on a river in a dream?

Seeing a canal in your dream is an omen of luck and success, especially if the water was vividly clean. On the other hand, seeing muddy water is a sign of sickness and disorders you will overcome very quickly. The dream of a canal and a river do not differ that much.

What does it mean to see a canal boat in a dream?

Now, the older dream dictionaries suggest that a canal boat in a dream signifies your future security. To see a canal boat is often described as associated with moving forward in life. Like other modes of transport canal boats are connected to how we “view” things in life. Therefore, to see a canal boat in a dream suggests moving on in life. It can indicate phases in life due to the way it is featured in a river dream. Let’s not forget that water symbolizes our emotive feelings. The other question we need to ask is: who is on the canal boat with you? The look and feel of the canal boat in the dream can show the condition of the emotional side of the dreamer. Now, the surprising ancient dream dictionary denotes that a canal boat on a river indicates a “traitor in your circle of friends.” Yes, rather worrying! So the advice here is to be careful who you trust because someone might take advantage of your kindness in life.

What does dreaming of a river overflowing?

Did the river suddenly appear flooded in your dream? Maybe you see a city flooded or you could see large river waves? Any river overflowing in your dream can be terrifying, but what does it mean? It indicates you need to overcome some difficult times. The color of the water is equally important. If the color is clear this is positive, if unclear it is a warning. If the river overflows onto a road this can suggest that you will question your own fortune. To see the river flooding fields in your dream can suggest that you will overcome difficult odds.

Ancient river dream meanings

Here are a collection of older dream meanings of a river: to use river water for drinking purposes in a dream suggests you may actually be thirty in waking life. Floating in a river in a dream can leave you feeling frustrated. To float on top of a river indicates that you will understand others. The river, after all, represents our emotions in life. If the river is quiet and tranquil this is a positive pleasant dream. To see ducks or swans on the river is associated with preserving with a job in life. To see yourself struggling with trying to cross a river denotes worrying times ahead according to older dream dictionaries.

  • You were waking in a river in your dream: It implies a peaceful life. You will enjoy your current life for a long, long time. Your dream also signifies your independence.
  • You saw someone drowning in a river: It denotes you will be tempted to help someone who did you wrong in the past. Be the bigger person.
  • Someone pushed you into a river in the dream: You will finally overcome your fears and live a happy life thanks to someone else. The person will give you a push and boost your motivation.

Rivers are representations of your feelings and the way that you emotionally are dealing with the world.

The water of the river represents your own feelings about life in general but sometimes will refer to a specific incident when other signs are present as well. Consider your feelings when you see a river.

You see a healthy and strong river.

Further dream meaning

When you see a river in your dream, consider the feel of the river. Is the river raging and full of white rapids? Is the river low or high? Does the river look healthy? Is it located in the desert, mountain, or flat land? Is the river clean? The overall health and location of the river, as well as how it makes you feel is what is important in a river dream. The energy of the river – how fast it is going indicates your own energy levels in life right now.

Consider ways in which you may need to calm or relax when the river is raging and activities for rejuvenation Rivers tend to link to the streams of energy and motivation that we devote to particular issues and relationships in our lives. They may refer to the efforts put into a project or the efforts put into our jobs. They may also symbolize our energies devoted towards a difficult or consuming relationship. So look at these issues and problems and thoughts associated with these issues.

Consider the current and the purpose of the river. A natural and strong river is a healthy sign of emotional growth and is a good omen for your own mental wellbeing. It can also be a sign of recovery from mental health or processing past emotions. The healthy and strong river will cleanse the slate of your emotions. Dirty or polluted rivers indicate mental health, depression, stagnation, and lack of growth and sustenance. When you see a dirty river you need to take some time, serious time, to focus on your own mental and emotional status. Rivers can be healthy but still not clear. Sometimes you do not have all of the information to make a sound emotional decision or have mixed feelings. Allow more time for the water to clear before committing to anything emotionally.

Rivers are considered the life source in nature and where there is flowing water this indicates that the land is good to grow on, live on, and settle. Finding fresh water is a good omen for planning for the future, family planning, and settling down.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Settling down.
  • Giving yourself a mental health break.
  • Depression, addiction, and negative behaviors.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a river

Happy. Nice. Pleasant. Thirsty. Tired. Worn Out. Challenged. Vibrant. Curious. Dependent. Saved. Secure. Firm. Invested. Entertained. Relaxed. Calm. Serene. Excited. Jubilant. Jovial. Fear. Released. Free. Scared. Excited. Confused. Temptation. Helpless. Determined. Strong. Sad. Scared. Helpless. Unsure. Panic. Trapped. Helpful. Determined. Strong. Present.

In this dream you may have

  • Traveled along the river.
  • Fell off a boat.
  • Been dragged along in a boat along a river.
  • A famous river such as the river Nile.
  • The river water was clean.
  • The river water was dirty.
  • Fished.
  • Been on a houseboat.
  • Swam.
  • Seen a river.
  • Had a river overflow into your yard.
  • Been swept away.
  • Been caught in a flash flood.
  • Seen a riverbed.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The water was clear.
  • Your able to escape the river (by your own means or if you have help.)

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Working out what you want in life.
  • Needing clarity.

By Flo Saul
Oct 16, 2012