Dog Attack Dream

Dog Attack Dream

Dream meaning dog attacking you

So you dreamed of a dog attack? Dreams about dogs are somewhat common.

Dog attacks can occur in many different ways and observations in our dreams. In this article, I will discuss the most common meanings of the dog attack whilst in a dream. The dog attack can indicate there is a need for personal growth and resistance to change. If your life is currently troublesome it can indicate your unconscious mind is trying to help you understand your own struggles. If your emotions are up in the air than a dog attack dream can occur. I see this dream as a symbolism of transferring into a higher level of need. Turning to dream psychology, the “dog attack” can be represented as a phallic symbol. If you dream of a dog attack bites you this could be simply a wake-up call of the relationships that you are encountering your current situation. It could mean that you have dangerous encounter alternatively you need to think about your responsibilities, finances and private parts of your mind. If you have a problem with your family or friendships that the dog attacked dream is quite common. The type of dog that attacked you in a dream is also important.

There are no dangerous dog breeds but dogs who are trained to attack people. Aggressive dogs appear in dreams and can mean different things. To dream of an angry dog that wants to attack you implies that you’re having a conflict with someone in waking life. Or that you’re having some inner conflict. This dream might also denote a disloyal person or someone who’s untrustworthy. A black dog that attacks you in a dream can signify that you need to focus on yourself more in life. A white dog then your spiritual side is being attacked. If the dog was brown this can suggest that you are not grounded at the moment.

The dog attack dream can be segmented into a number of issues it may be facing your life right now. For the dog to chase you for example, illustrates that you are finding it difficult to speak your mind and your trying to avoid difficult situations. The unconscious mind is expected to face problems and the dog chase can illustrate you are trying to remove yourself from this. Many things are connected to your unconscious mind and are associated with events not only your passport also present. If you’ve encountered any trauma in your life recently, then the dog attack normally happens. To make this dream meaning easy I have divided the meaning down below. These meanings have been taken from older dream books among some statistics.

What is the statistics of dog attacks?

The statistics of the Center For Disease Control say, approximately 4.5 million dog attacks occur every year in the United States. About 900,000 of the ten people get infected. The population in the United States is estimated to 325.8 million people as of 2017, meaning a dog attacks 1 out of every 72 people. Although these statistics are scary, we mustn't forget that dogs don’t attack for anything. They’re either provoked by people, scared or maybe ill.

What are the most dangerous dog breeds and what if they attack you in the dream? If you dream of a sick or zombie dog, it means you need to look inside your soul and figure out what’s really bothering you. Are you in conflict with someone you trusted? Did the person appear to be different than you imagined? It’s possible that you’re feeling trapped, chased or even threatened by someone or something if you have such dream. To dream of a sick dog might also reveal a real sickness. When was the last time you took your dog to the vet?

What does seeing dogs teeth in a dream mean?

If you saw dog teeth in your dream state, it foretells suffering. You need to understand that you can’t continue cheating on people you love. Otherwise, you will end up hurt by your own actions. If you dream of dog teeth it also means you’re going to experience an unpleasant confrontation with someone. The person will show their ‘teeth’ and appear to be the opposite of what you imagined. Alternatively, this dream might represent a part of you that’s untamed or wild. You will find a way to tame your wild side. Your dream reveals your aggressive attitude. What’s making you so aggressive? Find out what’s bothering you before you do something you will regret later.

What does it mean for a dog to bite you?

If you were bitten on the leg (the most usual place people get bitten) by a dog in your dream, it signifies lost balance in life. Try not to lose your ability to control your balance. If you dream of someone else gets bitten by a dog, it indicates betrayal. You will be hurt by someone you trusted. Seeing a happily barking dog in your dream symbolizes great friendships and luck.

What does it mean to dream of being attacked by a pack of dogs?

If you were attacked by a pack of dogs in your dream, it means you will experience a few failures on both personal and professional field. You will have to face your enemies but don’t get scared because you have the power and strength to beat them. Your dream also means you will receive some unpleasant news and things will get more complicated for you soon.

What does it mean to dream of killing a dog?

To dream that you’ve killed a dog means you will ruin your relationship with someone in waking life. Often, when a dog is killed in a dream it represents love and respect has been questioned as the dog represents a friend - but it’s time you move on with your life with someone else. This dream refers to your love life, but it can also signify a ruined friendship. As I have already said, a dogs is seen as a loyal friend and consistent companions. Meaning, if you killed one in your dream, you will lose a loyal friend in your waking life. Try to be more careful with your future words.

What does it mean for a dog to chase you?

If you were chased by a dog in your dream, it reveals that you’re taking someone’s trust and loyalty for granted. A dog chase could simply represent the fact that you are being chased by a friend, and a new friendship will prevail.

What did Sigmund Freud say about pet dreams?

Sigmund Freud was a famous dream psychologist in the 1930s. He is most famous in our Western world, calling all dreams the “royal road to our unconscious”. For him, dreams were an expression of what our conscious mind. In simpler words, he actually believed that our unconscious mind is able to understand what our conscious mind can’t at the moment. Following his logic, the hidden perspective of the psychological problems of seeing pets in a dream represents our own comfort.

Freud himself considered animals in dreams to be a unique and beautiful class of dreams. When you dream of animals, you need to ask yourself, is the animal representing you? Animals represent instincts in dreams. The word “instinct” comes from the Latin word “instinctus”, meaning something from the inside. Etymologically, the term represents the animal faculty of intuitive view. However, people prefer to leave their instincts aside when making an important decision because they believe that instincts are rather dangerous and threatening. This is wrong because we need to use our instincts in order to feel passion, power, and sensitivity. Our instincts are the guidance we need to make the right thing in life.

According to Carl Jung, our instincts are a far better protection than all the intellectual wisdom in the world. Meaning, instincts can protect us from dangers, not the opposite.  The “dog attack” enters our dreams as the dog is there to remind us to use our instincts in dreams. Our instincts are masked in animals in our dreams to remind us that we need to review our relationships.

By Florance Saul
May 7, 2018