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An Aswang is a type of monster which exists in the Philippines and possess properties of a vampire, a witch, a ghoul or a different species of a Werebeast.

It is a well-known myth in the Philippines that it is as good as real. When you see it in the dream, it doesn't symbolize good events for the future. It represents stress and denotes that disaster is in the offing.

If you see an Aswang attacking you in the dream, it indicates that you are not careful with your health and you need to check out your diet because it might be the cause of your poor health. In case you are into too much fast food, you will need to reconsider because, this type of foods stress the digestive system, and result in nightmares in your dreams. If you are anemic, there is a possibility that an Aswang will appear in your dream.

Monsters come from somewhere deep in our imagination and can create a strong impact in our lives. Though they are thought to be unreal, when you dream about them you feel like something is wrong. Monster dreams are very symbolic of your own personal symbols combined with different creatures as told in films, stories, and mythology. They come from deep down in our conscious, they tend to bring out an important message to you. They are creatures of imagination that indicate dealing with something that you don't want to face or something which is proving hard to understand.

If you dream that you have killed an Aswang, it means that you will be able to overcome some stiff competition and rise to the highest level at your workplace.

If you are being pursued by a monster in your dream, check out the distance between you and your pursuer, that is the distance which is between you and the issue at hand which is disturbing you in your waking life. If the monster is gaining on you, then it foretells that, the problem is here to stay and it might take quite a long time before it goes away; you really need to work hard; you have to face it head on and solve it instead of staying in self-pity. But if you find that there is a gap between you and the monster, it is a good sign because it implies that, you are almost sorting out the problem. Thus, the problem is melting away from you.

A dream where you turn into a monster denotes that, you will encounter an embarrassment. It could be a dream which is showing you what you really are and you need to change for your own good in terms of your attitude.

In this dream

  • You could see the monster shape shift.
  • The aswang worried you.
  • This monster chased you.
  • You looked in the eyes of the aswang (this is supposed to deflect the evil!)
  • You protected yourself against the aswan.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream where you see the monster shape shift denotes your fears will manifest. It will help you to understand the transition from fear to freedom. To see a changing Aswang helps you to compare with your own situation in the dream to waking life.

When you see the Aswang worrying you, it indicates that a powerful period of transformation is occurring in life with a new outlook on life in general and new skills being acquired in order to make you a better person. You do not fully understand events in life - and you are not able to comprehend a new beginning. But once you grasp the logic behind a problem, you will be able to make decisions for your own benefit. You might be forced to visit your subconscious mind through meditation - to understand what is happening in your life thus bringing out an important juncture in your life.

If a monster is chasing you in the dream, it denotes that, you are anxious. This dream is a response to something which is physically threatening you in waking life. To see yourself being chased by the monster that wants to kill or do terrible harm to your body means that, you have to run for your dear life or hide in a "symbolic" situation in life. The actions you present in your dream corresponds to your actions in waking life on how you cope with pressure being mounted on you. If you run it means that, when you are faced with stress or pressure, instead of confronting it, you have a tendency of running away and avoiding issues altogether. Understand who it is that is chasing you so that you know how to handle the fears and anxieties. The pursuer in the dream might be representing an aspect of yourself which could be feelings of jealousy, anger, fear or even love which are now manifesting themselves in the form of a monster. Or it can represent that part of you which is being rejected, thus end up projecting the feelings onto the chaser who is the unknown in your dream. When you have a dream where a monster is chasing you, try in the dream to turn around and face the chaser and ask them why they are chasing you. In your waking life, try to analyze what it is that you are trying to run away from. A scenario where you are the one chasing a monster denotes that, you have the ambition to pursue something which you want desperately in your life. Or it could be that you are relaxed and others are progressing while you lag behind.

When you have a dream that the Aswang looks at you - directly in the eyes, it means that you have decided that you won't continue in that state of being oppressed in life and you are ready to face whatever it is. Whatever it is, whether it is love, envy, hate, or anxiety, you have decided that you are no longer going to entertain it in your metaphorical closet. Nothing is going to stress you out any longer because you now have the energy to face it head on.

A dream where you protect yourself from being attacked by the Aswang denotes that, you are feeling vulnerable. It could have been brought about by something you watched or read in the media. This type of dream is common with women than men that have fear of being sexually molested or physically abused.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Vulnerable. Loved. Hate. Stressed. Angry. Jealousy

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017