Antibiotics Dream Meaning

Antibiotics Dream Meaning

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Antibiotics denote an issue with your health or "remaining" healthy in life.

Antibiotics is from the Greek term antibiotiká. Basically, these little pills (as we know them) kill any type of bacteria in your body and we all know they are not that great at curing viruses. So what does it mean in your dream?Through biblical times we have experienced had many types of dreams and medicine is one of the most frequent. Of course, I will say that antibiotics is quite a modern medicine. Sometimes our dreams are induced by factors in our waking life. People who dream antibiotics according to ancient dream dictionaries should pay more attention to their health. However, dreaming of antibiotics may have different interpretations, depending on the specific details of the dream. I will try to segment them for you to make it easier.

Your dream

  • You were a pharmacist and prescribed antibiotics in your dream.
  • You were sick and antibiotics were prescribed to you.
  • You bought antibiotics in your dream state.
  • You refused to drink antibiotics in your dream.
  • You were in pain in your dream and took antibiotics.
  • You saw antibiotics in different colors in your dream state.
  • Someone was drinking antibiotics in your dream.
  • You were giving someone an antibiotic in your dream state.

What is the detailed dream meaning of antibiotics?

If you were a pharmacist and prescribed antibiotics in your dream it reveals your care about the health of someone close to you. You secretly think that the person doesn’t care much about their health and you want to raise their awareness. Keep in mind that you can’t help a person who thinks they don’t need help. To feel sick and take antibiotics or alternatively these were prescribed to you, it indicates you will feel better than ever shortly. Sickness in a dream means well-being and good health in reality. However, it could also foreshadow a warning. Are you taking enough care when it comes to your health? When was the last time you visited your doctor and did the basic health check? Otherwise, it could just be your inner anxieties. We are all aware of the concern over too many antibiotics in life and this dream could also have just occurred because you have read something or seen something on TV. So try to think if anything external could have affected your dream. I will now move onto some older dream meanings about these drugs.

If you bought antibiotics in your dream, it denotes that you should be more careful when it comes to your health. Although you think you are invincible and immune to everything, you’re not. Preventing is always better than treatment. However, it could also reveal your wish to take more care of your health. Start with exercising and changing your unhealthy diet. If you refused to drink antibiotics, it reveals you are under the influence of someone in your life and it affects your health in a negative way. You are secretly scared that you might get mentally annoyed with this person - especially if you continue to socialize with this person. Listen to your heart in life. If you were in pain in your dream and took antibiotics it foretells you are in good health. There is a focus on paying more attention to your diet and eating more healthy food. Remove the unhealthy junk food and you will feel better in life. 

If you saw colorful antibiotics in your dreams such as syrup or red tablets - it denotes your unnecessary worry about your health. This dream implies that you tend to worry about most things - and it might affect you in a negative way. Although you think that worrying is good, sometimes it can have a negative influence on your health, especially mental health. If someone was drinking antibiotics in your dream or you gave someone antibiotics, such as a child in your dream it reveals the care for someone close to you. Help in a more subtle way if you dream of relative taking antibiotics. 

Antibiotics dream meaning: You fell asleep after taking antibiotics in the dream:

It denotes you wish to rest from everything, You feel tired. Take a break. However, it could also foretell that you ignored an important warning about your health. Visit the doctor and make sure everything is okay. Don’t panic! 

You overdosed on antibiotics:

It reveals your inability to take control over your own health. You need to improve your health and spiritual strength, however, you are unable to hold on to promises. Lose weight or start exercising – keep your promises in life too.

You were cured after taking antibiotics:

It foretells that you will soon suffer an illness. However, nothing serious. It will teach you how to take more care when it comes to your own health. 

Feelings that occurred during a dream of antibiotics: 

Confusion. Fear. Petrified. Relaxed. Numb. Pain. Sadness. Carelessness. Sick.

By Florance Saul
Sep 19, 2017