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The accelerator is a dream of speed and control.

Many people have dreams of the accelerator is stuck and this indicates your feeling a loss of control in life. To find it hard to put your foot on the accelerator is again associated with a loss of identity and control. To dream of the accelerator of the car and to travel at speed in the dream indicates that you wish to be in “control” of your life. There are various dreams that can include the accelerator: such as the fact you're unable to stop the car or the car is accelerating a fast pace. Alternatively, the accelerator is not working or stuck in your dream and you are unable to control the car. The accelerator dream often occurs when you feel there is a sense of control that is required in your life. If you dream of the accelerator being stuck in your dream then this can indicate that a situation is going to get out of control shortly. Let's now consider a more detailed interpretation of the dream.

Detailed meaning of an accelerator dream

As we have already concluded in the introduction to dream of an accelerator is connected to a situation that we wish to control in waking life. The accelerator can be found in many different modes of transport such as a train, car, bus, tram, and plane. To dream you're going too fast in a car indicates that it is time to gain more control over your life. The accelerator in this instance is about you trying to gain control. Generally, these types of dreams occur when there are many different problems in waking life. It's our subconscious mind trying to tell us to slow down and gain control of a situation.

What does it mean to see someone driving and the accelerator gets stuck?

To see somebody else driving the car and the accelerator being stuck indicates that somebody else is trying to control your life. This could possibly be a partner or a boss at work. The advice is to review the situation and try to gain control. In life, it's important to build a path so that we can to some degree remove people's control. This may be the fact you embark on a business venture yourself or you try to gain financial freedom.

What does it mean to dream of an accelerator breaking?

This dream suggests you need to feel free in life. So you are not dependent on a job or employment for somebody else. If the dream occurs it means you should consider creating a business on the side which is tangible - e.g selling an item. It is always best in life to choose a business where we use our best skill base. If you dream that you are in a car or plane and it accelerates at pace and you feel yourself go faster and faster this can indicate that a career move is not going to be successful. That is not to say that you shouldn't take any opportunities, we all learn from our successes and failures in life it is part of one's life's path.

What does it mean to accelerate in a dream in an elevator?

If you are in an elevator and it accelerates at a fast pace this can suggest that times are positive. To be in an elevator and it goes upwards at speed is an omen of success. If the elevator or mode of transport is falling or accelerating downwards this can suggest minor problems and disappointments in the near future. In conclusion, the dream of acceleration is all about control. Control over your life especially connected to matters of career. You may need to review the situation you're in financially in order to create a path where you feel you're more in control. 

In the dream state

  • You were unable to control the accelerator.
  • The accelerator was stuck in a dream.
  • Somebody was unable to drive the car due to the accelerator not working.
  • You could not drive due to the accelerator.
  • You are in a garage and the accelerator was being fixed.
  • The accelerator on the car was going slow.  

Feelings associated with a dream of an accelerator

Out of control, worried about losing control, unable to stop, fear, worry, and tension.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017