Bail dream meaning

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Freud believed dreaming of bail was connected to a restriction of our subconscious mind.

On a more positive note bail is connected to you being helped out from somebody rather important. Bail is a payment made in court for an accused person to allow them to have temporary freedom as they await trial. The money is what guarantees that the person will come back to court when they have to undertake a trial. To dream that bail is being paid denotes unforeseen troubles which could be prevented if possible.

In the dream

  • You may have paid bail for yourself.
  • You may have seen bail featured in your dream.
  • You were posting bail for someone’s assistance.
  • You committed a crime and got bail.
  • Seen someone take bail.
  • Attorney paying bail
  • Skip bail.
  • Charged for a crime you did not commit.
  • Got bail even though a danger to the public.
  • Seen a bond dealer.
  • A “bail” statute.
  • Seen commercial bail bonds by a bail bondsman.
  • Using a property bond in a dream.
  • Giving a “cash only” form of bail.
  • Seeing yourself going to court in a dream and being granted bail.
  • Given an "order of protection" or restraining order.
  • Any type of criminal activity in your dream related to bail.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

A bail dream is connected to complex problems in waking life. Bail can also signify financial issues and adversities. To skip bail means that you need to ask others for help in waking life - especially connected to money and finances.

To see someone take bail (not you) in your dream indicates that the key message of this dream is to continue building your goals and looking forward to life. To see an attorney pay bail suggests help is on it's way in life.

If you are the posting bail in your dream, it suggests that you should be ready for unforeseen troubles which may happen in your life. The troubles might cause instability which will transform you into a difficult situation. If you take the right steps, you might prevent difficulty going forward. It is important to review your life and make it easier to handle difficult times. Approach things with a clear mind.

To be charged for a crime you did not commit is associated with feeling insecure work. To see a blond dealer is connected to those around you. This can be possible friends or relatives who have knowledge and wisdom to give advice in what you are going through. If there is no-one around you who seems to be conversant with your predicament, go down the professional route in life and seek advice to prevent negative things from occurring in life.

If you see a familiar person in your dream obtaining bail, it means that one of your friends or relatives will have a tough time in their life and you are the only one who can help. If you don’t, they will automatically move into problems which will make their live challenging. In your waking life, approach them and let them know that you are there for them and that you will make sure that their problems are resolved. To dream of a court where bail has been given denotes a possible barrier in life. To be on the “run” after gaining bail is associated with security in a relationship. Be honest with yourself and your relative or partner. This will leave both of you satisfied and “true friends” with each other.

A dream where you see a stranger obtaining bail means that you need to consider your plans in life. It is next to impossible to get yourself out of problems because you have set out pre-solutions - try to relax and be open minded.

Seeing yourself getting a restraining order in a dream indicates that you should not suffer any major setbacks in your life. There will be a few turmoils, but everything will conclude well.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Helpless, troubled, messy, worried about bail, the need to accept your fate and insecure.

By Florance Saul
May 5, 2017