Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

Dreams about a positive or negative pregnancy test

When one dreams of taking a pregnancy test and being happy with the results, this is representative of a good fortune for the dreamer.

Did you dream about a positive pregnancy test? Spiritually, this is a great dream to have. When one dreams of failing a pregnancy test when they were expecting to be pregnant, this disappointment is symbolic of a project which is not working out right despite the consistent efforts on behalf of the dreamer. Pregnancy in dreams represents that you will encounter a new way of life. This could refer to you entering a new relationship, a new career or possibly a new phase of life. It is interesting because in spiritual books a pregnancy test does not actually represent that you are pregnant, alternatively this dream can be associated with your own anxieties in life.  On a very rare occasion, the dream of a pregnancy test can be a premonition! And, if it actually turns out that you are pregnant then get in touch! I myself have encountered this twice. What I am trying to say is it might be important for you to go and grab a pregnancy test if you are female. There are many different types of pregnancy tests in the marketplace. If you see yourself taking a pregnancy test such as first response, fact plus, answer, clear blue then this is a positive omen as it suggests that happiness and contentment will be yours!

What does a dream about a positive pregnancy test mean?

In many ancient dream dictionaries, the pregnancy test was carried out by a physician. To see a positive pregnancy test in a dream illustrates that it’s time for a change. Perhaps up to this point, you have been avoiding giving any serious thought to pushing yourself or changing your career and moving in a different direction. To see yourself taking a home pregnancy test in the toilet can indicate that you are not able to move forward in life. To actually see the test result indicates you feel that you are being tested or judged in waking life. This could be a work situation alternatively a relationship. 

If the dream turned out to be a nightmare then this indicates people may gossip about you! Now, if you see somebody else take a pregnancy testing and you do not know this person then it can signify that you will be judged by strangers going forward. It’s quite interesting that this dream suggests that you will be judged by those people that appear in the dream state. When one dreams of failing a pregnancy test and feeling relieved, this is a sign that the dreamer is going to get lucky fast in an unexpected area of their life very soon. This may come to the dreamer in a surprising manner.

What is the general dream meaning of a pregnancy test? 

When one dreams of not being to find a pregnancy test when one expects to be pregnant, this means that the dreamer has lost something of value to them. When one dreams of losing their already purchased pregnancy test, this is a sign that the dreamer is looking to meet a particular person and will soon run into them. When one dreams of a pregnancy test which malfunctions, this is a sign that the dreamer has not thought a situation through and is going to have excess problems which were unexpected. When one dreams of being afraid to take a pregnancy test, this means the dreamer is avoiding a situation in their life.

When one dreams of a pregnancy test which the partner is trying to hide, this represents secrets between lovers which need to be resolved. Pregnancy tests represent a new chapter in the life of the dreamer showing that they are leaving something old behind to pursue something new. There is also an element of challenge in the life of the dreamer which causes them to feel fear now and again. The dream of a pregnancy test is also representative of physically becoming pregnant of the fears thereof.

Positive changes are afoot if: 

The pregnancy test was positive and you felt good about it. The pregnancy test was negative and you felt good about it. The Pregnancy test was through the doctor and was more accurate. 

In this dream you may have: 

Peed on a pregnancy test which dissolved. Fails to be pregnant. Found relief to be pregnant. Discovered your partner was pregnant. 

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: 

Pregnancy. Fear of Pregnancy. Fertility issues. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a pregnancy test: 

Fertility. Lack of fertility. Fertility problems. Contemplative. Forward focus. Clarity. Productivity. Abundance.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012