Nails Dream Meaning

A dream that features nails is associated with your grip on certain things, be it tangible or intangible.

The variety of nails or their relationship with other elements in your dream may suggest the manner of your grip on life. This dream can mean your grip on things such as your relationships, jobs or even your very life. This grip may be highlighted in the following days to come.

In your dream you may have

  • Wall nails.
  • Your hand nails.
  • Growing nails.
  • Red nails.
  • Long nails.
  • Bitten nails.
  • Short nails.
  • Dirty nails.
  • Beautiful nails.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Find your rhythm to make things right.
  • Be careful with what you do and think.
  • Wake up and stimulate your creativity.

Detailed dream interpretation

Wall Nails

Wall nails are used to join two separate objects together. Since in essence the joining occurs by puncturing the objects with the nail, this refers to the required sacrifice to join the two. If the objects are of similar substances, it means that their union is mutual; otherwise their union is forced, and the other party may be against the union.

If in your dream the two objects joined are wood to wood, it is a good sign for your business or relationship, because it denotes harmony and mutual understanding to achieve a certain goal. If the two objects joined are metal to wood, it is a bad omen because it means you are in a lop-sided deal, and you have to find your rhythm to make things right.

When you yourself are hammering the nail and hitting it at will, it means that you are pretty much “in the zone”. You are full of energy and driven to get your job done. But if you get hurt with your hammering, then you must be careful with what you do and think before you leap.

Finger Nails

The phrase “scratching the surface” may have been into your head lately. Finger nails may also act as symbols for your stability and creativity in life, but not really much of your beauty.

If you dream using your nails for scratching an itch, then you are facing a current urgency in which you think you are giving it all, but you still have not reached the crux of the matter. You may have been giving vague solutions to your circumstance by only opting for immediate, yet short-term comfort instead of a permanent and long-term understanding.

Nail File

If you are dreaming of smoothing out your finger nails with a nail file, it suggests that you are preparing yourself to leave your past solutions behind. It shows that you are more focused in improving the way you solve your problems, instead of solving your current problems. If you only see the nail file and do nothing with it, then your unconscious is warning you that you have been harsh with your relationships and with your endeavor.

Nail Polish

Nail polish may come in different colors, but each collectively signifies that your current methods no matter what they are will stand out in your memory. If other people in your dream see your nail polished, then you may have been very innovative lately, or you still have the idea that your co-workers will notice new ways from unorthodox methods.

To polish your nails in your dreams suggests that your innate creativity is aiding your focus of doing your stuff. It also means that you are improving your in-born talents to the point of being at awe of it yourself. If the color you use is transparent, then it means a good thing because you are setting up a trend that others will follow. Polishing with shiny colors means that you have incorporated different energies to make you stand out, and it can also mean that your creativity is waking up from its slumber.

Nail Bar

If you dream of being in a nail bar getting your nails done with other people, it means that you are comfortable with your current relationships, and you are not worried at all about your current job. You intend to have a laid-back disposition and approach on some things to make yourself comfortable. It may mean that you will enjoy doing your task without noticing that you have already done it because you are comfortable. If you are wearing fake nails in your dream or acrylic nails it means that things are not what they seem.

If you are alone with the nail doctor in the nail bar, which rarely happen, could be a very bad omen of being left behind, but if you are talking with the one doing your nails, it may turn the tides around, and can be a very good sign for your intimate relationship with your partner or best friend. Dreaming of being in a nail bar doing the nails of your customers means that your energy is focused on serving others by actually helping them serve yourself.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of nails

Happy. Proud. Confident. Surprised. Jolly. Content. Worried. Upset.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012